Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wrinkles and circles and droops, OH MY!

Well, the day has finally arrived.  It's really here and I'm not excited.  It's not a thrill nor is it joyful.  I'd just as soon hide under a rock.   Yes, the day is here that I am considering the purchase of anti-aging skin care products.

I was on the phone with Deanie just before going into school to tutor this week and, as I looked into the rear view mirror, I made the comment, "Geez, I need an eye lift."  It was like Deanie had been waiting years for the opportunity to jump in on that one because she immediately came back with, "Oh, you need to try Regenerist!  They have everything!  It will take care of wrinkles and they even have an eye lift cream!"  It doesn't get much clearer than that, does it?  I suppose the girls were just waiting on their old mother to realize for herself that something needed to be done (I wonder if my spot at 'The Home' is a nice one?).  Of course I began to wonder right away whether or not I had been in denial and, if so, how old do I REALLY look?  I do have a standing date with Miss Clairol every few months to color the gray that WILL NOT GO AWAY.  And I did notice that BIG FREAKING WHITE hair in my right eyebrow (a WHITE one?  In my eyebrow?  Are you KIDDING ME?!).  Then there are those areas that are saggin' and baggin' and the boobs that hang down like under-filled water balloons.  And where exactly DID my energy level go when it disappeared?

But wait a minute.  I'm not just sitting around waiting on death to come and take me home.  I am exercising every day and I have changed our diet to a much healthier one containing more veggies, whole grains, fish, less red meat, etc.  I park as far away from the entrance to stores as I can get.  I take the stairs over elevators.  And I'm STILL over weight and I STILL need an eye lift.  WTH?!

cartoon from
ANYWAY, once I arrive at home I decide to go ahead and check my email.  And there it is.  An email from Deanie.  The subject?  Skin Care.  I guess that's better than Wrinkle care.  Or Droopy face care.  The body?  A link to the Regenerist site.  Ok.  Hint taken already.  I click on the link and check out the site and go through the whole find-out-what-we-recommend-for-you and discover that, for a mere $85.00, I can reverse the aging process on my face.  That's ONLY 4 products.  For $85.00.  So, basically, for about $100/month, I can look younger.  After the first 8 weeks that is.  So, it's going to cost me almost $200 just to see if these products work AND, if they do, it'll cost me $100/month for however long I decide I want to look younger.  Which leads me to believe that, should I actually purchase these products, I'd be buying into a great big SCAM.

Maybe I am saggy and baggy.  Maybe I do need an eye lift.  Maybe those dark circles are getting bigger.  Maybe I am overweight.  But I'm NOT an idiot.  And I REFUSE to fall for this whole reverse the aging process scam.  So, I clicked off the site and went back to my email to clean out the box--delete all the junk mail.  Except for the one Regenerist sent me.  The one containing my suggested routine.  You know, just in case.     


  1. Better to be saggy and baggy then worry about someone lighting a match and you melt because of so much silicone :-) besides isn't it so much fun that our minds are young *just sayin*

  2. Good post, and really resonated with me!!! (Being a woman of a certain age!). I have no doubt that your sense of humour will keep you forever young!

  3. Jeff--yes but my young mind misses my young body! LOL

    This-I hope it does! One day I may be able to accept this aging thing with "quiet dignity and grace." LOL

  4. Great post!

    I avoid the mirror at all costs.

    I am what I, no matter how wrinkled or gray.

  5. Gail, you've got a great attitude! I'm trying to get there!

  6. If you were truly a caring Mother then you'd poke a finger into each of Deanie's eyes so that she wasn't distressed by looking at you.
    On the other hand the next time she scrutinizes your skin you can tell her that in looking at you she's actually looking at herself in 20 years time.

    Don't let the little beggars get to you - or at least not without getting them back twice as good

  7. I laughed with you on your post, because I hear you and so relate!
    I don't have the amount of money it would take for the upkeep, so what the hey!
    I heard the supermodels on Oprah talking about aging yesterday, and one said Aging is a privilege, not a birthright. I like that:)

  8. I have tried them all! I hate to admit it but, in the past, I spent mucho $$$$ on department store Miracle Antiaging products.
    The only miracle I saw, was that I did not go broke buying the nonsense!
    Now I use Ponds Cold Cream to clean my face, and buy any moisturizer that is on sale. My face looks the best after a run..all the other times It Is What It Is!
    I have crows feet from laughing too much and puckers around my lips ..from kissing too much. Life could be worse!

  9. The way I look at it, I earned every one of those wrinkles and gray hairs; they are my merit badges, and I worked hard for each of them!

  10. That last cartoon was *horribly* funny!

    I see that you are interested in pictures of England! Have you checked out my blog yet?

    Every day I post photographs of glorious vistas, charming close-ups, videos, recipes, and interesting tidbits of life in Great Britain for the pleasure of Anglophiles and photo-enthusiasts everywhere!

  11. What I find is that the older I get, the thinner my hair has gotten and it downright scares me!

  12. Jane, no worries! In the area of getting them back, I am very patient! LOL

    said- I like that too!

    Shawn- I find that my face looks best after exercising as well--and it doesn't cost a thing. Except sweat!

    Eva- Indeed!

    Abby- I'll check it out!

  13. Carmie- haven't had that yet but thanks for the heads-up! LOL

  14. Isn't it ridiculous that so much money is being spent on looking younger? I use some Mary Kay products, but just the ones I would normally use: lotion and such. But, I do get the Timewise. And, MK isn't any more expensive that the drug store lotions.

