Sunday, November 21, 2010

All on a Sunday

I'm one of those people who believes that every day is a blessing- even when it doesn't really seem like it is.  Or, maybe ESPECIALLY when it doesn't seem that way because it's on those days that I look harder for the blessing.  Today was one of those days that contained blessings so obvious, they would have convinced the Grinch AND Scrooge!

It all began during the morning walk with Tucker:

The ducks were out, preening.

And showing off!

I hadn't seen this Ibis before today.

This lovely Egret is out there almost every day.

And so is this Little Blue Heron.

Table for 3 for breakfast please!

Beautiful landing!

Two buddies, just hangin'.

Time to go.

Me too!
 And then, in the afternoon, DoodleBug's (DD4) Wind Ensemble performed at a church near the college.  DoodleBug was a percussionist in the high school band all four years--and, I might add, the first 4 years of the band's consecutive years of taking FRIST PLACE AT STATE!  This year marked their 6th consecutive year (Yes, I'm still proud even though we no longer have a high school student.  Once a band parent, always a band parent!).

I've included some pictures of the interior of the church.  Charleston is full of historic churches some from as far back as the 1700s.  The performance was held at Trinity Methodist Church

The percussionists-that's DoodleBug on the left.  The cute one with the glasses.

This time she's the 4th from the left (counting only those standing up)

Oh, there were others playing as well! 

My DoodleBug again!

And one last time!

Here is the pulpit area of the church were they played.  The wall color is a very light blue (Carolina Blue)

A wider view from the back of the church.  Look at the ceiling!

Here's a better shot of the ceiling.

And here.

This is a view of the balcony from the pulpit area.

Hope your Sunday was filled with blessings as well!

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  1. All I can say is WOW! Your water bird pictures, your day, your church are all so beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful day you had. Love your birds. We have heron and mallards but everything else is exotic.
    That church is absolutely gorgeous! That blue would be like heaven inside. What an inspiring setting for a concert.

  3. Hi Pam, great pictures! LOL, I knew we had to have some connection! My oldest was in the WHS guard her Senior year (05-06) and younger dd was in band and guard all 4 years (03-07)! Her college choir from Ohio gave a concert at Trinity last Dec., it is a beautiful church. Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving, Nan

  4. Beautiful!! And my Sunday was, best part it was spent watching my Doodlebug (oldest son) on stage this weekend!

  5. Your pictures are outstanding. You captured the birds perfectly. Way to go! You daughter looks so pretty, I bet you are very proud and that church is beautiful.

  6. Great pictures! That church is beautiful.

  7. What fab pictures. (Do I get an impression of a very proud mother? Justifiably proud I hasten to add) We spent the day in the grey and mist with only giant crows to watch...I still love every day though. Loovely cheering post...thank you.

  8. Enjoyed the photos, and what great nature shots! What an amazing Creator we have!

  9. Truly blessings galore! Beautiful birds, awesome DoodleBug and an amazing, AMAZING church! Another great blessing: Your photography talent! Wonderful photos here!

  10. Y'all are so sweet!

    Proud mother? Me? How did you guess? LOL

    Lisa, pretty much all the churches in Charleston are gorgeous like that one! They keep to strict historic guidelines on the buildings.

    Thanks so very much for all the wonderful comments!


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