Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Squirrels Are Winning...Or Are They?

When we constructed and planted the raised bed garden in the spring, I decided that, if I was nice to the birds and gave them food, they wouldn't need to hang out amongst the veggies.  This has worked out quite nicely.  Concerning the birds.  There's just one thing I failed to factor into my protect-the-garden-from-the-birds equation--SQUIRRELS.   So, while the birdseed did render the birds content, it also attracted squirrels.  Those darn things can get to that birdseed NO MATTER WHAT I DO WITH IT!  They don't bother the garden, really, but they DO bother Tucker.

The first few months were spent with me letting Tucker in and out of the house, no exaggeration, 20+ times every day.  I finally got a little smarter and put a table up at the windows in one of the back bedrooms just so Tucker could 'keep watch' over the backyard.  Then, getting a bit smarter still, I began leaving the back door slightly ajar so that, when the squirrels  invaded the yard, Tucker could charge right out there without having to practically turn flips (seriously, he would spin around in circles from excitement) waiting on me to open the door for him.  As soon as Tucker hits the door he shoots across the deck, clears the three steps and hits the ground at full speed ahead, bounding (NOT kidding, we should have named him Prancer because he looks like one of Santa's reindeer) across the yard.  The squirrels immediately take off speedy quick and head either up a tree or shimmy through the chain link fence into the neighbor's yard where their dogs take over and chase the confused, fleeing rodents up a tree.  It is Squirrel Mania here 24/7.

I'm not sure what Tucky will do should he EVER catch one of the squirrels.  He has gotten very close on several chases.  I do know this, however:  he WILL NOT be bringing one of them into my house.  At least I HOPE he won't.  Meanwhile, the chase has provided ample photo fun!     

Tucker spots a squirrel in the tree

Squirrel spots Tucker on the ground

Tucker politely requests that the squirrel come down out of the tree

Squirrel slowly attempts the descent into the yard

Tucker chases squirrel back up the tree

Squirrel looks at me saying, "You've GOT to be kidding me."


Tucker looks up at Squirrel--No, it's not a joke.

Wait, where did he go???

He'll never find me here on the deck!





  1. CUTE, CUTE photo post!!!! What a cute dog you have. We have bunnies AND squirrels here, but we do have our two dogs who love to chase. :-) Good luck with keeping those squirrels away from the bird food.

  2. That is so cute! My mother's dog had a thing with squirrels coming onto his property in Florida! He had a fit and they tormented him awful. LOL Loved the pics.

  3. Great story! I love dog vs squirrel stories. We have a bird feeder and the rather frequent visits from the squirrels. Ginger and Sassy always let me know when they are there. Several years ago we had a corgi that would chase a squirrel back and forth and back and forth across the fence in the back yard. Great entertainment!

  4. your tucker looks alot like my miniature schnauzer twinky. Except twinks hasn't gotten her ears or tail done and is quite the toto dog with her long hair. We have the same thing over here with all of our feeders. Sqirrels and chipmunks send our dogs flying out the door!

  5. Thanks everyone! We are having such fun with the squirrels...well, when I'm not frustrated with them for eating all the birdseed. I had someone ask me just the other day if Tucker was a schnauzer. He's a yorkie poo and, when he hasn't been to the groomer he looks more poodle than yorkie with tons of curly hair!

  6. Oh now that was cute. Wilbur does that too, stands in the livingroom window and stares, heads for the door, hits it quite hard at times and rockets off the deck trying to catch the squirrels. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing. Really a perfect ending to my blogging tonight.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  7. What a terrific post! Love the pictures, they're awesome.

    Tucker is a real cutie and it is easy to see, he is full of personality!


  8. Love the photos!! We have a squirrel that chews through a cable wire that we have going down the side of our house. Every year something goes crazy with the cable in my bedroom and every year I tell the husband to check the wire. He insists that the squirrel would NOT DO THAT AGAIN. After 50 calls to the cable company, I checked the wire. Yeah, NutNut, as I've named him, did it again. I just don't think they stay out of anything. But I have seen people put wire around their bird feeders that the birds can get thru but the squirrels can't. Of course they can still have the stuff that lands on the ground.

    Wish I had the energy that Tucker does!!

  9. Thanks for the chuckle .. our furbabies provide us with so much love and protection... Way to go Tucker!!! HHL

  10. Hilarious! At least your squirrels are cute and red -ours are grey and devious. I'd love to borrow Tucker. He'd make sure that little buggers didn't keep eating the birds' fat balls. Great photos too. I've been trying to thank you for your comment on my blog but I've been logged out and it won't let me back on. :( Thank you for your generous comment. Your comments and visits make blogging so worthwhile and really enjoyable. By the way you're right about the shredded wheat...I've started to develop a whinny!

  11. Thanks for stopping by Jeremiah 29:11 and commenting on my cell phone dilemma!!! I noticed that you live at Mt. Pleasant...that's my favorite area of anywhere!!! We first visited there many years ago and I've always said that if I were to move to the beach, I would want to live in Mt. Pleasant!!!

  12. Wow...what a great pictorial journey! Awesome photos!

  13. The squirrels always go after those feeder. Cute post, I love all the pictures.

  14. You have so much action at your house! Give Tucker a treat for me!

  15. Really adorable photos. You have a knack with the camera.

  16. What a great post. I was definitely smiling as I read. The photos look fantastic!


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