Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sensory Hodgepodge

How's your football season going? I can sum my NFL experience as, FRUSTRATING. But my college experience is going quite nicely. Football can be a heart-breaker when you love it like I do. But it does provide a wonderful outlet for venting! Every year I say I'm not going to even watch this time then August rolls around and, BAM! I'm right back at it. Every. Single. Time. It seems I'll never give it up. AND I can't even get good football weather this year. 

Thank goodness the Hodgepodge is never frustrating but always fun! So come on and join Joyce and the gang today, won't you? 

1. What would you say is your strongest sense? I have a heightened sense of EVERY sense. It stems from the fibromyalgia. I am hypersensitive to all sounds, sights (as in bright lights), smells, feels, and tastes. I'm even hypersensitive to my intuition. Loud noises can reduce me to tears, strong odors give me painful headaches although the first reaction is that I TASTE the smell- yes, I can taste the chemicals in perfume, for example, once I smell it, even a light touch can cause me to with fibromyalgia is interesting. And somewhat debilitating though not nearly as much as it is for others. 

2. Do you believe in the idea of a 'sixth sense'? Yes and I call it, intuition. Why or why not? I believe in it because I have it and I'm quite in tune with it. I also believe it is God given. 

3. When do you most feel like a slave to time? When I set an agenda for the day. Explain. Because I stay so focused on that agenda that I rush around paying attention to nothing else and get frustrated when something gets in my way because I HAVE to get this done before time runs out. It's ridiculous when you think about it. 

4. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Yes. How would you rate the experience? It depends on the restaurant. In my early years of college I worked in a couple different restaurants. There was one with uncool owners so that was a negative experience but, for the most part, it was ok. Most of the customers were fellow students so dealing with the public wasn't that bad. If you could own a restaurant what kind would it be? It would have to be more like a pub and be cozy and relaxing. OH! And it would have television screens everywhere so everyone could watch football on the weekends and on Monday and Thursday nights. :) 

5. Ever traced your family tree? I have. Share something interesting you learned there. Oh gosh, there is a really interesting story but it was uncovered by my uncle so I'll have to get that story from him once again so I get it right. Perhaps I'll write a post about it. But it's scandalous! OHOHOH! We did discover that we are descendants of Daniel Boone. 

6. What did your childhood bedroom look like? Which one? The first one I remember was when I was around 3 years old and it had the best red wallpaper on one wall. In my mind now, it reminds me of a calico type fabric. Kind of like the one on the far left:

7. Anyone who knows me knows I love_______________________? The Lovelies! Being a grandma! Baby M! Tucker! Christmas! Thanksgiving! Halloween! Cool weather! The mountains! My grandparents! Music! Laughing! Feeding and watching birds! The moon, particularly the way it makes a snow covered ground sparkle like diamonds! Autumn! Oyster roasts, even though I do not eat oysters! Family gatherings! There are just so many things to love in this life, aren't there? 

8. Insert your own random thought here. I'm working hard to set up my Etsy store, y'all! It's been nerve wracking because putting yourself out there when you don't feel nearly as talented or creative as others is not easy. Anyway, stay tuned! And wish me luck! 

Have a great rest of the week, y'all! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Should We Read to Babies?

Absolutely! But, they don't understand what we're doing, do they? I suppose that's debatable but you can't tell me they don't when I see Baby M react to the books we read:

Whoa! What is that little chick doing???

That's pretty funny!

Are you kidding me? 

Yeah, I don't know about that.  

What is that dragon doing? 


That lady is nuts!

So, should we read to babies? Heck yeah! Baby M is 3 months old and we've been reading to her since the day she was born. Her mommy read to her before that.

The books we read for this post were (I've linked the books with the author/illustrator websites so y'all can see the wonderful illustrations):




No, I'm not rushing Christmas. Baby M LOVES books illustrated by David Biedrzycki. I discovered this when I read her, WHO WILL HAUNT MY HOUSE ON HALLOWEEN (written by, Jerry Pallotta). She LOVED that book but I made the mistake of telling her mommy and we decided to keep it in the diaper bag so it would go between houses every day. The book never came back. :)

I really can't blame her, though, Biedrzycki's illustrations are fabulously colorful and they tell the story all on their own.