  15. That cartoon is hysterical! Love it! Have you ever heard of Rodan and Fields? They make ProActive, among other things. Their anti-aging products are the best I've ever used--a friend is a rep and gave me some to try. After using them a while, I was hooked. Until I saw the price tag--$400 for the regimen! The funniest part is they say they're trying to bring affordable skin care to every woman! They obviously don't know the same people I do!

  16. Mary- yes! Obviously it's only meant for the rich and famous. LOL

    Beverly-That IS funny! $400, affordable? Right. LOL

  17. I must admit....I love face products and can spend hours in sephora trying every kind. Its not that I worry about aging it is that it feels like the only thing I have for jUsT me, my pampering time. Right now loreal has a 3 piece set for about 32.00 at rite aid. I buy a lot of products at Macy's or Sephora, if they don't work i return them (keep receipts- good for 6 months)

  18. I get the occasional white hair in my eyebrow too. Eeek. Don't go nuts on the anti-aging stuff. Just wash daily with the right kind of cleanser (cream for dry / lather for normal/oily), clarify and use a great moisturizer during the day and a night time moisturizer at bedtime. Unless you are getting a peel or laser treatment all that other expensive stuff is just topical. Save your money. I used to own a day spa. I know a little something about skin care.

  19. Oh, you made me laugh so hard. I'm sure my daughter thinks much the same thoughts. She spends buckets on skin care.
    I use a moisturizer - loved to see Barb's comment - mainly 'cuz that's all I have patience for.
    Just tweeze that old white eyebrow hair out!

  20. Bella- Deanie is like that too. So is Breezy. Birdie, DoodleBug and I just don't have the patience!

    Barb- that sounds more like something I can handle!

    Stephanie- I would tweeze it out if I could see well enough to just grab that one! I have to get one of the girls to do it when they're home! LOL

  21. I still just consider myself older age, although past 60 now. Use alpha hydrox products, and just age gracefully or ungracefully. Sometimes I think about dyeing my hair again, but remembering why I stopped dyeing my hair puts some sanity back into my head. Enough sleep is your best friend, I've been told...still trying to figure out how to put more of that back into my life. Truly enjoy reading your posts.

  22. I am just going to grow old as gracefully as possible. I just moisturize lots and hope for the best.
    I love your post.
    Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend.

  23. Ah yes, ageing and face products. The story of my life. Why do we feel young and look old? The mind thinks we can do things, but the body keeps saying, "are you kidding me?"

  24. Seeing the changes on my face has started me on this endless search for miracle products, too, but we must all stand together and refused to be "bamboozled" into buying expensive products! And yes, let's use that word to confuse the young store attendants...

  25. I couldn't agree with you more. They really take advantage of our fear of looking older, don't they? I'll buy products to help, but ONLY if they're affordable and available at the drugstore.

  26. Been there- done that. Made a movie about it.

    There are a lot of companies that will send their "miracle" products to try for 30 days for free. All you have to do is to remember to send them back before the end of the "free trail period" and your CC is charged. They don't even care of the jars come back empty (they tell you that in the literature), because they get so few back, and the people are charged an exorbitant amount (They don't tell you that.)

    I've had some good results with some of them. These days I only look 85, which is pretty good for someone is really 114.

  27. great sense of humour. i'll keep my saggy chin and all as well as keep my money have a good Sunday rose

  28. Clipped- I've heard sleep and exercise...healthy diets, etc do more than creams ever will.

    Julie- of course you are what with your will of steel sticking with the exercise and looking like you're 25 now!

    Tote- EXACTLY!

    Beth- LOL! Great idea!

    Blue- Yes, they really do. Wonder what they see when they look in the mirror?

    Michele-You are too funny for words!

    Rose- Thanks! I just wish I could keep the money and get rid of my chins! You have a good one too!

  29. Oh you gave me such a good laugh!
    You are a wise woman not to pay that kind of money for that stuff. Barb is right, I'm an aromatherapist and have studied skin structure in my Anatomy course. The things that will make a difference are cleansing grime off your face at night, drinking lots of water during the day, getting essential fats (google Udo's choice oil, it's great) and there are exercises you can do if you're that way inclined, but you have to keep doing them regularly (google Eva Fraser exercises).

    But you know what? A happy, relaxed glow and a smile takes years off anyone! Now for that, I use essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang etc!).

  30. $85.00 is a scam!
    I can save you some cash; what does a tube of preparation H cost?
    Per my late great grandmother "its function is to tighten up your skin...why can't that includes wrinkles?"
    Preparation H $4.89 at Walgreens.

  31. Why do you think women invented romantic dinners, you can hide alot over candlelight.

  32. Stand on your head twice a day for half an hour...all the drooop goes back upwards :)
    Nah, don't worry...if you're like me your eyesight will fade and you won't be able to see the said wrinkles or white hairs in the eyebrows. Be thankful you're not a man...check out your husband's ears and nose for hairs!

  33. Mimi-Glad you got a laugh! If we didn't laugh, I'm afraid we'd cry! I'm going to check out Udo's!

    Kipp- I agree, it is a scam! AND I still have my $85! LOL I have heard about Prep H and the eyes. Have yet to try it...Hmmmm...

    Mrs. Tuna- Good point! LOL But if I have a candle light dinner, Hubs thinks that means one thing and one thing only...LOL

    Carol- girl, if that was true I'd be on my head most of the day! I can see that dang white eyebrow without my glasses. It's ginormous!

  34. You certainly do have a very good sense of humour! I am actually still smiling. I can relate! I especially love the cartoon you have on the post where she is asking if she gets a discount. OMG!! How did you get that picture of me LOL LOL...

  35. The swimsuit comic is hilarious! Would be even funnier if it weren't true of ME!! It's getting harder to "age gracefully" as I watch the wrinkles come on. Stopping by via the Best Post Of The Week. blessings, Pam!


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