Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday Medley On Thursday

How did I not know you were doing this Terri?! I'm so glad to have something back on Wednesdays! Thank you a million, gazillion times! I've been so lost without my Wednesday peeps! I've missed y'all so much! That being said, the post looks nothing like it does on my edit page and I can't fix it so I apologize to y'all for the very sloppy way this post looks.  

And, I'm late to the party. 

1.  With the holidays coming, what is your most essential appliance to help you prepare for the celebrations? I'm going to go with my Kitchenaid mixer. I use it for so many dishes for our Thanksgiving feast plus, it's red and my grandmother gave it to me years ago.  

2.  What is your favorite (clean) word? I can't think of a single one. Yikes! Does that mean I only have favorites of the other kind of word??? 😂

3.  Are you a good judge of character? I am and it's a blessing and a curse. I run about 97% on the money with first impressions although I try very hard not to set my first impressions in stone just in case I am wrong. 

4. What is the last thing you took a picture of? Tucker. Can you share it with us? Sure! I took it to show what he does when it's cold and rainy outside. LOL

5. Tomorrow, November 15, is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.  How do you intend to celebrate? Probably by not cleaning out my fridge although I do need to make plenty of room for the Thanksgiving groceries and food prep so, who knows. Ok, I looked in there. It's going to get cleaned out very soon. Ew. 

6. Tell us something random about your week! The week has been busy with some family business and with CoasterDoodles. I'm pooped already. But I'm not complaining because those Etsy Cha-Chings mean I get to eat and I do love to eat! 

So glad to be back with y'all on Wednesdays! 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Grandma Gone Wild

Do y'all need a way to spend money you shouldn't spend? Because I've discovered the very best way to do this it to have grandchildren. You know how it goes. It's not that they need another toy but that toy looks like so much fun and wouldn't they just have the best time with it? It's not that they need any more clothes but everything you see would look just darling on them and so they must have it.

Is there such a thing as retail therapy for grandmothers and by retail therapy I don't mean go shopping to feel better I mean how to stop shopping for grandchildren because there really does need to be retail therapy for grandparents. At least for this one.

I found Christmas outfits for the kids. Three each. Christmas lasts ONE day. Opie (the blog name for #1Grandson) has THREE outfits as does Lula Mae (the blog name for #1Granddaughter) and yes there are reasons for those names and yes there are also reasons for THREE outfits---I am a grandma shopaholic.

But look---

And this---

These kiddos are 1 and 2 years old but do not get dirty enough to change outfits three times in one day so there's no need for them to have three outfits so Opie got one a bit early and how cute is he? For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, his mother told him to smile for a picture and this is what you get when all he wants to do is play.

OH! did I mention the Christmas jammies?! So many cute ones!

My first thought was these because they have to have matching Christmas jammies---

But then I found these which are perfect because it's an AWWWW moment every time these two get together as they look at each other, put their hands on each other's cheeks, and then hug. I. Can't. Even.

But then I saw these and seriously who doesn't love a moose and red on a redhead? And I won't even start on the navy ones with snowflakes and polar bears...

And since Lula Mae has decided she LOVES ballet I had to get these---

I know. I have a problem. I haven't even started on a toy or 5 for them. And no, no one is giving me a darn thing for showing Y'all these Christmas clothes I am simply justifying my shopping by showing you the level of cuteness and perfection. OH! And please do not think for one second having an auntie around will help at all because all she did was cheer me on, "Those are so cute! DO IT, MOM!"

Anyway...wait! I just got an email. It's time to look at Zulily.

Send help.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What the Fig?

It's National Fig Week. Lawdy, they've got a national week for nearly everything, don't they? And BTW, who is this THEY who come up with the ridiculous things? Marketers of products needing a boost?

Figs. Really? We're going to celebrate figs? But then, when I thought about it I realized figs are one of many portals sending me to the nostalgia of my childhood. Yep, figs.

My cousins had a fig tree in their yard and my grandmother thought they were completely blessed to have that thing because she was a wizard in the kitchen and loved 'putting up' fig preserves. I've known folks to take a fig off the tree and eat it but not me. Something about them just didn't sit right with me but I loved Grandmother's fig preserves and I think that's the proof that she could make/bake/cook anything and it would be fantastic.

Or it was the sugar.

Let's face it, sugar and figs were the main ingredients to fig preserves and I imagine things haven't
changed much. In any case, Grandmother made delicious fig preserves whether you put them on a homemade biscuit or just stuck your finger in the jar, the preserves were delicious. Did this translate into me exploring figs and using them in my recipes? No, it did not. The closest I get is Fig Newtons.

I mean, all I remember Grandmother doing with figs is making the preserves and I never did that. I put up strawberry preserves with her help but not the figs. And there was sugar. Lots.

Every summer we helped Grandmother put up fresh straight off the farm fruits and veggies for the winter. Corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes, pickles, watermelon rind pickles, homemade vegetable soup...and the preserves- strawberry, fig, peach and then just the fruit itself. Goodness, but we had some delicious food all through the year because it wasn't just a few ears of corn but bushel upon bushel. Same with the other vegetables and fruits. Grandmother stayed with the task until it was completed to perfection all the while humming her favorite hymns.

