Sugar Detox Diary

Originally, my 21 Day Sugar Detox was going to be a blog post but, after some thought, I decided it would be best to put it up as a page so I can find it easily and maybe make it easier for others to find it and, hopefully, benefit from it. 

If I had to boil it all down to one single important tip, it would be this: No matter how hard you try or how badly you want to stop eating the sugar, it will not work unless YOU HAVE MADE UP YOUR MIND TO DO IT. 

I'm serious. This is the 3rd time I've tried to cut the sugar from my daily life in the last 20 years. I've always gone back because the previous attempts were due to jumping on the latest trend wagon. This time, I knew I needed to stop and it was easier. Now, will I stay off the sugar? That remains to be seen thus, this page. If you scroll all the way to the end, I'll continue random add-ons which will help me know when I ate sugar, if I do, and why. 

The Diary: 

Day 1(11/3/16): Coffee - Sugar = BLECH. That's the equation of the day. That being said, I did have that cup of coffee without my darling sugar and, announcement: I DID NOT DIE. As a matter of fact, I found that I had way more energy after that sugarless cup of coffee than I ever have after a cup filled with sugar. This is interesting. Also, I have a feeling Day 1 is a set-up because I only wanted sugary goodness ONCE today. And that simply cannot be right. Not only did I only crave that delicious sweetness only ONCE, it passed in less than 10 minutes. Something's fishy here.

Day 2 (11/4/16): Started the day with sugarless coffee. still not as offensive as I originally thought. I did not feel as stiff and as tired as I had been feeling when getting out of bed in the mornings. If stopping sugar usage makes this much difference in only 1 day, imagine how I should feel if I make it through the 21-day process. Another difference is energy level which is up. Clarity of mind is already hugely improved. Patience has returned but don't get excited because most of it is still missing and probably has nothing in the world to do with whether or not I consume mass quantities of sugar.

Day 3 (11/5/16/): Still waking up easier and sleeping sounder. I do notice a headache but that is more likely due to allergies than the removal of sugar. I popped a few red grapes in my mouth before I knew what happened but I survived. Honestly, I was afraid that just having a few red grapes would make me want something like CANDY. It didn't. Thankfully. I was told that eating fruit would be fine but I wonder if I, queen of all sugar addicts everywhere not because I'm better but I eat more and have eaten more for longer so, should have waited until my 21-day detox is over. We shall see.

We hosted a shower for two of the sweetest people on the earth and we did it without sugar. We had fruit for something sweet. Of course, there was sugar in some of the other foods- maybe the bread? But that's it. And I'm still on the wagon.

Day 4 (11/6/16): Awoke not feeling as tired. Didn't jump out of bed but didn't dread my feet touching the floor either and didn't take my first steps like a hundred-year-old woman. Again, not like a 20-year-old either. But hey, like a person my age should get up out of bed. How's that? I had a fleeting thought- I'll just put some raw sugar in my coffee this morning it won't matter. I ran that thing out of my mind before it had time to get fully out. As soon as the last 'r' sounded I shut it down. You know, before the period. And, I did not have sugar in my coffee.

I noticed, as today went by, I am more focused than ever and am not thinking about sugar at all. I usually sit and let thoughts of that stuff filter through my mind which leads to hitting anything and everything I have in the house that is sweet. Not now. Fingers crossed that this lasts FOREVER!

Day 5 (11/7/16): I'm still on the wagon. It's nice to know that coffee without sugar is tolerable. It's also nice to know that it's only tolerable if it's hot. If you take a sip of cold, sugarless coffee, be prepared to gag. UGH. Had a brief desire for candy around 7:00 but I think it was related to me being really sleepy and wanting to go to bed but needing to stay awake because it was only 7:00. I sent the urge packing. Otherwise, easy enough day with no sugar.

Day 6 (11/8/16): Still haven't had sugar. I seem to not be that interested right now in the sweet stuff nor in much of anything else either. Which seems a bit odd but, I'll take it. Even when I got tired and sleepy feeling I didn't go for food of any kind. This is really strange.

Day 7 (11/9/16): Not difficult today which still shocks me. I thought for sure I'd be off the wagon by now but I'm still riding it. Even though I'm being thrown some major challenges, I have not turned back to sugar. I had a brief moment but shooed it away and was, once again, glad I don't have any chocolate in the house. :)

Day 8 (11/10/16): This morning I was a bit frustrated over coffee without sugar as I said to Breezy when she remarked about there not being any- "Coffee without sugar is crap." I even considered making some and using some of that delicious raw, organic sugar in the little Mason jar that sits there for the sole purpose of making that morning cuppa so richly delicious. Apparently, it also sits there simply to taunt me. I made coffee and looked, longingly, at that Mason jar of sweet delight but I did not open it. I decided I would see how coconut milk tasted in coffee minus sugar. To my surprise and delight (not really THAT excited but...) the coconut milk made the coffee taste better than half-n-half has been able to do for 8 days of lackluster living. Score!

Of course, as the day went on, this sugar queen was wanting some sugar. I felt like an addict needing that next fix. I didn't give in but I WANTED TO. In a BIG way. I noticed that I was quite tired but still had Baby M. I guess my system was telling me that sugar would help me get through the remaining hours. I knew this was going to well.