Anyway, because Baby M LOVES the illustrations, we've been ordering more books illustrated by David Biedrzycki. I ordered Christmas themed ones because, me and Christmas are BFFs. So, we read them.

Baby M also LOVES the illustrations in Paulette Bogan's book, LULU THE BIG LITTLE CHICK. I love the story and the illustrations. We read this one at least once every day. Such a sweet story and the illustrations are bold and colorful and draw you right into the story.

I think Baby M is a fan of books. What do y'all think?

Also, I'm looking for some awesome Thanksgiving themed books for Baby M. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Birthday and a Cake Disaster

Yep. We had one of each. Today is Birdie's birthday but we celebrated at our Wednesday night dinner. And there was a birthday cake disaster.

Birdie LOVES all things Halloween. She always has. Her favorite color is orange and she wore the same pumpkin costume for Halloween three years in a row because she loved it and wanted THAT one and wouldn't let Mimi make her a new one EXACTLY like it. Birdie might be a little bit stubborn. Or, she knows what she likes.

The first year she wore the pumpkin costume. 

The last time I took care of little ones and prepared a birthday celebration was way longer ago than I wish to remember so trying to do it Wednesday while taking care of Baby M was...interesting. And exhausting. And resulted in a birthday cake disaster.

I'm pretty sure this was the second year. Year three is MIA.

Because Birdie loves all things Halloween, she often wanted a Halloween theme for her birthday. Well, not often. Always. So I made Halloween themed cakes for her birthdays. She loved the pumpkin shaped cakes. Have y'all made these? You make two bundt cakes and put them together to make a pumpkin cake? They're pretty cool. My first one wasn't the best but the kids LOVED it. Here it is---

And that's the cake shape I intended to have for her birthday celebration on Wednesday night. Didn't happen. Oh, I made the cake. I stacked one on top of the other and I iced the darn thing. HOWEVER, it had been YEARS since I made this cake and I forgot that you have to trim the bottom of the bundts to make them sit flat, one on top of the other. Baby M, Tucker, and I set off to play and read and have loads of general fun---

I tell everyone that Baby M was trying to sound out a word. Ha! 

When I came back, one-half of the top of the cake had split off and fallen onto the kitchen counter. I would have taken a picture but my thoughts were on the disaster NOT on taking pictures. Sorry.

My mind was racing when suddenly I realized when a cake disaster happens, just make a trifle. So I did. And we had trifle cake. And stories. And lots of poking fun at mom. Which I loved. Because, family.

The good news is that, around here, a cake disaster is not a big deal. The disaster was salvaged, there was a funny story to tell, lots of laughs were had, but the best thing of all was sharing this moment with family. What good is a cake disaster without people to share it with? What good is telling a story without an audience of loved ones? What good is being able to have a few laughs without family to share them? It's called- love laughter.

Still laughing at the cake disaster. 
 And what makes a birthday more memorable than a cake disaster?! This will be a stand-out birthday when we discuss birthdays. Which we do from time to time. "Hey! Do y'all remember the time Mom tried to make Birdie a pumpkin cake and it ended up being a trifle?!" Hilarious.

Happy Birthday, Birdie! 

We survived the cake disaster of October 2016!
Family. There's not a single one I'd rather have than the one with these goobers (including the two who were MIA). We love hard. We play hard. We live hard. We laugh hard and often.

How many people do you know who would love your cake disaster more than the original? Call us because we will!

Happy Birthday, Birdie! Somebody loves you. IT'S ME! :)

Head over to Create With Joy and join in the Friendship Friday! You might see someone over there you know. ;)

Friendship Friday

Thursday, October 13, 2016

22 Things I've Learned from My Granddaughter

A grandchild can teach you quite a few things about yourself and the world in her first three months of life. They remind you of things you forgot, teach you new things, give you pause for thought, and generally delight you and enhance your life more than anything else ever has.

They make you think about your own grandparents and wonder how in the world you'll ever measure up because they were the BEST grandparents in the whole wide world. You would tell anybody that when you were little and you will tell them the same thing today. Without the balled up fists, of course.

Little baby grand-loves will make you care nothing about things you used to hold as important and make you realize that you would do just about anything (except snakes or roller coasters because grandma is not stupid and Baby M is on her own if she wants to pet a snake or let a machine throw her upside down and round and round) for the little sweet loves.

