Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell!

Not too much to report this week- except that I am still totally digging my new Asics and some cool morning temps!

AND NOW, here's my week in a:

Our mornings continue to be cooler which we are absolutely LOVING. That is until one of you posts that your morning weather is in the 50s--then I'm just jealous! But, temps in the 60s make those early morning walks so much more enjoyable. Of course, our afternoons are still hitting the upper 80s so we have quite a ways to go yet. The sunrises have been quite lovely too! Below is the one from this morning...

Mother had to have some tests (MORE tests---good grief these doctors do love their tests) run on Thursday and was told she would have to have her gall bladder removed on Friday (the very next day) so we had to get things moving quickly. She's here with us and mending nicely--we're seeing improvements by the hour! If you missed yesterday's post about how great Hubs was through all of this, you can read it here.BTW, Hubs did read it and all the comments. He was truly touched and sends out a big THANK YOU to everyone!

Tuck wanted to help drive us home from the hospital.

Yep. Definitely a male driver with his eyes NOT on the road.

Birdie is still missing us but has become comfortable in Texas. A bunch of the grad students get together on Sunday evenings and have dinner together- everyone brings a dish and the host provides the main course. Last Sunday, when one of Birdie's friends arrived, he said, "Well, my mac and cheese turned in to potatoes." Their host said, "I was wondering about that---like why you were bringing mac and cheese." The southern students asked why and he replied, "Mac and cheese is a main course dish." Those little southern students just laughed and laughed and politely, of course, informed the host (who is from Indiana) that mac and cheese is a side dish NOT a main dish! They promised to educate about him as time goes on. 

I've been working on a hat and scarf for Birdie in the colors of the high school where she is the athletic trainer. TotallyTerrificTiger (my name for her boytoy: totally terrific because he is and tiger because he went to Clemson) is meeting her in Atlanta this coming weekend for a concert and will take them to her. Here they are: 

This is her hat- a very simple, easy pattern...just the way I like them!

This is the scarf--can you see the footballs in it? Each pattern row has three footballs in it!

Here's one of the footballs- can you see it now?

DoodleBug and three of her friends came over on Wednesday night for dinner. Now that the semester is in full swing and everyone has their schedules down pat we are resuming our weekly meals with them. I love having them over and cooking for them. College kids are not only BIG FUN but they love a home cooked meal and make it known!

And now, I must go and watch the Carolina Panthers take the field. And watch all that money they spent on Cam Newton be put to good use. (I know you can't hear the sarcasm attached to that last statement but, trust me, it's there). 

Tune in tomorrow for the fall weight loss challenges I'm joining in and maybe a football rant. 

Have a fantabulous week everyone and remember to smile! It makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. You are quite the knitter. I can see the footballs. Speaking of football, well I hope the Panthers look better than the Vikes did today. Hooray for cooler weather. Have a great week!

  2. If I make my goal will you make me a hat and scarf? I'll trade you for a special made bracelet when you hit your goal. I love that hat and scarf. Just a thought. Also thank you Pam for talking to Birdie for me. I'm excited to give the new rules a try. Anything to get to enjoying this race instead of fretting about it. Exercise is suppose to be fun, not something to cry about. Thank you.
    Take care and have a blessed evening. Enjoy your morning walk. I'll be exercising at 6 tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad your mom is doing good. I've missed some posts on blogger. Just so much going on!
    We had some really cool mornings last week, but it's warming up again, and was very hot today.
    It sure was a welcome relief from over 50 something days of 100+!

    Have a good week!

  4. Wow, you've had a busy week. I'm lovin' the scarf and hat. Good job! I tried knitting, but it doesn't produce results fast enough to suit me. Perhaps it's because I'm a very slow knitter. Enjoy your cool mornings. Have a great week!

  5. That hat and scarf are awesome, I am sure she will love them.
    Glad your mother is doing better.
    Which weight loss challange did you join?

    Have a good week!

  6. I wish I could knit like you, I really like that hat. I loooove Tucker (did I say that already?), he's so cute,but he drives just like my Peanut, it must be in the Y chromosome. ....

  7. awesomesauce, I wasn't sure if you had decided to go for it or not. Nice to have you on board, I will get up a list of everyone closer to the time.

  8. I´m so glad your mom is doing ok. Gallbladder operations can go either way. When I had mine I was fine within a day or two,but when my dad had his (laser surgery), they had closed up a wrong valve or vein (whatever it´s called) and after a day they noticed him getting all yellow. So they rushed him to Asuncion (the nearest city with specialist, 4 hours away) and he had to have a mayor operation to fix the "mistake" those other doctors made. That was years ago, but he still has problems with his liver and has to watch what he eats.
    So it´s good your mom is doing ok.

    Have a great week Pam!

  9. Love the hat and scarf and can see the footballs. What weight loss challenges are you joining? I really need to lose some weight - especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas right around the corner.

  10. All our dogs love to drive too, Of course with Lazer it's either he or Doug so he doesn't get much actual drive time.

    Glad you mom is doing so well. It's supposed to be in the mid 90's again this week here with NO rain. what a shocker!

  11. Love Tuck driving! You knitted items are beautiful. Glad your mom is doing better.

  12. Michele- The Panthers didn’t look that great. They looked better than the last couple of years but anything would be an improvement over that! I didn’t get to see the Vikings- sorry they didn’t do well though.

    Julie- I absolutely WILL! What colors do you like? She was happy to help! Good luck!

    Shirley- Thank you! We might have some 70 degree days coming- I can’t wait! This summer really was brutal, wasn’t it?

    Roan- Thanks! That’s one of the problems I have with knitting too. Which is why I make a lot of hats. LOL

    Susan- Thanks! I join three of them- check out today’s post!

    Alessandra- Thanks! Oh too funny! I didn’t realize Peanut was a driver too! LOL

    TC-Sounds great!

    Betty- Thanks! Holy crap! That’s terrible! I don’t think I’m going to relay that info to Mother!

    MKM- Thank you! I joined three of them! Check out today’s post and I have links to them up!

    Michele- Thanks! Too funny about Lazer- though if it was my husband, I’d probably prefer Lazer’s driving! Sorry y’all still aren’t getting rain! I keep asking for you!

    Debby- Thank you so much!


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