Day 9 (11/11/16): Did not even give sugar a single thought. Until 7:00 pm. When I thought how absolutely perfect a HUGE CANDY BAR would be. PERFECT. It's really good that I don't have any here in the house. This was a HUGE craving. I avoided it and just ate every damn thing else in the house. Note to self: go to grocery store tomorrow morning. Do not buy candy.

Day 10 (11/12/16): No sugar cravings so far today. And it's almost 3:00 pm so, that's not bad. It seems that most of my cravings hit at night. Before bed. It could be in an effort to keep my eyes open instead of just going to bed. There's no sugar here except for raw, organic and some honey. Though I've been known to have a spoonful of honey when that's all I had. I won't this time. I've come too far. If I have it, I'll have to start all over. NOT going to happen. I'm so tired of giving in.

Day 11 (11/13/16): I noticed, while at the grocery store, that I do not have to avoid the bakery section. I can walk right through and not give a first or second thought to the cupcakes and donuts that are waving their arms around in the air like crazy trying to get me to notice, and either buy or drool over, them. They didn't phase me one bit. I walked right through instead of walking around and I think I heard the baked sugar goods crying. I also noticed a bit of difference in my clothes- not that I need to run out and buy a new wardrobe but things are looser today than they have been. And that's a win! So, 2 wins today!

However, I am not feeling well- probs some sort of allergy related nonsense- and really wanted something hot to drink specifically, hot chocolate. I had some organic and decided that I did not care how much sugar it had in it (even though I knew it would be a lot but at least it was organic sugar) I was going to have it. The # was 19. I warmed the milk and dumped the powder inside. It all clumped and refused to dissolve. I poured it out and had a cup of hot green tea with no sugar. Even God doesn't want me to have sugar. The tea wasn't horrid. I told myself to appreciate the way it felt on my throat and not be concerned with the taste. Not sure how I pulled it off but I did. Another win! The truth of the matter is you can really enjoy the benefits of tea as soothing and comforting when you don't put the sugar in there. WHO KNEW?!

Day 12 (11/14/16): Today was not bad at all. Birdie brought me some cream when she dropped Baby M off to see if that would help the taste of the tea. It didn't, really. But I do realize that the best part of the tea is not the taste but the, as I mentioned yesterday, the soothing and comforting effects. I didn't want sugar today except for a couple of times when I was stressed. The solution is to get some grapes and keep them in the fridge. At least it will be fruit instead of a candy bar. So far, I've noticed that I crave sugar when I'm stressed and when I'm sleepy. Also, just a couple of times, I've craved something sweet at random times like when I'm sitting idle or have just finished eating. The latter is the easiest one to shut down. The others take a bit more effort.

I would love to have some grapes but don't have the time to go grab some. I have yet to venture out with Baby M and when she's gone, I forget about the grapes or I'm too tired to go get them.

Day 13 (11/15/16): Pretty good for a no sugar day. It's getting easier by the day or so it seems. The day was extremely stressful but no thoughts of ingesting sugar to make it better came into play.

Day 14 (11/16/16): This morning, while getting coffee I thought, go ahead and put some sugar in your coffee it's not that big a deal and it'll taste so much better. I didn't do it. The thought was fleeting at best. It's true the coffee does taste better with sugar but a bit of sugar, for me, always ends up leading to more sugar which ends up leading to other things containing sugar until we arrive back at eating candy bars all day long. It's awful and I don't ever want to go back. I've succeeded and fallen off the wagon with sugar detoxes three times that I recall. This time I think the thing that might work for me is that I'm tired of feeling bad and I know sugar is part of it. Also, I think I've made up my mind. But the holidays are right around the corner so, time will tell. I've talked myself back into sugar before. I could do it again.

Today I had Chick-fil-A nuggets and I was ready for sugar after that. Do you think they put sugar in the nuggets? Hmm...

I don't know if I've lost any actual weight so far because I do not weigh myself. I go by how my clothes fit. All I know is today while I put on a pair of workout pants I was fully prepared to do the struggle dance to pull them up and was shocked when they just went up with ZERO effort. They just slid right up. And they were baggy on me. I'm counting that. Even though my clothing size is still a rather large number.

Day 15 (11/17/16): No thoughts of sugar in the morning. I had to run to the grocery store for a few things and found myself checking the labels for hidden sugar. I think it's time to go back to making everything from scratch that I've been slack on like, spaghetti sauce. I buy Newman's organic and then doctor it. It's so yummy but it's got sugar. So, sad face.

Thought about sugar a couple of times but they were thoughts and didn't seem at all like cravings. I am wondering how Thanksgiving is going to work out. Thanksgiving Eve is day 21 and they say that's how long it takes to break a habit. I'm not sure that applies to habits that are 50 years of age. That's some hardcore sugar addiction. I honestly do not want to fall back into the trap this time.

Day 16 (11/18/16): Breezy brought a donut in the house this morning and I had ZERO desire to yell at her or to have a bite. LOL Plus, I could smell the sugar and it was AWFUL! Hoping and praying this continues!

