Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Much Ado About Nothing Except the Medley

Back again! And yes, it's exciting because I didn't forget and this is like the second or third time I've not forgotten so, YAY! 

Wednesday, January 16th, is National Do Nothing Day!! National Nothing Day was proposed in 1972 by columnist Harold Pullman Coffin. This day has been observed annually since 1973. Of course, the way to celebrate it is to do nothing! I'll have time to do nothing when I need to use one of those things called by the same as Harold's last name...a coffin. hahahaha! Sorry, I just couldn't resist even though he had nothing to do with coffins which makes us connected as I don't want anything to do with them either. Ha!

1.  To commemorate Do Nothing Day in SOME way, tell us something about your life (or the life of someone close to you) in 1973!! That would be the beginning of high school and it was awful so I'll just pass. 

2.  Now that we are thinking back, please tell us what your favorite past time was as a child. My favorite pastime as a child always seemed to involve a book whether sitting at the library where my dad's mother was the librarian or sitting in the magnolia tree in our backyard. Books were filled with all sorts of adventures and people and all of it was fascinating to me. 

3.  What is the best way to cheer you up on a bad day? The best way to cheer me up on a bad day is to NOT try and cheer me up. Trying to cheer me up simply fuels the fire. It's best to leave me alone and allow me time to cheer myself. How do I cheer myself up? That depends on how bad the day is. It could be a good talking to to myself, it could be music, it could be walking Tucker, or any number of other ways. That being said, there are two reasons I cheer up automatically and here they are:

4.  How old were you when you first started dating? Around 15, I think. Do you remember your first date? I do not. But I do remember my first meaningful date in college. 

5.  Today is also National Fig Newton day.  Do you like figs/Fig Newtons? They are far from my favorites but I don't hate them. 

6.  Tell us something random about your week. We've been a bit sad around here since last Thursday when we said goodbye to AthleticTrainerDaughter and Lula Mae's pup and then had to endure his birthday on Monday. Losing a pet is so hard. 

On a much happier note, someone started soccer this week though I have no idea how she's old enough. Time flies, y'all. 

Have a great rest of the week, Y'all!

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Adieu l'ami

This kid LOVES animals, particularly dogs.

Her kid also LOVES animals, particularly dogs.

When Lula Mae is sick, it's the pup she wants to be near. 
I'm not sure either of them has ever been without a dog or kitty.

 This is Strider, the first dog AthleticTrainerDaughter has ever owned all on her own.

And this morning, they had to bid his sweet soul goodbye.

We love you, Strider. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Super Medley

Hey, Y'all! How did your first week of January go? Pretty good here even though I turned 53. Again. Some of you might recall I stopped counting my birthdays at 53 and no, I will not tell you how long ago I made that decision. ArtistDaughter had a birthday on Friday and mine was on Sunday so we all gathered and celebrated on Saturday. A couple of these sweethearts came back on Sunday to move cabinets for me and that was exactly what I wanted for my birthday! The only thing that didn't cooperate was the weather but it's supposed to be chilly again starting today which means I'll be able to breathe for a few days. WooHoo! 

Here we go with the Wednesday Medley! If you haven't joined in yet, today is a good day to jump in! 

1.  It may be a little shocking, but National Static Electricity Day is January 9!!  Do you often get shocked often when you touch metal?  Not usually but I used to get those little shocks all the time. Maybe I'm just not in those places anymore or maybe it's just too humid around here. We used to show the lovelies how to slide their feet across the floor and then take a balloon and make their hair stand up. Good times. Here are some things to avoid!

How to Avoid the Shock of Static Electricity
  • The drier air of winter months is a better insulator than the more humid air of summer.  To help prevent static electricity, use a humidifier to put moister back into the air in your home during the winter months.
  • Our skin is drier in the winter months, too.  Putting on moisturizer before getting dressed is recommended.
  • Synthetic fabrics are better insulators than natural fibers. Wearing materials made from natural fibers such as cotton will help reduce the amount of static electricity that’s stirred up.
  • While walking around the house, at work or shopping, holding a key or a metal pen in your hand will help discharge the build-up of static electricity painlessly.
  • Switching to leather soled shoes versus rubber-soled shoes will help reduce the amount of static that is built up.
2.  There are actually two "National" days worthy of mention! It is also National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  Our men and women working in many areas of law enforcement put their lives on the line for us daily.  Do you know someone working in law enforcement who you can thank today? I do not. 

3.  At our house right now it is all about football.  Joe's Philadelphia Eagles barely won their game on Sunday to move forward in the playoffs and another chance to play in the Super Bowl this year.  Do you have a favorite team in the playoffs or does football make you yawn? Y'all know I am all about football! However, none of the teams I give a hoot about are in the playoffs this year. Usually, there is at least one team I can get behind and yes, there is one this year but I doubt they'll go any further than what they did this weekend. Is there a Super Bowl party in your future, no matter the teams playing? Most years I do make the yummy food and tune in no matter who's playing even if I'm pulling against a team instead of for them like last year when I just wanted the Falcons to lose. But, this year it will definitely depend on who makes it to the Super Bowl. If the two teams I think will make actually do make it then I will not be watching this year. And it will be the first year this has happened. 

