Monday, September 25, 2017

Rocking Some School Spirit- Or Not

This kid of mine is an athletic trainer and mommy...and wife and sister and daughter and granddaughter and so on and on and on...and for some reason this just delights our family. I think it's because we love football so much. I mean, every weekend during the college and NFL games if the trainers have to go out on the field we yell, "THERE GOES ATDAUGHTER!" Only we say her name instead of ATDAUGHTER. And no, it's not her but it is her job. So it's no surprise that when her high school was the featured game on a local channel last Friday night I was in front of the television. With my camera. Thaaat's right. I one of THOSE moms. The one who takes pictures of their adult kid when she's on television. What can I say? I have great kids.

That's ATDaughter in the khaki shorts. 
But this isn't a post about my great kids. This is a post about school spirit. ATDaughter's high school has almost as many students as the one in our town on the other side of the bridge...ok not quite as they have approximately 2,000 and we have over 4,000 but still, they aren't tiny. Before our high school had 4,000 students there was not a single time when the stands were not filled to overflowing with parents, other relatives, students, teachers, admin on Friday nights during football season. No, we aren't a high school who can go off about all our winning seasons. But after watching the game last night and seeing the stands being less than half full at the West Ashley game, I will tell you what we can brag about on this side of the bridge- school spirit.

That's not her player but she had to go out there because he stayed down a long time
 so she needed to see if they needed her spine board, golf cart, or EMS.
Luckily for that player, they did not need those things. 
We've got it, they don't. I'm so sad for WA High School. At Wando High School the stands are filled with students, the most amazing band in the state, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins/etc of the football players, the cheerleaders, and the band. The teachers and the administrators even come. School spirit is important to our high school. I can't imagine why it isn't important over there.

School spirit shows everyone that we care about the school, the students and the community. That we're supportive no matter what the activity or sport or whether they win or not. At Wando, we're all in this thing together. We always have been.

So, come on West Ashely family. Get it together and get out there and support your school! You'll find it makes all the difference to your students.

Meanwhile, Wando parents, faculty/staff/admin, community, supporters of any kind, while we aren't perfect (far from it) stand up and give yourselves a round of applause. Y'all are still rocking the school spirit around here!

Also meanwhile, Baby M was loving on her doggie this weekend (photo by GSIL [Genius Son-In-Law]):

And not to be left out, Baby R was rocking some sleep.

How's the school spirit in your neck of the woods?

Oh and, what are your grand-loves up to?

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Sweet Potato/Banana Pancakes

Paleo anyone? I know I'm not on board but I do like to try different recipes so I gave this one a go. Results are mixed. I was more on the 'meh' side while Mother loved them. As a matter of fact, everyone who tried them gave them the Yum-Yum rating. I know because I heard the mmmm's while they were eating. And of course, I asked. So by mixed I mean, I wasn't totally impressed but did find them a bit more than merely edible.

That's the cookbook I used on the left. Y'all can find it just about anywhere by using our friend, Google. Do I recommend it? Not really unless you're wanting to jump on the Paleo bandwagon. There are 32 recipes in there and I'm only interested in trying 5 of them. I bought it because I only had to pay shipping and I really wanted to try these pancakes.

The recipe was easy enough to follow though I did pass on the bacon maple sauce/syrup. I thought I'd just use a little of the organic maple syrup I thought I had but didn't so I drizzled a little honey over the top of the pancakes and bananas. It worked but I bet the maple syrup is better because what else goes with pancakes besides maple syrup. Nothing. Nothing at all.

The pancakes cooked up nicely and looked liked well... pancakes. Imagine that. Ha!

They were not dry or heavy and I did like that. I was worried the batter was too runny and would spread all over the pan but it wasn't and didn't. I simply poured it out slowly onto a hot pan and they turn out like thin pancakes. Baby M's mommy wondered if we could make crepes out of the remaining batter since it is thin. I suppose we could if we pour it differently. I'll get back to Y'all on that.

Sorry about the photo quality. I used my phone camera and well, there you go.

Have Y'all tried any new recipes lately?

Oh, Happy Fall, Y'all!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Falling into the Hodgepodge

Fall is coming, Y'all! I wish it was bringing in the cooler temps it used to do when I was a kid. Sadly, we're still going to have hot weather. Not unbearable but close. Certainly not fall-like. But, football is here and that IS fall-like! 

One thing that's big fun regardless of the season is the Hodgepodge and that's what we have today! Jump on in!

From this Side of the Pond

1. What's something you'd rate a 10/10? The John Prine show I attended last Friday. Tell us why. Because-- John Prine. Y'all can read about it HERE.

2. What job would you be terrible at? Customer service. What makes you think so? Because customers. Ha! Seriously, have any of you had a job requiring you to deal with the public? People are crazy and they love to share that fact with those people trying to help them. 

