Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aging Bladder, Sagging Boobs and a Fat Shelf

Some days my second walk of the day (that 5 miles I do after the 1.5 I walk with Tucker) is just ok. Nothing much happens and there's not much to see--it's just a walk. Other days are exhausting--the ones when there are other walkers out there that I have to beat I listen to my fast walking music and end up practically running.

And then there are days like today.

When the temps are in the 60s (albeit high 60s); the sunrise decides to be stunning in nature (see it there on the left?); I turn a curve and an autumn breeze hits me and stays with me on that last .75 of a mile. All of that coupled with the fact that my ASICS have relieved my feet of all their pain!

It's hard to beat days like today. In fact, I would have easily been able to walk longer if it weren't for my aging bladder. There are pretty much only two things I envy about men and being able to whip it out and pee anywhere is one of them. (The other is their ability to pass blame off on others).

Anyway, I had a dream last night. I dreamed that I rested my hands on my sides on top of my hips and my fingers touched each other in front! Woot!

When I got up this morning I knew my fingers wouldn't touch but I tried anyway. Guess what? They will touch if I squeeze. So I started the day M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E.D.

Lately, I have noticed a few things about losing weight.
  • My fat shelf is gone. Again. I remember now how stunned I was when I discovered it MIA the first time I lost it. Before I lost the weight I could carry 4 or 5 gallons of spring water with the help of the rolls in my midsection to keep them from falling. The jugs would rest on top of a roll creating a 'fat shelf' if you will, preventing the jugs from sliding down and hitting the ground. This is no longer available. Now, the jugs just hit the ground.  
  • I have noticed that, while riding in the passenger seat of the car, that there is less of me jiggling around. I used to get so mad at Hubs for hitting any and all bumps in the road because it caused me to jiggle (and I'm NOT talking about a cute jiggle-this was more like a flopping) so much he probably thought something was wrong with the car. Now, not so much.
  • Also in the car, I can put my seat belt on and STILL MOVE AROUND. That's right. Before I would fasten my seat belt and have ZERO space to move. I couldn't even lean forward an inch. Now? I can not only lean forward, but I can reach something on the floorboard.
  • When I raise my arms, the flabby bat wings are no longer the envy of every bat in the neighborhood.
  • I have noticed that, when I turn over in bed, I don't wake myself or Hubs up thinking we're having a significant earthquake.
  • For a time I thought that my boobs had retained some of their youthful perkiness. False. They appeared that way because they were resting on my great middle expanse. Now that the middle expanse has decreased, the boobs are hanging lower than ever. I imagine they'll give the term 'knee length' a whole new meaning by the time I finish losing the weight. 
Yes ladies and gents, it seems that I am on my way to getting my fingers to touch when resting my hands on my hips--even if I do have to go under my sagging boobs to do it.  



  1. Okay, inquiring minds wanna know---how on earth did you rid your arms of the bat wings? I've been exercising and exercising to no avail. Talk about sagging. From the side view, it's really difficult to find the beginning of the saggy boobies and my flappy arms?!!!!!! You go girl. And yes, walking in the morning is the best time of day. I envy you having such cool temps. Still, around here it's in the mid to high 70s at 4 in the morning. STILL!!! I can't wait for mornings like yours.


    emptynester....Oh I wish I could share it all with you from a link, but with surnames and family members and maiden names and birthdates --all kinds of info that could be used for identity theft these days, it's impossible. But WHEN the book if published, I will show it off on this blog, with some pixeled-out text - for safety's sake.

    Sorry, it's a novel today.

  2. Anni- I don't know. The bat wings just seem to be going with the weight. Which is fine with me. I never liked them. Not even a little bit! I never thought about the safety issue- you're quite right about it! S0, I'll just sit here and wait for your wonderful book! Because I KNOW it will be published! Wishing for rain and cooler temps for Texas!

  3. So your quest for health is a good thing/bad thing then?

    Just kidding kiddo. Congratulations for having done so well. You're a true inspiration.

    As to the boobs- sadly I have no words of solace for I'm there too.

