Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April Showers Bring the Hodgepodge

These weeks are flying by, y'all! Goodness, I hardly have the time to read before another Wednesday arrives and BOOM! I thought life would slow down once grandchildren entered the picture but this has not been the case. If anything, I'm trying to keep the pace of a 30 or 40 something-year-old in a not 30 or 40 something-year-old body. 

It is nice to slow down and think about the Hodegpodge questions and read everyone's responses. Here we go!

From this Side of the Pond

1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Has your April been filled with showers? Not at all. Until Monday when the bottom dropped out and left everything so lush and green. I felt like I was in a rain forest. Do you carry an umbrella, wear a slicker, or make a run for it? Most of the time I make a run for it because we don't have much rain and because when it does rain my umbrella and rain jacket are never where I am. Besides rain, what else has filled your April? This little goober:

She really gets into her books. 

2. What's something you could you give a 30-minute presentation on at a moment's notice and with zero preparation? Digital citizenship and internet safety. Raising daughters. Topics concerning early childhood development. How to kill house plants. How to fail at vegetable gardening. Other than that, nothing. 

3. Share with us a favorite food memory from childhood. Some of the very best times in my childhood took place in my grandmother's kitchen. Most of you have heard tales about Grandmother and her food from me many times but those are some of the best times EVER. I always stood there chatting away with Grandmother while she prepared meals and baked good including bread. She would show me how to do everything she was doing. I loved it when she was baking cakes because I would get the mixing bowl and the beaters to lick. Except Grandmother didn't believe in wasting a darn thing so that bowl and those beaters had way less goodness on them than I would have liked. I licked them clean anyway. 

4. What's a song you thought you knew the lyrics to, but later discovered you were wrong? Hahahaha! It's not me. 

5. According to one travel website, the most overrated tourist attractions in America are-
Niagara Falls (NY), Hollywood Walk of Fame (California), Times Square (NYC), Epcot (FL), Seattle Space Needle (WA), and Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market (Boston). How many of these have you seen in person? None. Did you feel like a tourist? Nope because I have never been to any of those places. Did you care? I wouldn't have. Tell us about a place (not on the list) you've visited that might be considered a tourist trap, but you love it anyway. Myrtle Beach. And the only thing I love about it are the memories I have of it when I was growing up in the years before it got so touristy I won't go near it for anything. It's the WORST.

6. Your signature clothing item? My oversized blue overshirt. I love that thing. 

7. What's an experience you've had you think everyone should experience at least once? Being a grandmother. Why? Because it's the best thing EVER!

8. Insert your own random thought here. I have to share this. It's the best family portrait EVER. Don't worry, she didn't actually hit the ground. Her mommy is fast. But I LOVE this photo! It's just perfect. 


I'm working on new coasters for the Etsy shop. I want HONEST opinions, y'all. Thanks!

Have a great rest of the week, y'all! 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Clean It Up

I wrote a post a few weeks back about purging the attic which hadn't been touched-- other than to throw more junk in there so it would be out of sight-- in 28 years. What. A. Mess. I didn't make my cut-off date but I am still going. I have to depend on others to go up those terrifying ladder rungs because of my knee and my fear of heights.

I do not want to leave my kids with a mess.

One huge reason other than wanting to get rid of things not needed by anyone was to clean up and get rid of a huge mess so that the lovelies wouldn't have to deal with it all when I'm not longer around. I do not want to leave my kids with a mess to clean when I should have dealt with it myself. I know they'll be so busy mourning me anyway. HA!

Simplifying my life brings me peace. 

Purging the attic made me realize I have many other areas in the house I need to get in order not only for the kids but also because it will make me feel better about the house. Simplifying my life brings me such peace. When things are packed tight and messy, this empty nester is not a happy camper.

Improving my health will make me less of a burden later. 

But what about health? I suddenly realized the better my health, the less likely I will either become a burden to the lovelies or, at the very least, lessen the amount of time they have to be caregivers. Or the less time I have to spend in assisted care. I know some of those places are nice and all but I do not relish the thought of spending my later years in one. At the same time, I don't want to but such a burden that the lovelies would have to interrupt their lives and lifestyles to accommodate me and my needs. Especially if it happens because I chose not to improve my health when I could have. When it would still have made a difference.

Hats off to caregivers. They are amazing!

I should have thought about this when my mother had her gall bladder out and I discovered I am NOT the caregiver type. Oh, sure. When it comes to a grandbaby, no problem. My issue is with adults. I am not a good caretaker of adults. I would much rather source that out to those wonderful, amazing people who do this all the time. Seriously, crowns in heaven. It doesn't matter how good a caregiver is, I am one of the most private people I've ever known. I like to keep everything private and I do not like being taken care of by others. When I find myself in that position, I feel dehumanized. I know part of it is my obsessive about privacy but some of it is because I've always been let down in a dependency situation.

I want the best quality of life for myself and my family. 

