Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Hodgepodge of the Hodgepodge

It's that time of the week, y'all. Time for the Hodgepodge! We're enjoying some lovely rain and thunderstorms this week which are such a welcome relief from the heat and humidity nonsense. Speaking of nonsense, our school board and superintendent have sunk to an all time low. Shame on them all. The way they are handling things now is an embarrassment. Finally, a light has been cast on the lack of full disclosure, deceit, and ineptness of the superintendent. It's sad this is happening at all but you simply cannot hide when the truth comes out. Once again, the leaders downtown illustrate how little the children mean to them. Sad, sad, sad. 

Let's move on to the Hodgepodge! It's a happy place and we could all use that, right?

From this Side of the Pond 

1. What color is prominent in your home? I give up, what? Are you glad about that or wishing you could cover it up or remove it? Are you talking about the walls? Then white but not stark white, I don't do stark white. It's a softer white. I'm good with it but I'm ready to change the furniture to more neutrals and use pops of color in the accents. Not that I'd actually use accent pieces. Ha!

2. What's something you'll NEVER do again? Oh gosh! How many times in my life have I said, Never. Again. In keeping with #1, I painted a ceiling decades ago and I said I'd never do it again. And I haven't. The dang ceilings can get painted by someone else or stay in need. 

3. Tell us a couple of ways you fit the stereotypes associated with your gender, and a couple of ways you don't. 

I make less money than men but I also make less than women because the only money I make right now is from the Etsy shop
I cook and do housework but only because no one else will do it. To be fair, however, you really wouldn't want to eat what the other two adults living here cook anyway so... 😂

Don't fit:
I am not quiet, I speak out and speak my mind and don't care who doesn't like it.
I do not 'do as I'm told'. As a matter of fact, anyone who tells me what to do is risking their life.
I am not known for being a damsel in distress.
I am physically strong and I can do general car maintenance by myself even though I don't like to do it. 
It takes me less time to get dressed to go out than the men I know. 
I do not cater to anyone and do not expect anyone to cater to me. 
I LOVE sports!
I do not cry much at all. Hardly ever.
I am not usually tactful.
I am not gentle
I am not indecisive.

Ok, this part could go on and on.  

4. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Have you ever owned a motorcycle? No. Ever ridden a motorcycle? Yes. If the opportunity presented itself would you hop on a motorcycle and go for a ride? No. 😨

5. If someone wanted to understand you, what should they read, watch, and listen to? Ha! I am not one to be understood. People have been trying for decades and only one person has gotten it right. I can't tell y'all how much I value this person's treasured friendship that began in college. 💓  If I had to---

Read: just about anything from Stephen King to biographies.

Watch: Crime shows and sitcoms.

Listen: anything other than country, opera, metal. Although I have recently listened to 2 country singers and...please don't tell anyone, I didn't hate them. 😯
6.  Insert your own random thought here. We're going to have another giveaway soon, y'all! Some of you might remember that Lovely2 has a small business selling health conscious products and we're going to giveaway a couple of products soon. Meanwhile, she asked me to take some photos of Baby M with the baby balm as Lovely2 wanted to use them for promotion on social media. Y'all should have seen the results. That child did everything but look at the camera and smile. She held the tins facing the wrong way and in the end ignored them completely. We are officially past the stage of the baby sitting and smiling at the camera. She's over it. LOL 

That's about as smiley as she got except when I wasn't taking a picture. And you can't tell what it is she's holding. 

Finally, I did this: 

Gotta love trying to take pictures of babies. I have the utmost respect for those who are successful. Shoot, I respect the fact that they even try. Ha! 

Have a great rest of the week, y'all!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Say It Is If It Isn't Or Project Fail

I should know by now when I read a DIY post that includes words like 'easy', 'simple', and 'anyone can do it' what it really means is 'find out if they're selling it because there's nothing easy or simple about it.'

For example, I thought these decoupaged pickle jars at Clearissa Coward's Command Center were adorable!

I still think they're adorable. She gave the instructions and pictures. Here's a close-up of the bunny jar:

Not a tear, puff, or wrinkle on the thing. It's perfect.