Here are a few things that Baby M has either taught me or reminded me of in 3 months:
  • baby toes and ears are the cutest things in the world
  • I'm not as young as I once was
  • baby squeals of delight will melt your heart
  • baby smiles will melt your heart
  • I have patience with babies, still have little with adults
  • watching babies make their first discoveries is still fascinating
  • the little things are the things to be valued, let the big stuff go
  • naps are hugely important in life
  • time must be spent wisely because it's the only thing that whizzes by faster than the speed of light
  • sudden loud noises will startle a sleeping baby awake and make grandmas want to choke the offender
  • infant bouncy seats are live savers
  • babies make lovely table centerpieces
  • dirty diapers stink, sometimes enough to make you pretend you can't get to it right away and ask someone else to do it
  • trashcans containing dirty diapers cannot be taken outside fast enough
  • all the 'old-wives-tales' will flood back into your head and make you say really silly things like cats will suck the breath out of a baby, with total conviction
  • apps that play sounds to soothe a baby are won. der. ful. and we should have had these back in the day
  • a napping baby only sleeps when you have nothing else to do but watch her sleep. If you move for a millisecond, said baby awakens. 
  • babies do come straight from heaven, without a doubt. There's no other explanation for their cuteness. 
  • babies make you feel real, pure joy
  • fussy babies can be handed right back to their parents
  • baby pouty faces are adorable
  • babies who sound really pitiful when they cry will cause you to cry too
Baby M has also shown me that my daughter is a wonderful mother and her husband is a wonderful father. Although, my SIL is already doomed as this little darlin' has stolen his heart forever. It's gone, y'all. She'll never do wrong in her daddy's eyes. And his heart will break the first time she talks back to him in an angry tone. Or tells him she doesn't like the color orange. Or tigers. Her mom might take it more in stride but she'll still put her foot down at gamecocks or garnet and black. But these two are a remarkable team and already seem to have this parenting thing down.

What did your grands teach you in the first three months? Or, if you're not there just yet, what have babies taught you?

Peace, Peeps!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Feel the Hodgepodge Move

Hurricane Matthew came through but left us unscathed, thankfully, and things are back to normal which is just the way I like it. Normal means no drama, no life hiccups to stress over...just plain and dull. Normal. There's a lot to be said for normal. My normal means the cutie to the left is with me and who would not love normal when it comes packaged like that? She certainly does spread joy around here. She's quite the happy little bundle and will probably be attending college at the age of 6. 

There's a lot to be said for the Hodgepodge, too! This is a way to share your thoughts, your humor, your life... and all you have to do is answer a few questions, post them, link up, and visit some of the most lovely bloggers around. So post your answers and let's get moving!

1. What would you say is the best and worst thing about moving house? In my case, the worst thing would be 28 years worth of acquired junk to go through. The best? A fresh start, maybe?

2. What's moved you recently? The coming together of communities to help those in need in the aftermath of Matthew, even if it was just helping people cut fallen trees out of their yards or the street or off their homes. First responders who care about people's pets as well as the people. The way my daughter and her husband show such love and calm when interacting with Baby M. 

3. Do you feel your life is moving forward, backward, or is on hold? I am on hold. How so? I continue to sit and wait. Thing is, I don't even know what it is I'm waiting for. Or I do know but haven't figured out what to do about it. I don't know. I'm on hold and it's all my doing. How's that? 

4. On the move, move mountainsget a move onit's your move, or bust a move...which phrase best applies to some aspect of your life right now? Get a move on. Explain. The weather is not providing me with the hot temps that I used as an excuse to not move this summer so it's time to get a move on moving my a$$. 

5. What song makes you want to get up and move? Even if I'm tired I'll get up and move to this one. It's on my workout playlist. You know the one I haven't played in three months because it's been too hot to move so I sat down and sweated that way...

6. Your favorite snack to grab when you're 'on the move'? Well, that's interesting. I don't think I grab a snack when I'm on the move. It's when I'm sitting down sweating that I tend to grab a snack.

7. What one accessory makes your house feel like home? I'm not sure there is an accessory that makes this house feel like home mostly because I'm not the type person who accessorizes. I think it feels like home because it's small and cozy. 

8. Insert your own random thought here. Loads on my mind but I'm going to go with this because it's happy and fun and I love Snoopy! :)

Have a great rest of the week, y'all!   
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