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I was a SAHM for over 2 decades until the baby went off to college and I was left with an empty nest so I started teaching at the elementary school my 4 daughters attended until 2016 when my first grandbaby arrived! I quit teaching so she wouldn't have to go to daycare but still needed to have an income and just had no idea what to do. Since I have always loved creating handmade gifts for family and friends, everyone told me to try an Etsy shop and here we are!

The biggest challenge is my constant second-guessing of my abilities. The most fun is when my now 16-month-old granddaughter is here and sits at the desk (which is my dining table right now since my mother is staying for a few months) with me. She loves taking yarn, twine, felt, and some colored pencils and paper and just work, work, work! Grandchildren are a true treasure.

I started CoasterDoodles with handmade coasters featuring original artwork and photographs I have taken over the years of our local birds. Since then, I have expanded to wreaths, yarn and jute wrapped letters, and note cards. I'm always open to any custom orders so please don't hesitate to ask, Y'all!

Here are some of my creations for your viewing pleasure: 

I would love for Y'all to pop over to  CoasterDoodles and take a look. And if you have the time, a click to favorite the shop would be very appreciated. 

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