Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Springing into the Medley

If you just want the questions and answers, scroll down to the dotted lines! Happy First Day of Spring to those who like spring. Ha!

Here is a medley of questions you may choose to answer on your Wednesday blog.  I always start with the National Day and base questions from there. No rules and there is no obligation. Link up if you want to.  I'm doing this to fill my Wednesday and if you are interested, then I invite you to join in!!  Link up tomorrow!  It might be fun!!

SPRING BEGINS on March 20, 2019

SPRING BEGINS – Changes Annually March 19 – March 21SPRING BEGINS

Spring begins on the March or vernal equinox, which is when the amount of sunshine is approximately 12 hours long.  The amount of sunlight will incrementally increase until the first day of Summer.
The vernal equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator.  This is the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator, from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20 or 21 every year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, this same event marks the beginning of fall.  Meteorologists actually mark the spring from March 1 through May 31st.
In 2016, spring arrived a little earlier due to it being a leap year.  On Leap Day, there’s a little math lesson regarding the Gregorian calendar.  To keep our calendar following the seasons so that spring happens when flowers grow and winter arrives when snow falls, an additional day was figured into years divisible by the number four. This has caused the 2016 spring to occur earlier than any living human being alive had ever seen. Before 2016, the earliest spring on record took place in 1896.
For more information visit
Get ready for longer days and increased sunshine. Tune up the lawn mower.  More sunshine means the grass will be growing. Use #SpringBegins to post on social media.
Human beings have been following the sun and creating a calendar based on seasons since the beginning of time.  
1.  The first spring flowers are usually daffodils, dandelions, lilies, tulips, iris. and lilacs. Which one of those choices is your favorite? As long as they stay outside I appreciate any of those with the possible exception of the iris. Have you seen any yet? I haven't really looked. It's been spring-like down here almost all winter so I haven't noticed any sudden growth peeking up through beautiful snow that we never had. 
2.  What is your least favorite thing about spring? Daylight savings time and everything in bloom because they mess with my allergies are tied for my least favorite thing about spring. 
3.  Okay, what puts a spring in your step? Grandchildren because when they're around you better have a spring in your step to keep up with them because they are NEVER STILL. 

4.  What is your favorite springtime song? Are there songs about spring? Hmm... When I consulted the Google (haha) I found a few and this one stuck out--

5.  What really says spring to you? Sinus headaches and sneezing. And azaleas blooming everywhere. 
6.  Tell us something random about your week. Yesterday was my Aunt Betty's 90th birthday! We didn't make it up there because of vehicle issues and the fact it was a workday for everyone but we'll get up there soon! Everyone did call her and her friends took her out to lunch. She said she had a lovely day. Also, I've been trying different CBD oils for fibromyalgia and anxiety and it's truly amazing what a difference it makes! I've even seen an increase in energy. Love this stuff. 
And now, I'm off to dance around with that song up there that will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. Thanks, Terri. LOL


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Good Deeds, Numbers, and the Medley

I missed the Medley last week because grandkiddos were here most of the week which is a perfect reason not to have been here but I did miss 'seeing' everyone. Today is Mother's 84th birthday and her first birthday not here with us. It's way more difficult to keep her passing in the back of my mind when a holiday or birthday pops up but I am not one to dwell or wallow so, come on and join in the fun of this week's Medley. 

Here is a medley of questions you may choose to answer on your Wednesday blog.  I always start with the National Day and base questions from there. No rules and there is no obligation. Link up if you want to.  I'm doing this to fill my Wednesday and if you are interested, then I invite you to join in!!  It might be fun!!





