Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Samaritans are Alive and Well in DC

Maybe I don't actually need to worry quite so much about daughter C living in a big city.  A few evenings ago, while she was waiting on a friend, she was attempting to cross the street when a woman was trying to parallel park at the same spot.  Daughter C moved back to allow the woman plenty of access to her parking spot and, although Daughter C was aware that there was a bike rack right behind her, she totally missed the fact that one of the bikes was somewhat askew with it's back tire sticking out just a bit too much.  Daughter C took one step too many and down she went.  The nice woman parking her car jumped out of the car and said, "Oh my God! Did I HIT you?!"  Daughter C assured the woman that that was not the case.  Meanwhile, two nice young men rushed over and helped Daughter C up and went in to Starbucks (how lucky is she that there is one on every corner) and got her some ice for her knee and hands.  Imagine that--southern hospitality in Washington, DC!  Who knew?

Seriously, I am beginning to think that big cities are the carriers of a bum rap.  Since Daughter C has been living in DC she has met nothing less than completely kind, smart, energetic, caring young people.  Oh, and I should probably add somewhat crazy to the list of traits.  The point being, I feel like I can breathe a time or two each hour now instead of holding my breath every second while she's up there.  It's true that I still prefer that she live closer but, since she wants to try a big city, I'm so grateful that she is surrounded by good, caring people and a good Samaritan or two!


  1. Sorry if this is double posted....

    As with most things, the voices that are the loudest are the negative voices. The positive things often go unheard.

    Gld your daughter is okay and maybe you are feeling better about life in the big city!

  2. Nancy, You are so right! I've always lived in smaller towns and cities so all I've ever had to go on were the reputations of the big ones. And, as you know, those reps were mostly negative. Our daughter LOVES living up there and now I can't wait to go visit her! Thanks for reading!

  3. Isn't it great when stereotypes turn out to be wrong. My youngest lives in the heart of Denver which was a little scary for me when she first left home (about two years ago). But she loves it and the place has been good to her. Glad you're daughter is safely finding her way in D.C.!

  4. Yes it is! Even though I'm not really a fan of being wrong...LOL Glad your daughter is happy in Denver--guess that's what we get for doing a good job- strong, independent daughters. I'm still hoping mine finds her way home at some point!


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