Monday, October 18, 2010

I am so NOT digging housework

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only person in the world who DOES NOT DIG housework.  I don't usually mind the droll, day-to-day stuff- probably because I've been doing it for so many years that it's more rote than anything (except the bathrooms, I will ALWAYS and FOREVER hate cleaning those.).  You know, just a normal part of the day-to-day living.  HOWEVER, those every so often chores like moving the fridge and stove to clean beside and under them; moving the furniture to clean under it; and, the granddaddy of them all---getting down on all fours to clean the floors.  I cannot even begin to tell you the level of my distaste for this last duty.  The fact that I do really like the end result does nothing to make this chore remotely tolerable.  So, I bought a steam cleaner--a shark (see picture) thinking that my days of getting on my hands and knees to clean the floors once every other month or so were over.  WRONG.  That thing does clean, but not as good as I do 'doggie style.'  Today was the day for cleaning the floors on all fours and this job is just not getting any easier.  Now I can add the fact that, because of the combination of my age and my weight, it's, at the very least, extremely uncomfortable (NOT to mention the fact that I must look absolutely ridiculous just getting up and down.).   Here's the thing:  I am looking for a better steamer.  And, yes, I still want the steamer--  I don't like using chemicals what with a dog in the house and any grandchildren that might come my way onedaybeforeIdie. But I want one that will take away the need for such serious 'Cinderella type' cleaning.  If anyone out there knows of a better steamer, PLEASE share this information with me!!! Meanwhile, it's back to cleaning the hard, but effective way.

On a lighter note:  here's what Tucker and I saw on our walk this morning (Big Dog is still visiting with daughter R and Strider!!!!)...
Beautiful Osprey

Same guy

Here he is in black and white

Here he is flying away
A painted bunting



  1. I hear you and I have been there for several years now. Our house has tile everywhere. My shark did die a few months ago and thankfully I have my daughter to do my floors because I CAN'T do it anymore. The shark was okay but with tile you just move the dirt into the grout!
    I do have the Hoover Floor Mate which does a great job. However, nothing cleans the floor like getting down on your hands and knees.

  2. Hi
    I loved your blog today. I'm SOOOOOO not digging housework too.
    now following you.

  3. Debby, I was afraid of that. Guess I'll just keep on keepin' on! LOL

    Thanks Sherri- for reading, commenting, and following!

  4. Love your shots and hate house cleaning, too! Great post.

  5. Nice shots. House works bites. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll, too :)

  6. I don't actually mind too much cleaning the house cause I am a bit of a neat freak! I too purchased that same steamer and was a bit disappointed. Yes, it cleans but nothing spectacular. Sorry I can't help!


  7. Well ladies, at this point I'm thinking a magic wand OR status quo! LOL

  8. Ha! Yeah I am a "doggie style" floor cleaner also and it stinks. Mops, swiffers etc just don't do what is needed to see a nice clean floor. My house is entirely wood, (fake wood) and it is pretty but not easy to keep looking clean.
    Time for a maid I'm thinking! Yeah right!


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