About Me

Originally from the upstate area, I have been living in the low-country (Charleston area) of SC for close to 30 years now. And, for 20 of those years, I was busy raising four wonderful daughters- the lovelies. Once I adjusted to an empty nest, I decided a blog would be the best way to connect with other empty nesters. Since then, I discovered that the world of blogging contains all sorts of delightful people from all stages in life and sharing tales of our lives has brought many of us close despite the physical distance between us.

In the years since the nest emptied, I also decided a puppy would be a good idea (it has been a great idea). took a job teaching technology to elementary students in the school the lovelies attended, welcomed two of the lovelies back into our home (ok, maybe not welcomed exactly) AND became a grandmother for the first time!

I love to share stories of our crazy lives, memories of days gone by, my many opinions, and fun things to do in our touristy town located just over the bridge from Charleston, SC.

So come on over and enjoy some discussions, a few reviews, and a lot of laughter. I would very much appreciate your company as I continue learning about life, love and lifestyle changes. The journey continues to be interesting!

My email address:  momaloft4(at)gmail(dot)com

Here we are in 1991, which seems an entire lifetime ago:

And in 2016: 

The newest addition as of July 2016, Baby M. Aren't girls grand?!

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