I've had some wonderful encouragement this time around which has been HUGE. I started because Birdie and I were talking and she gave me a gentle nudge. That night, I ate the remaining Halloween candy and started the very next day. Thanks, Birdie! Then, a school nurse I met on a FB group who friended me started a Ditch The Sugar challenge. It started after my official start date but that didn't matter, she wanted everyone who wanted in, in. Many thanks, Leslie! Finally, I think I made up my mind, at long last, to stop eating sugar. It's been an addiction for me since my childhood and it's just past time. Plus, being the fattest grandma around isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Ha!

I've had encouragement before from daughters and friends but the reality is unless you've made up your mind to do something, all the encouragement in the world isn't going to help you through. You have to want it and, when you do, the encouragement is most helpful.

Day 17 (11/19/16): I was sick today and I was not happy about that. Being sick makes me upset. I don't like being sick. Especially not with a stomach or intestinal thing but, I was sick. And I thought about how wonderful ginger ale tastes when you're sick like this. But--- I DID NOT HAVE ANY! I drank my water and that was it! Score! AND- I didn't die. :)

Day 18 (11/20/16): Feeling almost myself again so I decided to hit the breakfast bar at Harris Teeter. Tucker LOVES the bacon and I'm ok with the grits. I skipped the pastries but I put sausage in the container. I tasted it and it was sweet. That means, sugar. So, no sausage for me. Which was fine with Tucker. I'm still drinking water and eating very little so there's less chance of messing up. Seriously, I do NOT want to start this all over again which is what I'll make myself do if I blow it. Thursday, which is Thanksgiving day, I'm having some of the pumpkin pie I'm making but that will, officially, be the day AFTER my 21st day so one piece of pumpkin pie type stuff won't kill me. I hope.

Day 19 (11/21/16): I had no time for thoughts of sugar today. So, no thoughts and no sugar. :)

Day 20 (11/22/16): One more day. And the 21-day detox is over. What next? I have no trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. Not that I really did before but now, there's no stiffness. I thought that was due to my age but, apparently, it was due to sugar. Who knew?! My mood is better and, when it isn't, it isn't nearly as intense as before. The sad is still sad, but I'm pretty sure that's a different issue not really related to sugar. The days were never horrible and I never had the headache like when I stopped caffeine the first time. My allergies aren't as strong as they were. I'm on a healthy, positive path and I do not want it to change. I have no idea what to do about Thanksgiving. Or the rest of the holiday season. Or from now on.

Day 21 (11/23/16): It's day 21. Now what? I knew I'd need some coffee this morning since it's my Thanksgiving food prep day and I thought I should add a bit of sugar to it. I didn't. I didn't even acknowledge the thought enough to tell it, "NO." I just went on about my business.

Thanksgiving Day: Day 1 after the 21 day detox. Perfect. Ha! I did have the sweet potato casserole- just a spoonful. I did try the pumpkin pie- one bite and a 2" cube of pumpkin cake my mother made. And that was it. Ok, I had another spoonful of the sweet potato casserole that night. But that really was it. Not too bad. Except for the carbs but that's a southern Thanksgiving and I'm not sorry.

The Day After: Somehow that pumpkin cake that I sent out of the house last night made its way back into the house and was the first thing I saw this morning. So I put a piece on a plate (bigger than the 2" square I had yesterday) and proceeded to eat it. I almost made it halfway through before I just couldn't eat any more of it. And yes, I'm counting that as a win because before my 21-day detox that whole cake would have been gone by now and I would have been the only one eating it.

From here on, it will be random posting as I try to continue not eating sugar during the holidays. This will also help me see when/if I fall off the wagon and why. I'm not setting myself up for failure, I've done this before and I know me. :)

UPDATE 1 (11/29/16): I had to run to the grocery store this morning and the first thought upon entering the store was, where are the cupcakes???? I was going to buy a cupcake and eat the hell out of it. I passed on by and didn't even look at them. A couple of hours afterwards I was sitting down to listen to a Beth Moore video and BAM! I said to myself, "If I had bought a cupcake, I would eat it right now! And love every bite!" I'm so glad I was able to resist the temptation of buying that thing. Crazy that this is happening AFTER the 21-day detox. Guess it takes more than 21 days. 

UPDATE 2 (12/6/16): I have been craving a cupcake since Friday, 12/2, which was day 30 without sugar. This craving will not go away. I thought it had gone this morning because, while at the grocery store, I had no desire for a cupcake. So I didn't buy one. I spent the rest of the day craving the stupid cupcake. How/why does this happen? I have no idea.

UPDATE 3: CHRISTMAS: BLEW the hell out of it. Starting over Monday. Sigh. 


  1. I'm sure you have tried just about everything yet I read this and thought of you and thought, well, it couldn't hurt to pass on the information.
    Good Luck with your sugar detox and I so hope you find a way that works best for you.

    1. The 21 day detox worked just fine. Christmas threw me off but I'm back on track now! Thanks.

  2. Pam, my September 15 post, Sugar - Toxin or Treat?, tells my sugar story. If you read it, I hope you'll leave a comment and let me know what you think of my strategy.


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