There's a huge, selfish plus to getting the attic, the rest of the house, and my health/fitness level in order--- I can relax and enjoy the last third of my life without worrying about needing to do it or leaving it for the lovelies or other relatives to deal with. I'm talking about our quality of life. And I want the best quality not only for myself but also for my family.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lacking that Tune in the Proverbial Bucket

Lovely2 has one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard. When she auditioned for high school chorus I was standing outside the door. I hear the most gorgeous voice and wondered who was singing. It was Deanie. She still sounds like an angel when she sings.

Now, for the rest of the Lovelies and myself? We can barely carry a tune in a bucket. Well, Lovely1 and Lovely3 can, sort of, but Lovely4 and me? Nope. Guess who loves to sing more than anyone else in the family? That's right. DoodleBug and I.

We try not to expose others to our singing if we can help it but we have been known to let loose when in the car together or separately. The most fun is when we're together though. We might not be able to carry a tune in that bucket, but in our hearts, we've got music. We've got soul. We've got what it takes to sing in our loudest voices. And it's not like we sound like the rocking chair on cat's tail--though we sort of get close.

When we accidentally hit a note right on key we get so excited we sing even louder. But hey, most of the time we do get the lyrics right.

No matter, DoodleBug and I LOVE to sing. We LOVE music. We love to sing together. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm a day late. Again. Goodness. This post is linked to Five Minute Friday.  The prompt this week is: Sing.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Stinker Face

Because, why not?

Y'all, this kid is going to be one year old in a little less than 3 months. She is ALWAYS busy. ALWAYS. I think she's even busy in her sleep.

She's also clever. We couldn't figure out why this toy had a button. She did. She pushes it on and off any time she wants to. We have yet to be able to turn it on or off.

You can certainly see the stinker in her eyes in this next one. And that little grin? That comes from my granddaddy and Baby M's mommy.

Her auntie and I decided to try and have a photo shoot but you can't get Baby M to be still EVER so here's what we got---

Never once did she look at the camera. And she was still enough for two whole pictures. Still cute though.

So we decided to follow her around and snap whatever we could. The faces of Baby M:

No photo shoot would be complete without a shot of pants on the baby. When you don't sit still long enough for people to put your pants back on after a diaper change, the people do the best they can. I'm going to put together a book one day called, Pants on the Baby filled with all the pictures we have of Baby M 'wearing' her pants in all sorts of ways. 😄

She's 9 months old, y'all and she is my heart.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Survived!

Some of you know that we had Baby M overnight last night. She arrived at 7:30 AM on Wednesday and stayed so her parents could go to a concert in Columbia after work. They came and picked her up around 1:15 AM today.

18 hours with a 9-month-old is not for sissies. No matter how cute they are.

Of course, she did nothing that her sweet mommy said she would do. When you're at Grandma's you do whatever you want to do. That includes exhausting Grandma.

We did survive! And I did have help as Baby M's Auntie Breezy was here all day. But let me just say that the admiration I have for single parents has grown tremendously. I don't know how they do it.

So, the next two pictures mean someone is sleepy. But this is not equal to the act of actual sleeping. Because Baby M is highly allergic to daytime sleeping or, as I call it, napping. Which is very important when you're the grandma because you aren't as young as you once were and tired comes much earlier now.

Auntie Breezy and I figured we'd get Baby M nice and tired by taking her to Shem Creek Park.

We went out around 9:00 while the weather was not yet sweltering and before the people came out. You can see the triangles on the Ravenel Bridge in the center of the next picture.

It was a nearly perfect morning. Why nearly? Because it was still a bit warm for me. Otherwise, gorgeous!

The scenery is pretty nice out there. Can you see the Ravenel Bridge triangles on the right?

We enjoyed ourselves.

So did Tucker who met some new friends in between sniffing and peeing on everything we passed. He thought it was a bit warm, too. Don't worry, I forgot my water but brought plenty for him and Baby M.

But this little stinker never showed one sign of tiring out.

We thought about sticking around and hitting one of the restaurants for an early lunch but the two grown-ups were ready for a nap. Which never happened. Except for Tucker who takes a nap whenever the spirit moves him to do so.

Even though our attempt to tire out Baby M failed, it was quite a nice morning. Shem Creek Park is a good place for grandparents to take their grandchildren. It's not usually crowded out there and the people who do frequent the boardwalk are, for the most part, quite nice and engaging. There are plenty of coastal birds to watch and, on a lucky day, maybe a dolphin or 5. You can watch the shrimp boats come and go depending on what time you go and, since Charleston Harbor is at the end of the boardwalk you might even see some big ships headed out to sea. All of the restaurants on Shem Creek are family friendly and provide outdoor seating which is my favorite because we always see dolphins. There is also indoor seating by big windows so you can enjoy those frolicking dolphins while sitting in the AC. But seriously, every inch of the boardwalk is in FULL SUN (there are two covered areas with seating, though) so remember the SUNSCREEN and know that it will be HOT even in the morning most of the year. Oh, and there is a nice little (and I mean patio sized) 'park' area with seating and vegetation that is nice and cool about halfway between the beginning and the end of the boardwalk.

And yes, I'm still alive. But I'll be tired for a week.

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