Friday, February 4, 2011

My Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Ah, Friday!  Where have you been, all of my life?  LOL  Yes indeedy do, it's FRIDAY and time for Java's Follow Friday 40 and Over at Never Growing Old AND time to wrap up the week!

And now, my week in the proverbial

I learned something this week.  I now know that sometimes, if you have a dog with long hair, poop will get stuck in the tail and hiny area on occasion.  I also learned that I do not particularly enjoy washing said poop off Tucker and then cutting it out because it won't budge any other way.  Tucker was a trooper though- he just looked at me like I had lost my mind...which isn't far from the truth anyway.  So now Tuck has a new nickname- Tucker the Trooper Pooper.  (him-haw).  Score one for people who own dogs of the short hair variety.  Or cats, who are considerate enough to clean themselves.

The weather dude STILL isn't getting the weather right.  Rain all day Tuesday...Nope.  Temps in the 70s on Wednesday...ok, he did get that one right.  Highs only in the 40s on Thursday...Nope.  Today we are supposed to see heavy downpours all day and into tomorrow...We've had a bit of sprinkling so far...AND he's still not calling for any snow.  So I'm STILL not all that happy with him.  AND I'm still saying- feel free to send some of your wonderful snow our way.  BUT don't tell anyone else from this area it was I who asked for it.  They will run me out of here!

After I write about my day in my daily journal, I respond to a prompt (I get them from here: unless I don't like the topic and then I get one from here: which is pretty much where the first place gets theirs so...).  One day the prompt was to discuss something that is driving you nuts.  Believe it or not, I couldn't think of one single thing that was driving me nuts.  NOT ONE.  I think this is where one does not look the gift horse in the mouth.

Some total ASS has attacked three students downtown at the College of Charleston since January 21--the last attack occurred on Tuesday.  The news told the locations and put out a sketch of the PSYCHO.  The last girl was not only hit and knocked down but also raped.  WTH?!  The news also said that the college is telling all female students to take precautions.  Really?  Because the only way my girls knew about it was because I called and told them.  And the only way their friends found out was---you guessed it- my girls told them.  So I have to wonder exactly who it is the college is informing???????  Wouldn't it be grand if the female students got together and lured this PSYCHO out and kicked his ASS???  This is really pissing me off---it's time for women to take a stand and arm themselves with the skills to surprise the crap out of the PSYCHOS who do these things.  When the po-po find him, I hope it's a female officer on duty.  And I hope she's PMSing.  Oh yeah...I really do.

Apparently we are hosting a Super Bowl gathering on Sunday--I thought it was just going to be us but, ah...No.  One of those things where everyone says something like, "I just invited two people." OR "Friends xyz are coming too, I hope that's ok."  So, it's chili makin' weekend and a bunch of other edibles that are good but not necessarily good for you... oh well.  When making the chili this time I am not using any chili mixes or powder.  I bought red chili peppers, a yellow chili pepper and a habenero pepper.  Does anyone out there know how to go about using these things?  Just drop them in the pot and let it go? Should I completely forget about the habenero?  Maybe this will teach them not to invite so many people next time...LOL
I was invited to join in a little fun game this week by Carol at Facing 50 with Humour...please go visit her blog!  But ONLY if you want to fall out of your chair and roll around on the floor laughing like a lunatic.  Otherwise, just never mind it.  Anyway, the game goes like this:  I have to list 5 things about myself BUT only ONE of them is to be TRUE.  Then I pass it on to five other bloggers.  Here we go:

 1.  I have such a huge problem with authority figures that I once smarted off to the po-po and had to spend a couple of hours in the clink.

2.  After succumbing to peer pressure, I once cheated on a test in high school and had to take an F in the class.

3.  With our four daughters, each of them was earlier than their due dates and the longest labor was with the first daughter at only 4 1/2 hours long.

4.  I have a friend who, after finding out that her husband cheated on her, actually super glued his penis to his abdomen.