Here's a close-up of my rose jar:

That view doesn't look horrible. But look at this one:

Maybe it's because I used an olive jar instead of a pickle jar.

So, I decided to search the internet and see if someone out there in the all-knowing cybersphere could tell me what I was doing wrong.

And tried again. Nope.

Yes, I used the secret trick, plastic wrap.

But that didn't help much at all. And what if the ends don't meet? All you have to do is apply another piece of the napkin with the Mod Podge and BOOM! Boom what? It didn't work. You can so tell where I added another piece.

I did figure out the chalk paint part. You're supposed to paint the jars with chalk paint first. That didn't work very well either. BUT, if you have the magic touch or chalk paint in the spray can version, you've got it made. Maybe I'll just keep them like this. 

I'm giving this thing one more shot and if it doesn't work the heck with it. I don't have this kind of time or energy to waste, people. If it's not EASY or SIMPLE for real, then don't say it is. Sheesh.

On a positive note, the process worked beautifully on the coasters!

Maybe it's just the round things I can't handle. Who knows?

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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Truth of the Matter

Whose truth is it? Have you ever heard someone repeat a truth, but they share it wrong? Was it wrong? Or is there perception simply different from yours? When someone shares a truth belonging to someone else, was it their's to tell? Whose truth is it?

Some of our truths are shared but I find that I have many of my own truths that are not shared by others. For example, there are some pieces of art in which I see beauty but others see as just a painting. Many see beauty in the art of Picasso. I have yet to find one bit of beauty in his works. My truth is, he was weird. And so are his paintings. It's the same way with poetry, music, dance. I can see truth in all forms of art. There is way more truth in art than there will ever be in people. Which is odd to me considering the fact that people are the ones who create art.

When sharing our truths with others, some find it easy to do. I do not. One thing I hate is being judged and people will certainly judge you based on your truths. Especially when they know nothing of you or your situation or your truth. Many will not listen or decide they know everything about you when they hear that your truth does not align with theirs. Unless you say something as simple as 'all living things die at some point' there may very well be some judging and assumptions being made about the way you believe the world to be. (OK, my 5 minutes were up somewhere in this paragraph but I'm going to keep on keepin' on...)

There are those who feel that partial truths are sufficient. I prefer whole truths. Some see the world in such a distorted view their truths sound more like a science fiction novel or a myth. But to them, it's everyone else spouting fiction.

Some people would rather not hear the truth of anything. For example, a lot of people do not want to hear a blogger's truth but would rather read nothing but sunshine and roses. Life just isn't like that. How many of us really share our life truths on our blogs anyway? Personally, I'd prefer truth- the good and the bad. I like to read/hear people's stories. I find truthful stories fascinating.

Sometimes we hide behind the truth. Sometimes we distort the truth and sometimes we are victims of that distortion of the truth. Most of us seek the truth but many are only willing to accept it as truth if that truth is the same as our own truth. When we don't agree with the truth of others, we tend to start the judging process. The lack of truth can change relationships permanently and not for the good. Truth is directly related to trust.

There's no doubt truth is an interesting concept.

My truth right now is this face.

I believe every single thing she tells me even though the only understandable words she says are, dog and that.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

This post is linked to Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes about the prompt without stopping. Well, mine went on after the timer stopped AS USUAL.

The prompt this week is TRUTH.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Simplicity and the Hodgepodge

How does Wednesday always come around so quickly? It seems we were just here a minute ago. And Baby M? She's going to be a one-year-old in less than 2 months. Weren't we just awaiting her arrival last week? That's ok. She's just the absolute BEST and even though time is flying by once again, she's is my heart for sure. I cannot wait for Joyce to enter the Grandmother Club! Make sure you have tissues Joyce. Everything they do is so precious, you can't help but tear up. Good News! These are joyful, thankful tears. 

Bet y'all thought you'd get by without a picture of Baby M today. Not going to happen. LOL I can't keep that much cuteness to myself. Besides, grandmothers are supposed to share pictures of their grandchildren. It's the law. 

Ok, enough of the grandma going on and on. It's time for the Hodgepodge! Get the questions at Joyce's and answer them on your blog! Go!  