National Good Samaritan Day is observed on March 13th.  This day is also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day. This is a day for unselfish actions to help those in need and to celebrate kindness.
The term “good Samaritan” comes from the Bible parable where a Samaritan helped a stranger who had been robbed and beaten and left to die by the side of the road.  The Samaritan not only cleaned the man’s wounds and clothed him, but took him to an inn where he paid for the man’s care.
The term is used today to describe those who perform acts of kindness for those in need, especially those who are strangers.
Make an effort to help someone who is struggling or having a problem. Use #GoodSamaritanDay to post on social media.
1.  When did someone come to your rescue and can you tell us about it? My mom and my dad have come to my rescue from time to time and I have a friend who would be here to rescue me in a heartbeat if I needed him to but that's about it. Mostly, I try to rescue myself. I've learned over the last few decades that the best person to depend on is myself. 
2.  When did you help someone out of a jam and can you tell us about it? I've never had to help someone out of a major jam but there are those in my family who seem to need to be helped out of smaller jams on a regular basis and let's just leave it at that. 
3.  What are your thoughts on being a good Samaritan? Being a good Samaritan is fine as long as the motives behind the act are pure. I imagine it gets interesting when someone is known as a good Samaritan and people take advantage of their good nature, too. Leave it to me to find the down side. LOL Some states (like Florida) have even passed Good Samaritan laws so you don't get into trouble with the law for trying to help someone. And how ridiculous is it that a law such as this would even need to be considered? Of course, it all goes back to those motives I mentioned. 
4.  Thursday is National Pi Day.  It's a fun play on the date 3.14.  Will you have some pie to celebrate? I will not. Pie is delicious but it contains sugar so, no pie for me. 
5.  Did you know that Pi is the most studied number in mathematics? I don't know if I actually know this or I think I know it because you mentioned it. LOL Are you good with numbers? Yes and no. Mostly, no. It depends on the numbers or the math being studied.
6.  Tell us something random about your week. Lula Mae and I made up a song. It's super simple but we love it and sing it all the time when she's at my house. I have a video but y'all are going to have to excuse the first part where it's me singing. I carry tunes in my heart but not in my voice. 

She's really into expressions right now so I asked her to show me her pouty face--

 This monkey was at my house last week, too--

Have a wonderful rest of the week, Y'all!

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Missing the Seasons

I remember seasonal changes and I remember loving each and every one of those changes as they each meant something different and meaningful. Seasonal changes always gave me cause for pause, for reflection, for hope and anticipation. They brought about excitement for the new season and all that it held.

Most of you know I'm not a fan of spring and summer because of the heat and I think part of that is we don't get a winter or at least not much of one anymore so there's no need to look forward to spring when you've been having summer and spring all during fall and winter. It's like fall and winter are gone away and I miss them terribly.

The last 10+ years have given us summer-like weather all during autumn and spring-like weather in winter and I find it depressing. How I long for those seasonal changes of my youth.

When I was growing up summer meant the end of the school year, days at my grandparents helping Grandmother snap beans, shell peas, shuck corn... Summer meant sleeping with the windows up and the window fan going. It meant playing freeze tag and baseball in the yard. It meant climbing trees to read books and riding my bike all day long. Summer meant fourth of July with BBQ, watermelon, potato salad, deviled eggs, churning ice cream, and fireworks galore. Summer meant going to the lake and water skiing and having cookouts in the backyard and our annual week-long trip to Myrtle Beach. Summer meant fashioning flower crown wreaths from clover and running about in the yard with them on our heads. Summer meant going to the community swimming pool, chasing fireflies, running between the sheets hanging on the line, and glorious late afternoon summer thunderstorms.

Fall was exciting as the first coolness in the air came about and stunning, vibrant colors began to appear on trees that only weeks ago were a million different shades of green. There were holidays to prepare for, pumpkins to buy, weekend camping trips to the mountains where we always stopped and bought apples and apple cider from the roadside stands. Fall was Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving dinner and sweaters and jackets and long pants. Fall was football on television and in the backyard. Fall was school and friends and school supplies and new school clothes. Fall was full of energy and color and fun.

Winter meant cold and snow at least once a year enough to warrant getting a sled for Christmas. Winter was trees shed of their colors, stark spindly and beautiful black against lovely gray skies. Winter was the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, New Year's, my birthday. Winter was Grandmother's Christmas goodies all made from scratch and with love and yes, you could taste the difference. Winter was snuggling up by the fireplace with books and Barbies. Winter was hot chocolate, warm coats, boots, and knitted hats. Winter was cozy blankets, warm socks that flopped around as I walked in them. Winter was brilliant red cardinals against a white background. Winter brought a blank page for spring to color.

Spring was cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Spring was first of colors on every street. Spring was Easter and the Easter Bunny and a new Easter dress, and Easter dinner at Grandmother and Granddaddy's house. Spring was Grandmother and Grandaddy's birthday and their anniversary. Spring was knowing that school would be out soon and summer was just around the corner. Spring was working in the yard on weekends with Grandmother whose yard exploded with vibrant color all during spring and summer.

This year, we've had summer and spring in the low-country once again. There is no looking forward to spring because winter was not allowed to happen. There was only the hope of winter. There was no fall as summer held on through November and then the weather was more like spring than fall but could, technically, have been fall. Sadly, there were no distinct seasonal changes again this year.