  4. So funny, and so honest!!

    Those "bat wings" are also called "heybabies"! As explained by Urban Dictionary:
    Bottom part of your upper arm. the part that jiggles when you wave "hey baby" to someone.
    Example: "I had to return that sweater the other day because it constricted my heybabies."

    Everything that we can laugh at is always easier!

  5. I am again so very proud of you. You are doing awesome. I too notice that when the middle shrinks the boobs sag. Also the more the fat leaves the boobs hide under the arms at night. They couldn't do that before, everything just sorta held them in place. Left on their own they are seeking the belly button. I did tell them there's nothing in there to see but they are insisiting on looking. Keep it up my dear, you are inspiring to say the least. I just told Shawn that too.
    Have a blessed and awesome afternoon.

  6. Yes, i'm proud of you as well! You really have done so well, and I'm glad you had such a good day. Makes everything worthwhile, doesn't it?!

  7. You truly are hilarious, Pam! Honestly, you come out with the funniest things and have me in stitches! It sounds as though things really are beginning to happen after all of these months of dedicated effort! That is such wonderful news and so inspiring to someone such as I who have yet to take a single step in the right direction. Well done and keep up this new found momentum! We are all so proud of you!

  8. I have just read everyone else's comments...some are hilarious! I have had such a good laugh tonight and am now off to bed!

  9. I can not stop laughing about the term 'knee length'. You are a riot today. Congrats on all the improvements in your body, hot mama! :)

  10. You're completely welcome to do more than one challenge, joining mine doesn't mean you're excluded from others ('s not you it's me, I'm just not ready for commitment, let's just be friends...)

  11. Ok, I so want to get into the habit of getting out there and walking early ... but I look like something the cat drug in when I first get up in the morning. And if I take the time to look even halfway presentable, well, by then I've lost my motivation. What's your secret??

  12. LOL! You are just a hoot today! You must be some long lost relation to my husband...he likes to exaggerate a story too! hahaha
    The boob thing I believe, because I have experienced it too. I guess a boob job would be next after the weight loss. :)
    With me it´s not my bladder, it´s Nr. 2. I just can´t walk in the mornings because as soon as I´m like a block away from any bathroom, Nr. 2 is calling. hahaha

  13. Each time I read about you walking 5 miles each day I feel the desire welling up in my. I want so much to get into shape. Your doing great! I am starting to feel motivated.

  14. is this why im noticing my own boobs flailing a bit? Granted I have plenty of shelfage underneath them still but not like before.. love this post :0)

  15. it’s-OMG that is hilarious! I’ve GOT to remember that one! True- laughter does help. Even when the mirror doesn’t!

    Julie-LOL You are too funny! And girl, YOU are the inspiration! Truly! Oh yeah, Shawn- training for a marathon! I’m so envious! Thanks Julie!

    Diane-Thank you! Yes it surely does!

    Desiree-You always have such encouraging words for me! I appreciate them so very much- really, at times, comments like yours can make a bad day turn around and be a good day! Thanks!

    Miss A- Girl! I am still steaming about your incident. No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Anyway, you are too sweet! Thanks a million!

    TC-LOL Thanks! I think I’ll take you up on it!

    Kathy-My secret is that I don’t care what I look like at that time of the morning. LOL Nobody else looks that much better anyway!

    Betty-LOL We may very well be related! Oh yes, there’s a woman who walks and has to leave every morning to go home and poop and then come back to walk some more!

    Debby-GREAT! Get out there and do it! You’ll fast become addicted to it!

    CG-LOL You’re too funny! Girl, you are not old enough for the boobs to flail! Thanks!

  16. Gotta take the bitter with the sweet! Very proud of you. Keep it up!

  17. The worst thing about losing weight is the sagging boobs. That is terrible. It gives me mental pictures I would rather not have. Really.Rather.Not.Have.

  18. Beverly- That's right! Thank you!

    Robin-Right?! LOL And there's not one (inexpensive) thing I can do about it! LOL

  19. I had to laugh at the last part...I gave up on 'crop tops' years ago. Not a pretty site when they hang below the!

    You Rock!