From this Side of the Pond

1. May 17th is National Pack Rat Day. Sidebar-should we be celebrating this? Ha! Probably not. Hmmm...

Are you a pack rat? NO. Even if you're not a full fledged pack rat, most people have one thing or another they struggle to part with. Tell us what's yours. Ok, this used to me but not so much anymore. The older I get the more I lean toward simplicity. I've even been working on the attic that hasn't been emptied in 28 years for the last couple months. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, y'all. I guess my trouble things would be anything from my grandparents and photographs. Thankfully, I have most of the last many, many decades on an external hard drive now and the things I have of my grandparents are small and few as my aunt still holds everything in my grandparents home. I wrote a little post about cleaning out/up right here if you missed it. 

2. What are two things you know you should know how to do, but you don't? I even put my daughters on this one and we just could not think of anything. There are things I don't know how to do but they aren't things I SHOULD know. So, we took to Google. 

Do I know how to survive a bear attack? hahahaha

Me: I don't think I need to know that here in the city. Besides, the schools of thought on this are polar opposites.
Lovely 1: No, no. I saw a documentary and it depends on the type of bear it is. 
The conversation then turned to us asking a bear, in our best British voices, what type he is.
"Excuse me Mr. Bear but might I inquire as to your type before this progresses further?" 

This family is nuts and I love it. :)

How about I don't know how to speak two languages fluently?
3. Do you crave sugar? Goodness, yes. Do you add sugar to your coffee and/or tea? Just a smidge. Do you use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes? No. When dining out is dessert a given? No. Are you someone who has slain the sugar dragon, and if so tell us how you did it. I've been trying to slay that dragon for years now. I see success and a holiday or chocolate bar crosses my path and BOOM! I'm off the wagon. I even have a tab here on Empty Nest talking about my last attempt. Which also failed. I will say that I have tamed my sugar addiction. But it's still very much alive. I mean, just get somewhat close to me with a candy bar and see what happens. 

4. What's a trend it took a while for you to come round to, but now you can't imagine living without? I can't think of one single trendy thing I cannot live without. I'm not usually a trendy train type person except when it comes to certain technology. I do love my Smart phone but it didn't take me any time to come around to it. Same with laptops. I never hop on the fashion trend train. Maybe some of your thoughts will help me with this one. 

5. What's a song that reminds you of a specific incident in your life? Neil Young's, Harvest Moon. Please elaborate. But, since I'm not sharing that story, anything Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Doris Day, etc... reminds me of my wonderful childhood and my parents and grandparents. :)  There are numerous songs that, when I hear them take me right back to a specific incident in my life. My family was not musical (I mean I could kill it on the clarinet but did not stick with it) but we LOVED (and still do) music and it was always playing or being sung in my house and in my grandparents home. That exposure is one of the things for which I am most grateful to this very day. Three of the lovelies play at least one instrument and one has the voice like an angel and her dancing (classical ballet) was like watching poetry in motion. Every single one of them loves just about every genre of music out there including the 'old' stuff. Can you tell music is of great importance in our family? :)

6. Insert your own random thought here. Speaking of music, guess who's coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center in September? John Prine. Guess whose going? ME! Guess why? Because Nashville daughter sent me 2 tickets for Mother's Day! Who wants to go with me? :)

Lovely 2 and DrummerBoy on the front porch of their new house in Nashville.

Have a great rest of the week, y'all!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Brunch

What happens when one of your daughters grows up and buys a house? She hosts some of the family gatherings!

She makes us really delicious food.

And has a beautiful, smart, funny, amazing baby.

And a wonderful/wacky husband.

She never minds us coming to her house no matter how nuts we are because she's used to it.

She arranged everything including having Great Mimi picked up and brought over for Mother's Day brunch because no family gathering is complete without the generations coming together.

Speaking of the generations... I saw the cutest teepee online and thought it would be adorable for Baby M. Until I looked at the price. YIKES! So, I asked Mother (Great Mimi) if she would make one. She did.

I'm convinced it's a gazillion times better than the ones at the store FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST.

And then there's the whole, ours was made with love thing.

One of the best things about this Mother's Day? Watching my daughter be a most amazing mommy. 

Oh, the dogs had a good time, too. 

Just because I can because I'm Grandma---

What did y'all do this weekend?

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