4.  Speaking of parties, there is always lots of food at parties I attend.  Tell us a weird food combination that you really enjoy (or have enjoyed).  It doesn't have to be party food. I don't think I have any weird food combos I enjoy because I have such a bland palate. I tend to avoid weird food and some of it is just food I consider weird but other people enjoy daily. Ah, well, there's no accounting for other people's tastes. 

5.  Since we are on games and parties, what game have you spent the most hours playing? We are a game playing family so when we get together we spend hours playing the game of the night. The last one we played for hours was, What Do You Meme? when 21 of us gathered to celebrate the holidays on December 23rd. We had a blast!

6.  Tell us something random about your week so far. I've been organizing the office this week and it's taking me forever but it's starting to look good! I feel as though I can create with a new spirit of creativity and am excited about getting in there to create instead of organizing. The next room is the closet in the nursery and then about a gazillion Christmas decorations that were in the cabinets we moved into the office. I might be doing this until Christmas shows up again. Ha!

Have a great rest of the week, Y'all!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Christmas and the New Year

I tried to not be busy during the holidays so I could enjoy every moment to the fullest and I was successful to a point but guess what? The dang time still flew by and the fun ended and we all went back to our 'normal' and I just wish I could have slowed it down.

This was the first year in decades we all got together in one spot which took some doing and which meant we celebrated Christmas for THREE DAYS. We started on Sunday with a group of 21 of us and had a blast though we did miss those who couldn't make it. We ate way too much food, laughed till we ached, played games, caught up, laughed some more, ate some more, talked and talked and talked all. day. long. We ranged in age from 19 months to 89.

See the big group picture? No? Well, that's because I forgot to take one. There were so many pictures I meant to take but I got all caught up in the fun and just didn't do it. I did take a good many but I also missed a good many. And this is what happens when you give the camera to people to take pictures for you.

Christmas Eve was a smaller group of 11 and we enjoyed it with more eating and more laughing, sharing, the opening of the Christmas pajamas and sister gifts and handmade gifts and searching the tree for the pickle and the annual gift card game.

NashvilleDaughter and DrummerBoy made dinner and it was delicious!

Have y'all seen those things called, Yellies? Here's what happened at our Christmas Eve celebration with those...

Christmas Day was a more laid back celebration of the 11 until we opened gifts, had brunch, played with the littles, watched Christmas movies, and ate like we hadn't seen food before in our lives. Do y'all sense a theme here? Oh, Lula Mae spent Christmas morning with her other grandparents. We would have had them just come over but we spent Christmas at Opie's house an hour away from our town.

I'm pretty sure Christmas Day brunch tasted so much better this year because of the helper. And yes, Santa remembered Tucker!

And that was three days worth of Christmas fun.

Oh, and let's not forget this:

Love and hugs to all!

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Friday, December 21, 2018

SMILE! You're on Amma's Camera

Can y'all believe how close it is to Christmas? As empty nesters, we often find ourselves missing one or more family members during a holiday celebration but we are pretty good as making it all work and preserving our memories. Right? Right!

It is terrible how much I love taking pictures and displaying them all over my little house? I mean, it's almost like we have wall to wall pictures up in here! When the lovelies were growing up I was pretty good as preserving sweet memories on film and I feel especially good at preserving those precious memories now that I have grandchildren and not just because they love the pictures I have on the walls of their room at my house. But they do love the pictures. The enjoy having me point out who everyone is in pictures around the house and they love to tell me who's in the pictures in their room which is why I jump on any and all chances to take CanvasFactory on their offers of a FREE canvas print!

I wish I had waited until after Christmas this time but I needed a canvas of Opie for the nursery to make my set of three canvas prints complete. I have one of the two grands together and one of Lula Mae and now, I have one of Opie so we're all good!

Even better? Opie was here the day his canvas arrived so I let him open it up.

We love the new canvas! It shipped quickly and the quality is very good. The available sizes give customers plenty of options and you can edit right there on the website! As soon as I stop for more than 2 seconds I'll hang this one up with the other two and give y'all a look. Meanwhile, think about all the pictures you'll be taking over the holiday and keep your eye out for a favorite because YOU could win a FREE CANVAS, too! The lovely folks at CanvasFactory would love for a lucky reader to have a FREE CANVAS and so would I.

I'm going to run this until the New Year so y'all have plenty of time to enter and, just to keep it simple, all you have to do is comment here or on one of my social media sites that you want a chance to win a FREE CANVAS. That's it!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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