  20. Laughing in solidarity! I didn't have the fat shelf but the boobs really seemed to get much longer when the fat was going, going... I envy you no bat wings, though. I did notice that there is more wrinkled skin now. I guess I just stretched it out wa-ay too much. Lack of resiliance now, for sure!

  21. Oh come on! I was just going to get a snack when I read your post title! I think I'm going to do finger-stretching exercises so I can do the hands-on-hips and fingers touching thing too. Are you 6 inches in circumference?

    But I am proud of you for being so motivated! All that walking hasn't been for nothing. :-)

  22. Pam, you are too funny! It sure is a good feeling to loose that much weight. You feel like a new person.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. Congrats on your weight loss but I am laughing at the reasons you envy men. That was funny!

  24. This is so funny, you describe your progress so well. Congrats on losing the shelf and the bat wings. For the boobs, all I have to say is free weights, they'll be wonderfully 'uplifting'....:)

  25. congrats on the weight loss!! I just now realized i have a fat shelf stomach, i use it to hold things. HAHAHA

  26. Luckily I don't have the saggy boob problem! Why, you might ask....When you have small boobies they do not sag!
    Great post a picture!

  27. funny. I am/was sitting here TRYING to enjoy some Ben& Jerry's peanut butter ice cream but now I feel so guilty pigging out after reading about your 5 mile walk!! lol. Great post..and I am telling you my boobies look like something out of National Geographic!! So sad! lol

  28. No fat shelf, no arm flab, less jiggle when you wiggle...I'm green with envy :)

  29. Love your post today! As far as the sagging, it helps to have a sense of humor. Great job with the walking. Keep it up.

  30. Ha - loved this post! I am with you on the aging bladder - this coming from someone who could sleep in until noon and never get up to pee! Now I am up at 4 a.m. - wtf!

    Enjoy your Friday night!

  31. Congrats on losing weight! It's so hard to do.

    The kid lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC, just like you. He's the handsome man who goes up to women in bars and says, "I love you." Seeing your pretty daughters' pictures, I'm sure he's already hit on them. Hopefully they didn't slap him. ;)


  32. Sorry that I’m just getting back to y’all- I had to take my mother to the hospital to have her gall bladder removed and we just got home!


    Sush-Too funny! And so true! LOL Thanks!

    Stephanie- Oh the bat wings are still here, they just aren’t so big and flappy now! LOL

    Judy-Sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt a snack! 6 inches? LOL Not a chance! My thumbs are on my hips and I stretch my fingers to meet in the middle of my midsection! Thank you so much!

    Susan- Thank you! Yes, I’m feeling better every day!

    Joyce- I’m glad you caught that one! LOL

    Alessandra- Thanks! I have my free weights ready and waiting. Over there. On the floor. I can see them from here! LOL

    Jennifer- Thank you! LOL

    Shawn-Mine used to be small---I think they grew when I had each of the lovelies. Now, they just sag. Thanks! Um…not yet.

    Tina- So sorry! I don’t mean to interfere with ice cream! LOL Thanks! Hahahaha---National Geo!

    Kathy- Make that smaller fat shelf, less arm flab, with the less jiggle! LOL

    MKM-Thanks! It’s a good thing a sense of humor helps because that’s all I’ve got left. LOL

    Biz-YES! AND, if I haven’t had a little sleeping help, I can’t go back to sleep! WTF is right!

    Joyce- Thanks! You are too funny! I’ll have to ask them if anyone has come up and said that to them! LOL

  33. I'm visiting from the LBS Tea Party. I love your comment about being able to get something from the floor of the car with your seatbelt fastened. I do feel that I have developed a new skill set -- retrieving items with my foot or toe. I'd be happy to give that a rest, though! Annie

  34. Annie Joy- Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I totally understand the reaching with the foot or toe- although even that became difficult at one point! LOL

  35. Great blog! Congratulations on the weight loss. About the sagging -- honey, gravity happens. Several of my girl friends who breastfed stated that they used to be a 34B, and now they are a 34 Long! You are an inspiration! Thanks for stopping by my blog. -- Donna

  36. Donna- Thanks! Yep, that's about right- a 34 long. Darn breastfeeding and gravity. LOL


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