5.  During our first ten years together, Hubs and I vacationed once a year by backpacking  over a twelve mile stretch of the Appalachian trail.

I'll let you know the truth soon!  Meanwhile, I'm passing it on to:

Shawn at The Becker's (Shawn and Bill)
Susan at Tote's Thoughts
Lisa at Grandma's Briefs
Jeff at Life Can Be Funny (Sometimes)
Beverly at The Beverly buzz

And that's my week in a nutshell!  Hoping all your weekend wishes come true--as I sit here and covet your snow covered lawns!


  1. The other peppers would be fine, and I'd be okay with the jalapeno, one (diced really fine) and probably omit the habenero unless you don't want to see those people again. LOL

  2. I cant imagine u making up No4, but then on the other hand, I cant believe u would have a friend who would do this :)

    enjoy ur weekend


  3. Hi, I'm thinking that No. 3 could possibly be true! Have a really good weekend.

  4. I'm guessing #3 is the true one.

  5. Sadly I can relate to the poopy fur. Little Bit, our Pomeranian, suffers from this from time to time. It is sooo gross. In the summertime his backside has a crew cut.

    As for your questions, I'm going with #5.

    I thought the premise for Memetastic was so fun I chose to do it at my place today too, totally without invitation.

  6. Oh, this post about Tucker made me laugh. Hubby was just talking about that issue when I was begging him for a Bishon! I was laughing so hard he read your post and...well you know the rest..Hubby-1....Me-0.
    This award thingy sounds fun..thanks for thinking of me!

  7. Thanks y'all for the comments---I think I'm getting to the point that I blog just to be able to laugh or seek comfort or just enjoy the comments from all you lovely souls!

    I will say that one or more of you may or may not be correct in you guessing...LOL

    And cutting the poop out of the fur was GROSS but it's only happened twice in almost 3 years, so not so bad. But gross. Yep, really gross.

  8. That just made me realize how I don't miss my dogs and their long hair...yuck!

  9. I am guessing that #3 is true...and yes, I agree about long haired dogs! lol

  10. I am hoping that, for you, # 3 is the true fact, because that would have been nice!

  11. Thinking that I will announce the true statement tomorrow. Or maybe Monday. Hmmm...yep, one of those two days! Thanks so very much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I LOVE comments! Especially from awesome folks like y'all!

  12. Thanks for passing it on! You rock. And you're apparently an excellent liar, too, because I cannot tell which is true and which are not. Although I'm sure hoping No. 4 is an un-truth because that would be BAD (although such a guy would deserve it, really). Look forward to the reveal on the true statement!

  13. I can't help on the chilli thing being pretty useless at cooking but I do know you mustn't wipe your eyes after you've cut them (yep found that out all by myself) or indeed if you are a man, go to the toilet without washing your hands thoroughly first (don't know about that personally)
    Well done on the lies. I've been sitting here puzzling for some time. I'd love to meet a woman who'd have the audacity to superglue a man's penis to his abdomen. I'd probably end up superglued to him! Hubby superglued a broken crown in for me once and the dentist couldn't get it out so I'm guessing that's a lie. I'm going with #3 too ...I'll probably change my mind and come back later.
    Great catch up again as always. Thank you for the 'wicked build up' said in street cred voice - I'm finding my inner youth today having listened to Eminem this morning. (Not out of choice). As always you are far too generous in your praise of my blog.
    have a super dooper weekend. We've got horrible winds outside again so I sahll try and hide indoors.

  14. I am still on the fence about your truth..
    #3 sounds like my first two labors..the others were induced.

    I have visited several times but will have to return again!

  15. That sounds like a fun game. I don't have a clue on the peppers, I use the powder. Sorry about the poop on the butt, I always hate when that happens. Have a fun Super Bowl party.

  16. I think number 5 is correct but I can relate to number 2, number 3 for me wouldn't even be close if you added 20 hours to it. I love this guessing. I hope you'll tell us the truth soon.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed evening.


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