I suppose moving to a climate more conducive to seasonal changes would be the answer but when you are close to family and super close to your grandkids, that's not actually going to happen because grandkids are more important than just about anything else in the world especially personal preference.

It's not always easy missing the wonderful things of our childhood. If you're like me you still miss your grandparents all the time, friends, family gatherings, and the like. A simpler, happier time. A time of seasonal changes when we were in the spring and summer of our lives.

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Sunday Funday

Grandparenting is the most fun thing ever invented. And when you get to take a road trip to take one grandkiddo to visit the other grandkiddo the result is Sunday Funday!

This little cutie misses her cousin so we try to take her to visit him and they bring him to visit her as often as possible because an hour is not really that far away.

I asked Lula Mae if she was excited to see Opie. I'm pretty sure her face said it all:

They seemed quite happy to see one another what with all the dancing around and all.

The big hit of the day was when Opie's daddy (Crisco) made them a fort.

I LOVE how they are so totally delighted with something so simple.

So much fun packed into one Sunday. How much fun? This much:

The trip home was so quiet and I heard that not 5 minutes after we left the other one was passed out, too. And after I got home, I followed suit.

So much truth. 

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Shower the People You Love with Love, Part 2

When you have a daughter who lives nine hours away and you go visit there are a lot of things to do that get crammed into those few days. We were in Nashville for 5 days--2 of those being driving there and back so really three days there-- and had about 10 days worth of plans. Ok, not really ten days worth but it did seem that way.

Especially because there's a wedding in May and DrummerBoy was playing the Ryman (see yesterday's post HERE if you missed it) so we:

  • got people fitted for wedding suits
  • had the wedding dress modeled for us
  • discussed wedding attire 
  • visited the wedding venue and met with the coordinator (a truly lovely girl)
  • attended two nights at the Ryman
  • went cowboy boot hunting
  • ate yummy food at a local dive
  • attended a most delightful engagement party/bridal shower

And this was after we traveled 10 hours with a toddler who got car sick 4 times before we figured out how to help him out. AND we did it all in the incessant rain and do not get me started on the Nashville traffic that adds a good 30 minutes to an hour to everything you need to do on a good day. Seriously, we knew we had arrived in that big, wonderful city when we were suddenly surrounded by a gazillion other cars sitting still on I 40.  

Of course, the good news is you get a picture of the Bat-Man building.

To say people were exhausted is an understatement. To say we had a good time is also an understatement.

When you have adult children, as most of us do, we tend to have a list of 'hopes' we have for their adult lives and one of the top three on my list for my girls is that they have wonderful, supportive, kind-hearted friends and it's even more important to me that NashvilleDaughter have this support system since we live our lives nine hours away from each other (10 when you travel the distance with a car sick toddler).

I've had the privilege to have met a few here and there of her friends and they fit the bill perfectly but, as life tends to move us around, our friends don't always live in the same cities forever. This weekend, I was given the gift of meeting many of NashvilleDaughter and DrummerBoy's local friends and my heart was filled.

I know I do not have to worry about NashvilleDaughter having a support system of friends because y'all, she has the best group of any I've ever known.

And they showered the happy couple with love. There is no doubt how these friends feel.

Good food:



Good friends, a few words, and a toast to the happy couple---

And the house was gorgeous! It was built in 1910 and I loved every single thing about it. But as nice as the house was, as delicious as the food was, as big and perfect as that cake was none of it compared to the group gathered to celebrate my girl and her love. And see that sweet lady standing beside my girl in that picture above? That's her future MIL and we should all be so lucky to have a MIL who loves us like this sweet lady loves my girl.

This mama misses her sweet daughter every day but I also know I don't have to worry about her. She's strong and independent. She has a man in her life because she wants him not because she needs one. She's smart and loyal. She goes all out for her friends and gives at least 110% to her job. She is talented and creative and not only works full time as an interior architect but also is an entrepreneur. She's sweet and savvy. And she's surrounded by a support system of friends and in-laws that makes all others look weak.

Cheers, my loves! May you always love and be loved. "May you always hold hands, share secret looks, and cultivate a private language that only the two of you can speak. May you always find things to talk about and places to explore, and may you prefer things to be the same level of clean (😂.) May you take turns being strong and weak, keep a secret list of what delights one another, and always have a trick to pull out of your hat. May you find that together, things are easier and more fun and more interesting, and may you always remember what it felt like to fall in love." Emily McDowell.

And that's how we spent three days in Nashville, TN.


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