Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss- The HOP

Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty has a new blog hop called Wednesday Words of Weight Loss.  Every week she posts 5 new questions for us to answer. 

Here are this week's questions:
1. Do you try to park near a store or do you get more exercise by parking further away? I always park as far out as I possibly can...this started not for exercise but because I don't want anyone parking near my car and scratching it with their doors or carts.  I have a 1987 Mercedes that I LOVE and I don't like scratches on it.  I also take the entrance without the sensor on it so that I have to push the door open myself--hey, every little bit helps.

My baby

2. Stairs or elevator/escalator?  STAIRS.  Always.  I am too claustrophobic for elevators and I'm terrified of the down escalators.  Stairs I can handle.  LOL

3. What have you done in the past that works well for weight management?  Record food intake, have a friend hold me accountable (my family is not good at this), figure out that exercise is key (and I always do it whether I feel like it or not...if you go ahead and do it- it'll be worth it and you won't be angry with yourself for not doing, it'll most likely bring you out of your funk), MOSTLY a lifestyle change in food choices and preparation.  Oh, and I purged my pantry of all unhealthy items and refused to buy them anymore.  

4. How many sizes of clothes live in your closet?  Just big ones.  I finally got tired of thinking I'd get back into smaller ones and purged them.  Now, I refuse to buy anything else until I lose down to a reasonable size--even if I get to the point where I look like I'm wearing clown clothes!  Ha! I'd welcome THAT look because it would mean I had lost a bunch of poundage!
5. Please finish this sentence. "I did something nice for myself this week by..."  Exercising every day whether I wanted to or not.  One of these weeks I'm going to work on NOT EATING SUGAR.  I need that 21 Day Sugar Detox--hmmmm....

On a related note, for those of you who have not read my post about exercising with the Wii Fit, you can do so here[As an addendum to the linked post I would like to add that A. I am not as unbalanced now; 2. I have unlocked advanced levels on several exercises; C. those Yoga exercises make an almost immediate difference; and 4. I have lost 11 pounds since I started messing around with the Wii Fit.]   Hooray for PROGRESS!

  And HEY!  Don't forget to join Julie at The going to be new me for the 2011 walk challenge!


  1. First of all, I love the little pics that you have inserted with the post!! LOL! Seeing that photo, I can quite understand why you don't want anyone to scratch your car. Once, when I was grocery shopping, I had a new car and I parked right at the very end of the car park in a corner, and I couldn't believe it when I came out, but there was this other car tucked right up close to me! We were the only two cars at that end of the park. Can you believe it?! You certainly seem to be doing all the right things at the moment. I had a Wii Fit for Christmas and started to use it on the 26th January. I'm really enjoying it, because it is so varied that you can't really get bored.

  2. This- one day in the Target parking lot a lady had parked right beside me and I said to DD3, "Can you believe this? I park all the way out here so nobody will hit my car with their doors and some idiot parks right beside me?!" Just as I finished, the 'idiot' walked around form the other side of her car...oops! LOL

  3. Hooray for you! Keep it up. And if you succeed in getting off sugar, let me know how you did it. I'm hopelessly addicted!

  4. I think a Wii Fit would be fun to have. I've been terrible about exercising! I have this wonderful farm to walk on and I end up indoors
    busy, busy, busy. It's so easy to fool yourself into thinking you're "active." I need to work on that. I love those years of Mercedes. Such a reliable car! Have a great week!

  5. You are brilliant and doing so well. Hubby had to drag me out like a reluctant dog on a lead this morning. having marched me over stiles and fields my hips now hurt :(
    I also think your little pictures are fab. Keep at it!

  6. I did the same thing to my closet - purging the smaller sizes that I have not worn for the past 4 years. It helped me dress better for my body now while I try to lose some weight.

    PS having a Puerto Rico giveaway, swing by.

  7. Greet photos accompanying your post! I know I should exercise more. this was a helpful post!

  8. Beverly- I'm not sure it's going to work--I chewing on a Werther's chewy caramel right now as I type this...

    Patrice-the Wii Fit is fun but even when I don't use it I am still out walking Tucker so, go play with the doggies! LOL

    Carol- I understand the pain. Over here it's Tucker leading me out reluctantly sometimes instead of me leading him!

    Bella- I saw the giveaway- it's wonderful!

    Eva- Thanks! Love you post today about the 'new' words!

  9. You are being so good it's almost disgusting.

  10. Hey, I like your car and I would park out there too. So glad you are doing this too. It is really encouraging to have others talk about what they are doing. I really did think about doing that 21 day sugar detox, but now that I made it I am okay, but about Christmas I thought very seriously about it. Once it is gone all of my cravings stop. I purged my pantry too. My son is taking a college nutrition class. He comes out and reads his text book to me.
    Wow, it is scary some of the stuff he has read to me. He said, he has never enjoyed any of his classes like this one. It makes me so happy.
    Have a great week and I sure enjoy your bird pictures.

  11. I don't mind escalators, but I'll definitely take the stairs over an elevator. I hate them!

    I have 4 sizes of clothes in my closet, I think. It's so dumb!

  12. EmptyNester - I see you have a tab for all the awards you have ...I must admit I have not viewed them to see if you have a Stylish Blogger Award yet, but if you don't -- please come by my rockbottom blog and pick your award button. =)

  13. I love your answers. I played on the Wii today. The two little daycare kids I have are loving me doing while they are up. So I let them pick the exercise and "we" do them together. Have you tried the balancing and catching the fish? You should hear Justin when I "blame" him for us falling off the ice-berg. They help me find the flags while biking, they jog with me on the free jog and today we tried the hoola hops again and I think Justin was just going to giggle himself to death. Anyways, gotta love the Wii. I've unlocked a few things too, not nearly as much as you but getting there.
    Thanks for the shout out on the walking. So far just you and me but when Michele comes back from vacation I think she's joining us.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed evening. Sleep well my friend.

  14. before xmas my weight reduction was positive now not so good. i'm my own enemy and need to get rid of that and remember where i was and go back have always been large with ups and downs. take care rose

  15. It was fun to read the answers to the questions! I think you have a great attitude!


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