Friday, May 17, 2019

The Wedding: Part 3

Don't worry, Y'all! There's just one more after this one (maybe 2 because there are so many photos) and I'll be all finished with the wedding posts. Well, until the professional photos come back and then there will be one more with some of her amazing photos.

Raise your hand if you've ever had a happiness hangover because I've got one and it hasn't let up one bit since Saturday. No, Friday. Oh heck, I've had one since we arrived in Nashville on May 5.

Today's post is all about getting ready and friends. Friends who are more than friends because they are more like family. Chosen family. And my daughter has chosen well. There were friends who flew in from DC and from California and various points in between and those who live right there in Nashville.

"...but in the richness of their soul & the vibes they give off" pretty much sums up several of the bride and groom's closest friends and it was such a joy to experience these good humans up close and in person. My life is richer just from being around them briefly.

Regardless of where they hailed, their intent was the same- to show love and support for the bride and groom. And show love and support they did. To overflowing. And they extended all that love and support to all of us. It was heartwarming, to say the least.

We had more of a whole lot of heart explosions to be more accurate.

Ok, here we go with the photos---

The bridal party got ready for the ceremony in a quaint little white country cottage surround by roses and ivy.

All the girls arrived at the venue early to have their hair and make-up done. The young lady at the bottom right is the bride's bestie and is not only a most wonderful friend but she'll blow you away with her singing voice. Holy cow! What a gal! That's DrummerBoy's mom beside her and then the bride.

Lula Mae got her hair done as well. And check out her little kimono! The bride gave all her bridesmaids a kimono to wear while getting ready and she found one for our sweet flower girl, too. I can't even.

The bride and flower girl.

All my girls!

Lest we forget she's not even three yet.

 Prettiest flower girl ever!

Just a few more adjustments...

That lace!

She's ready!


Of course, this is what I saw in my mind's eye---

Do y'all do that? See your all grown up daughters (or sons) and see them as they were when they were little and still needed you for nearly everything? The silver lining is when we realize what a great job we did raising them because how else could they be so amazing? And yes, I do take credit for some of it but mostly because I allowed them to become who they were meant to be instead of molding them into mini-mes. I'm happy to report they all did develop into their own, unique, individual selves and each one is a delightful work of art.

We are getting close to the ceremony and reception, I promise!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Wedding: Part 2

I promise we did more than eat but there does seem to be a good bit of that going on during this whole wedding week thing. That's because when you're in Nashville you simply HAVE to take advantage of the amazing food they have there. So, we did. But today's post is not just about super yummy food in a totally fun setting. It's also about family.

And it's about family because ours grew exponentially this past weekend and feeling all the feels from that is going to stay with me for...well, forever because you simply never stop feeling the love, support, encouragement, warmth, inclusion... from these people. They are good humans. Every single one of them.

Before we ate, we rehearsed. The weather held out but the humidity was annoying as all get out. No matter, we persevered.

When you have three sisters, they take up most of your bridesmaid space unless you want 15 bridesmaids so three sisters and two besties made up the bride's attendants (do we even say that anymore?)

There were tiny little rocks covering the paths which were horrid for those of us wearing open-toed shoes but fantastic for the kiddos and were a lifesaver during the actual ceremony the next day.

She wasn't the only one who had had enough. But we had to get everything just right because the bride is a bit of a perfectionist.

Y'all. See that girl in the middle? The officiant? I ADORE her! She's the BEST! I don't even have the words to tell y'all how I feel about this lady but you know how you get around someone who radiates more warmth and love and acceptance and positivity than you've ever felt ever? That's her.

Well, it seems he was on a mission but I'm not sure what that mission entailed. LOL Gotta love the pants tucked into his cowboy boots.

 Adorable nephew of the groom and I have donned him, Mr. Personality. Is he adorable or what?

The groom's parents rented out Puckett's in Franklin, TN for the rehearsal dinner and it was FABULOUS! Yes, it rained but not until we were all inside having the most fun ever!

I love the sign they hung up for the bride and groom!

The food was set up buffet-style and it was SO GOOD because it was SO SOUTHERN!

Here's a sample. Yep, all southern food so lots of carbs and I was in FOOD HEAVEN followed by a FOOD STUPOR. And the TEA! They do tea right at Puckett's. Oh, and there was COBBLER! And those chicken tenders? So juicy inside! I have to stop. I'm drooling on my keyboard. LOL

The man in the hat near the cake table? That's the groom's daddy. I'm not sure where his mom was at that point. Susie, where were you? The groom's parents are the sweetest, funniest and fun-est couple I've ever known. They love my girl like their own and I'm so grateful for them. It's not every day the two families come together and feel like one big family but we are blessed to say we have that with these folks. And this includes extended family and friends. 

See the gal on the bottom left corner? That's the bride's bestie and she's a nut! She's also the kind of bestie everyone should be so lucky to have in their lives. She's amazing! AND she has a singing voice that will blow you away! We love you, G!

Here's the bride with her Maw-Maw. That's my stepmom and the only grandmother on this side of heaven my girls have left. We're never letting her go.

And here's the groom's cake. Don't you love the topper? The bride found it on Etsy. When you marry a Georgia boy, you become a Georgia fan which is fine because we all love Georgia, too. 

The groom is full of funny.

I hope I'll finish the ceremony post tomorrow. It's a lot to put down and the words are not always easy for me to find when all of them want to come from my heart. But I'm working on it.

Let's all go eat now, ok? LOL
To be continued...

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Wedding: Part 1

I'm working on the wedding post. The post of THE day. The post I'm having to stop writing every couple minutes because I cannot see the computer screen through the happy tears of joy that keep streaming down my face.

Speaking of tears streaming down my face, I decided to have my hair and make-up done on THE day for THE event and if you know me you know I do not 'do' my hair and I do not wear make-up due to my crazy allergies to everything under the sun but I figured for THE day it would be a good idea.

And then the rain came. Not torrential or anything just a sprinkle, just enough to make the humidity shoot up to 500 gazillion percent. So I paid BIG money to throw my hair back up in in a hair tie and to sweat my make-up off but hey! we had a BLAST anyway! But that's part of THE story so...

Most of us sat in a rented van (very nice BTW) for 8 hours but a few decided to fly over to Nashville.

There were still a few details to finish up when we arrived but most everything was done because that's the way NashvilleDaughter rolls so we ran some errands and enjoyed some family time.

We collected sticks in the backyard-

We cooked yummy food--

 I asked if there were any local BBQ joints and we went to the BEST PLACE EVER!

We put together a remembrance display of those no longer with us--

And a display for the wedding hashtag-

Bought brand new cowboy boots which haven't come off her feet yet and yes, that includes the wedding.

Got mani/pedis--

In Nashville, if the officiant isn't a judge or a minister the marriage is not legal so we had to go to the courthouse before the ceremony.

And we ate some more...

And more--

And more--

I go on and on about the food in Nashville but, goodness! I have yet to find food that I do not LOVE in that city.

I know this is photo overload so---

To be continued---

Here's a sneak peek at the rehearsal dinner hosted by DrummerBoy's wonderful parents...

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