3. When did you last take a fall? It's been a few years, thankfully. The last 3 falls I've had landed me on the same knee. I don't think it can take much more. What's something you're falling for (in a good way) these days? These faces because you fall over and over again:

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America's best fall festivals-

National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM)

Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Nope. Which one appeals to you most? The one in Maine. Or Ohio. Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend? Not really. There's a children's festival in October but it's Halloween centered and just fun for the kiddos. To be honest, the Farmers' Market downtown Charleston is more fun and they offer something for everyone.

5. What is your goodbye message to summer? Get out and take your hot temperatures and stupid hurricanes with you. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. It's about to be FALL, Y'all! My favorite time of year followed by my second favorite time of year. All my favorite holidays are coming and it's football season. Goodness, even when things don't seem that great this time of year makes it all seem just fine. 

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

John Prine Rocked Charleston Last Night

Last night, I enjoyed my Mother's Day gift from NashvilleDaughter. In May, this very thoughtful child gave me two tickets to see John Prine. John Freaking Prine, Y'all. I've been a fan of his for over 3 decades. DECADES. And have never seen him in concert.

Well, now I have and it was FABULOUS! He sang several of my favorites. I mean, I love all of his music but I do have favorites. And he sang several of them. Like this one:


And he danced off stage which was so awesome! I do have a video of this but Blogger is not being nice right now. 

I was among my people. 

The crowd was wonderful too and Y'all know I am not a fan of crowds. But I was among 'my people' so... We weren't the youngest people there but we weren't the oldest. These were people with whom you could start up a conversation and enjoy it. Strangers who share a love of all things Prine. There were familiar faces there, as well. Two of them being two of my favorite people in the world. 

The North Charleston PAC was the perfect venue!

The venue was lovely. I've been there several times- the North Charleston Performing Arts Center- and I was delighted to see they have kept the place quite nice. Except for the seats. Those things are so uncomfortable. Seriously, the hard wooden pews at the Ryman in Nashville are more comfortable than these seats. Did it matter? Not once John Prine took the stage!

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys was the show opener.

The band who opened was good. Very talented. But I didn't know any of their songs and I was there for John Prine. It's Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys and the music was good. He was funny and there really was no denying the talent so I will pull them up on Spotify and listen just to be fair (several of their songs were quite appealing) but not knowing them or their songs had me becoming bored and a little impatient. Once John Prine took the stage, it was all worth it!

We knew that Prine had had some serious health issues but no one could tell it last night. Either he has doctors who work miracles or great resolve (or a combination) but he showed everyone that he's still going strong!

If you love John Prine and he comes to a venue near you, GO. Go and enjoy. You will not be sorry!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stormy Hodgepodge

Here we are after that nasty Hurricane Irma. We were lucky, even though she was still strong as she moved into the Charleston area. Flooding, wind damage, lost docks and boats...and we were just on the outer bands of the thing. Here at our house, we were fine and never even lost power which is a miracle since Mother is here and is still on oxygen. Others were not so lucky. It seems the next one will go out to sea and I hope that's just what he does. I hate those things. 

But I love the Hodgepodge! And that's what we're here for today! Let's get started!

From this Side of the Pond

1. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Sometimes. Elaborate. Well, there's this:

That's NashvilleDaughter on the left and her big sister on the right. I love this picture. 
2. Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway? Nope. If so what was your favorite stop? If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list? I do enjoy road trips but the west coast is not on my bucket list. Although, I would enjoy visiting Alaska or the Vancouver area. 

3. How do the changing seasons affect you? Other than hay fever? I love moving out of summer into fall and fall into winter and the nostalgia they evoke. As the seasons change do you find yourself looking more forward or backward? I do become quite nostalgic when fall arrives. The same with winter. Which season-season transition bothers you most? To be honest, they all bother me. Why do you suppose that is? It's due to the hay fever which, in my case, is not limited to one season. I'm also especially bothered by the transition from spring to summer because I know the oppressive heat is coming and hurricane season. But I do appreciate all the seasons, even summer. 

4. It's your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu. What are we having? Probably Chinese take out unless someone wants to go to Fleet Landing in which case I'll have one of everything on the menu. Do you ever lie about your age? I'll take the 5th on this one. 

5. What's a life lesson you've learned recently? If we all threw our problems in a big pile, we'd grab our own back straight away. Maybe because our problems don't seem so bad when compared to others and maybe because there's a sort of comfort with our own problems.  

6.  Insert your own random thought here. Hurricane Irma packed way more of a punch to the Charleston area than I thought she would. Of course, it was nothing compared to Florida but we did have flooding and a couple of tornadoes that touched down not to mention the wind damage to homes all over the county. Hurricanes are scary storms and I am not a fan, no one is. I'm almost to the point that,  should another one hit us, I'm out. Moving. Changing my address. Every June-November we hope a hurricane won't come our way. Hugo was more than enough for me. I'm glad Irma is gone and I'm joining everyone in saying, "NO WAY, JOSE!" Please continue to keep Texas, Florida, Georgia, and SC in your thoughts and prayers. And let's hope we've seen the last of the hurricanes for the next hundred years at least. 

The following pictures were taken by local photographer, Mic Smith. You can visit his website here.  I think he did a good job of showing how utterly stupid people can be during a hurricane. 

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