Autumn does this to me, renders me nostalgic for some of the best times in my memory. And today, it's the whole National Fig Week thing because that took me straight to Grandmother's kitchen which was definitely the heart of her home all filled with warmth and love and fig preserves.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Cookies and a Toddler

I come up with ideas all the time. My brain hardly gets any rest from all the ideas that pop up inside of it ten gazillion times each day. Most of those ideas are silly and hold zero merits whatsoever but there are some that are worthy of trying out for size, those that I wish I'd never tried out for size, and those that turn out to be the best. idea. ever. the latter being the rarest. Anyway...

I decided I needed to bake cookies with Bug. She's two and smarter than that whip people always talk about plus she's always in the kitchen with her mommy so I figured it would be fun. I wasn't wrong!

She never even attempted to put her hands inside the bowl while the mixer was running.

Bug: I can touch it?
Me: Yes, you sure can touch it.
Bug: I touched it!
Me: Yes, you did!

Bug: I can eat it?
Me: Yes. Do you like it?
Bug: Yeah! I like it!

She certainly enjoyed eating the cookies after they came out of the oven. So did I. They were the best cookies I ever had.

We thought about saving some for later but where's the fun in that?

I now know that the fun I had in my grandmother's kitchen wasn't the best time for me. She must have enjoyed it, too because I've never had more fun baking cookies before. And I've baked a whole bunch of cookies over the years.

That cutie on the right is Bug's mommy. 

Ah, granddaughters. Not that we would have excluded the grandson, he just wasn't in town that day. And he's ONE so...

How many of you love baking with your grandkids or loved baking with your kids when they were little?

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

There's a Naked Barbie on the Table

My house does not look anything like my grandmother's house with the possible exception of the kitchen because a whole lot of things go on in and around my kitchen just like a whole lot of things went on and around her kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of my home just like it was at Grandmother's. But things do look different and the food that comes out of mine couldn't touch hers with a hundred foot pole. My dining table isn't covered in a white tablecloth with a centerpiece perfectly placed and reflecting the current season because there are way too many craft materials sitting on mine. The main room in my house is different, too as it houses a cradle filled with toys, bookshelves filled with kids' books, random balls under the furniture, and a naked Barbie sitting on a side table.

Naked Barbie. And yes that is Bug's hair tie because
where else would a hair tie be? Certainly not in her hair.
At least there aren't any crumbs. This time. 

Grandmother's house held no toys but there was so much to do and explore. I loved getting into her closet and going through her pocketbooks. Grandmother had pocketbooks for every outfit and she left dainty handkerchiefs, hard candy, and change in some of them and finding those trinkets was the equivalent of finding a buried pirate treasure for me. If I was there on her big cleaning day (which was Tuesday because Granddaddy owned the dry cleaners/laundry in town and he picked up all the linens on Tuesdays so Grandmother cleaned everything on those days) Grandmother somehow made polishing the furniture a game for me. To this day I cannot dust without following the grain of the wood. Her hardwood floors were my ice skating rink. She had one of those secretaries (the furniture, ha) and the little door in the middle above the desk looked like the door to their church so I played church with that thing over and over and the drawers held treasures of pictures of generations of family and I gazed on those time after time for hours, I have some of those photos in my possession now. And our time in the kitchen was never dull.

My granddaddy was the best. He came home from 'the cleaners' every noon for lunch and, if I was there, I would hide in a big closet and wait for him to find me. He would wander through the house calling my name and I would giggle so hard because he had such a time finding me even though I hid in the same closet every. single. time. Granddaddy never seemed to tire of that game but I'm pretty sure he did after raising my own kids and now having grandchildren. He never let me know it, though. Not one time did he fail to look for me and act surprised and excited when he found me.

My grandparents' energy was never-ending while mine can barely get me up three steps and Grandmother sang all the time while working. All. The. Time. I'm way too busy wishing someone else would wash the dang dishes, vacuum the floors, clean this and that to hum a tune.

But we loved spending time together and this is what I hope I do have in common with my grandparents.

I have heard talk that Bug will go to the door at her house and, when asked where she's going she replies, "Amma's house." And when she is here she will suddenly stop playing, turn and look at me, flash me the biggest smile and throw herself around my neck with a huge bear hug completely melting my heart. I'm taking these as good signs that I'm doing ok in the grandparenting department.

I still believe it's all about time. As grandparents, we surely value time differently or I know I do now compared to when I was raising four daughters. Not that I didn't spend time with my girls, I did. I gave up entering the workforce to stay home and I devoted nearly every minute to them and their wellbeing. However, it's so much easier now to drop everything and focus solely on a grandkiddo. I don't have to rush out to work in the mornings or have them ready to go and out the door. I don't have to be responsible for three meals/day. I can have them help me bake cookies and we can eat as many as we want. As long as they don't get hurt, I couldn't care less if something gets broken. Grandparenting is easy. Fun. Relaxing.

We make messes, play until we're tired and then keep playing, celebrate birthdays, watch movies, hug a lot, laugh until we ache, eat whatever we want...

So, my house isn't like my grandmother's house but I think that's ok. I learned the importance of laughter, time, unconditional love from my grandparents and that's exactly what I give my grandloves. And that's what I think makes all the difference.

Does your house look like your grandmother's house?

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