Thursday, December 30, 2010

Defective Wii Controllers

Our darling daughters and BestSonInLawEVER got together this year and bought us a Wii for Christmas.  Not JUST a Wii, but a RED Wii--very important as RED is my favorite color.  I even like the controls--one is red and the other is white-ish with red cool.  I was rather stunned at first because, well, that's more like something we would have gotten them when they all lived here at home.  As a matter of fact, over the years, they have received Super Nintendo, a Sega, a Nintendo GameCube and a Playstation 2--the latter has moved on with them but not before we had some BIG FUN with it--Dance Dance was a blast and Guitar Hero, although frustrating as all get out (meaning I never got past the beginner level), was great fun as well.  We have been having a grand time with the Wii so far.  My favorite is tennis.  I have yet to win a game, but I am having some kind of BIG FUN with it and so are the girls--and there is NO standing there moving only the controller either, we are moving our entire bodies while we play (can you say 'weight loss'?!?!?).  There are, however, just a couple of problems.  Well, really just one problem.  It's HUBS.  You see, the remote he uses has some issues.  Which is really odd because he has used BOTH the red and the white control as do the rest of us. When he plays tennis, the remote will NOT allow him to hit the ball.  When he bowls, that darn remote does NOT send the ball in the direction that Hubs 'rolls' it.  When he plays baseball, that $%#@ remote will NOT let him hit that ball.  When he plays golf... Yep.  Those blasted controllers are giving him a fit which then causes Hubs to HAVE a fit.  It's like they're out to get him.  He has NOT ONCE put together the fact that none of us are having controller issues.   

Deanie and Birdie in intense competition
When the girls are playing we hear things like, "Oh CRAP! I didn't mean to do that!" "WTH?! I keep making the ball go out!" "MAN! I keep hitting the freaking net!"  And I say pretty much the same things, though my explicatives are a bit times.  The point here is that we all realize that WE are making the balls/avatars/etc. do what they do by the way we manipulate the controller.  Every single time Hubs plays, there is something dreadfully defective with his controller and we simply MUST take it back and get a replacement.  This is what we hear when Hubs is playing a game:  "What's wrong with this controller?"  "Something is wrong with this freaking controller."  "THIS #$@% CONTROLLER IS NOT WORKING RIGHT."  "What the HELL???"  The entire time he's playing the statements get progressively louder and the language gets stronger and, by the time he's lost again before all is said and done he is swishing the controller from side to side and up and down faster than Tucker wags his little tail when I come home and he's thrilled to see me.  Even Tucker's behavior changes when Hubs is playing.  When the girls and/or I are playing, Tucker likes to bark at us.  When Hubs is playing, Tucker is no where to be seen- which makes him way smarter than those of us who stay in the room.

If this is a man thing, then I am seriously considering uninviting my dad, brother and BestSonInLawEVER for any future event EVER (or, at the very least, hide the Wii).  If this is a HUBS thing, I wonder how many controllers we will take back before he realizes wherein the real 'defectiveness' lies.          


  1. ROFL!! THAT is the funniest thing I have read all day! Woo! I gotta catch my breath!

    Thanks for sharing this story! This cracks me up!!

  2. men are such wusses...we are always looking to blame something :-)

  3. IT IS A GUY THING!!!! Although we do not have a Wii, anything else Hubby is working with always has an issue. Be it the computer, a tool, his cell phone..if there is an issue it is never, I REPEAT...NEVER, the operator!

    : D


  4. Ha, ha! Maybe that's where the Wii FIT comes in ... it *causes* FITS not gets you fit. My husband and I like the Wii bowling. I suck at it in the real world but on the Wii, I kick it! I enjoy the Wii, but being pretty much a lazy butt, I really like it mostly for streaming Netflix! :o)

    Have a happy and FIT new year!

  5. That is the best gift. We don't have one but our son does and we have so much fun playing.

    Sometimes he brings it over, the guys will have golf tournaments. I love to bowl, it's my favorite!

  6. All right - my kids (in their early 20's - so I relate to this blog! although they bove moved back home to defray college costs) make fun of me because I don't have the coordination for these games. But sorry, guys - you do get intense. Of course, I yell at my computer...

  7. Oops, your hubby sounds just like me cursing the computer e.g. "stupid computer, why did it do that", and yes, sometimes it's hard to realise where the fault really lies!
    Glad you're all having fun on the wii, good present.
    Happy 2011 to you all!

  8. We got a Wii for Christmas too! I love it!

  9. It's a man thing. It is always the freakin' computer and the freakin' remote control, never him,... ;-)

  10. I think your hubby should be sent to his room on a time out. LOL Good luck with the Wii. It is a strange world we live in. By the way, I got a red cellphone, cranberry red, actually. I had no idea my husband was going to have to pay $25 more just so it could have a red cover! I suppose if I got a Wii Fit I'd actually have to DO something to get fit, not just sit and watch it.

  11. Yep, it's the controllers fault, it has to be. Ask Jim while he's doing the shooting game, I shot that, I know I did, how come it didn't die. It's the guns fault, the games fault...not his. I loved your story.
    I have a wii and have to get a few games for it, right now it's just all exercise ones and I want to play too.
    Take care my friend and have a Happy New Year. God Bless you and yours.

  12. "If this is a man thing, then I am seriously considering uninviting my dad, brother and BestSonInLawEVER for any future event EVER (or, at the very least, hide the Wii). If this is a HUBS thing, I wonder how many controllers we will take back before he realizes wherein the real 'defectiveness' lies."

    This made me laugh out loud.

    I found you through BPOTW. Following you now. Have a great weekend!

  13. Maybe if he got the little blue wii controller...
    (just joking, only kidding, nothing personal against HUBS)

  14. Kipp, I'm thinking that if the red one, the white one and NOW the black one all don't work for him...LOL

    No offense taken! It's all in fun!

  15. Visiting from BTOTW. Very funny! I"m sure my husband (and most men) would react exactly the same way. At least you and your daughters are getting a good laugh out of it!


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