Monday, September 12, 2011

Football and Fat

I will just say a couple of things about the Panthers' game yesterday: 1. I give Cam Newton a C-; and B. I give the media an F. What IS it with those guys? They tried their darnest to put Cam Newton up on a pedestal. Does he belong there? Nope. Do I hate Cam Newton? Nope. However, I do hate the way the announcers try to give one player (in this case Cam Newton) ALL the credit. And THEN they made excuses for him when his attempts failed. WTH?! 

I'm pretty sure that even Cam Newton can't be successful without a decent O line.

I'm also pretty sure that sports announcers have NEVER been nice or positive about the Panthers. Why start now? Just because of Cam Newton? I wonder if they noticed the final score yesterday? Admittedly, they did play better yesterday than in the last couple of years. BUT all of them, not just one. I'm not against Cam Newton. I am against all the press.  

Darned media people can ruin just about anything, can't they?

And now, the FAT part of the post: 

Ok, since I had success with the Slimmer this Summer Challenge (I lost 44 pounds), I decided that I needed another one to get me through the holidays that are fast approaching. And there were several good ones out there. It was indeed difficult to decide which one to join.

So, I'm joining more than one! I have written a brief description of each but please go visit them and get a better understanding. Then, pick whichever is right for you!

Why am I joining challenges? Because they work for me! I get it in my head that I don't want to let the group down so I stick to my goals/plans. I also totally enjoy meeting all the new friends and sharing in the encouragement as we all strive to enjoy better health! 

This one is a Christmas Dress Challenge at Thursday's Child-this challenge runs from September 19th thru December 19th. You must set goals for yourself and check-in with a post once each week. You DO NOT have to post THE NUMBER if you don't want to.

Next is Give Yourself the Best Gift Challenge over at Less of Me, More of Him. This challenge runs September 18th thru December 31st. You must enter (by September 18th) to be eligible for the prize. You can enter afterwards, but won't be eligible for the prize. You must write a blog post containing a statement about what you want to give yourself and 7 action points that will help you obtain your goal(s). Then you post it and link it to the challenge!

Next is the Holiday 2011 Challenge over at My Bizzy Kitchen! This challenge began yesterday (9/11/11). The rules are easy- tell your goals and do what you have to do to make them a reality! There is ample support here from everyone AND you'll find some amazing recipes too!

There is another challenge I know of that I did not join but the only reason was that I didn't want to post THE NUMBER and that's one of the requirements. HOWEVER, this is another fabulous challenge for your consideration and Princess Dieter has many super fantastic ideas about getting healthy, including exercise. And, if you need guidelines, then this challenge is absolutely perfect!

My statement: I want to give myself the gift of health this year through an increase in knowledge about nutrition and exercise as well as losing another 30 pounds! Oh, and I would love to give myself the gift of being in front of the camera some this season instead of always behind it.

My goals for the challenges:

  1. lose some pounds---I decided on 30 pounds. This was my goal for the summer challenge and it was a good one. It may be optimistic but I'm going to shoot for it anyway!
  2. drink water--I plan on drinking 64 oz/day
  3. exercising--I will continue to walk Tucker first thing in the mornings and, after bringing him home, go back out for 5 miles. If I feel the spirit move me (doubtful, but who knows?) I will add some running.
  4. keep a weight loss journal--my journal is being kept on where I track water intake, exercise, calories consumed, measurements and weight.
  5. caloric intake-- I will stick with the 1200-1400 range as this seems to be working.
  6. no nighttime snacking- I will allow myself one evening snack after supper but only if it's before 8:00 PM. No food after 8:00!
  7. I will post weekly (I'm thinking Monday)
I won't be choosing a dress size or buy a dress because, for me, that is sabotage. But, when I lose another 30 pounds, you better believe I'll be buying a new Christmas dress!

Ok y'all! It's on like Donkey Kong!


  1. Wishing you total success with your challenges.

  2. I also wish you good luck with your challenge. Sounds very ambitious.

  3. Well you know I´m participating in that last challenge, the CDCC. I´m really glad you posted about them, because it gave me the incentive to kick myself into gear. Doing good so far but I can only dream of losing 30 lbs by Christmas. I´ll be happy with half.
    Good luck Pam, I wish you the best!

  4. Wow you lost 44 pounds this summer? That is totally fantastic. I am so impressed and so glad you made it past your 30 pounds.
    I would do those challenges but I am trying something different. I am not weighing myself for 6 weeks. Now that I am off wheat, I think I can do it. I know if I weigh then if I haven't lost I cheat. So I thought, well if I do all that I am supposed to do we will see.
    I want to not be afraid of the camera at Christmas either. Soon as we get a tad cooler and no fires, I will be walking too.
    I am so happy for you. Great job!

  5. I love reading about the challenges you set for yourself! I really admire your commitment and motivation. Good luck with this particular challenge. I know you'll do well.

  6. I can hardly wait to see the new you peeking out from behind that camera. It will be nice to see the person behind all the wit and words.
    Good for you and best wishes on your new challenge.

  7. Yes, the media can ruin anything : )

    Good luck with your challenges!

  8. The media always seem to focus on one player for some reason. Remember Michael Phelps? His relay team won a medal, but the camera only showed him during the playing of the national anthem. If I'd been the mother of one of the other swimmers (what were their names again?), I'd have been livid. When Tebow was at Florida, you'd have thought he was the only player on the field. Yep, like you, I think the 'one' wouldn't be where they are without some help from the rest of the team.

    Congrats on your weight loss and good luck on your new challenges. I do better with a group, too. Just a little on the competitive side, don't ya know?

  9. 41 pounds? You go girl. That's awesome. I'm going to have to come to Charleston this fall for a doctor visit and hair appt. so maybe we can get together!!

  10. Debby- Thank you! The encouragement from y’all is very much appreciated!

    Mama- Thanks! It is but it’s the only way I know how to do it!

    Betty-Yes! And I’m going to be cheering you on! We take whatever loss we can get, right? And be happy with it!

    FG-Yes I did! And it was HARD work! We all have to figure out what works for us individually. I’ve been using coconut flour and brown rice flour instead of wheat. I’m hoping for some more changes as well. Maybe we’ll both be in front of the camera for the holidays this year! Thanks!

    Judy-Thanks! It only took me 53 years to get here. LOL

    Stephanie- How sweet! Thank you!

    Joyce- It’s annoying, isn’t it? Thanks!

    Beverly-Now that you mention it, I do recall that whole Michael Phelps thing. And the Tebow issue. And I’m sure there are others. It really is annoying. Thanks so much! Competitive? Yep, I might know all about that! LOL

    Barb- I would LOVE it if we could get together! Let me know!!!

  11. I was in the Slimmer this Summer Challenge and so agree that meeting new friends is one of the benefits in addition to the focus if provides for our weight loss and behavioral change goals. It helps to know we are not alone doesn't it? We're in it to win it so let's go for it.


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