Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

It's been a busy week!  Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Started a new blog this week (crazy timing I know but I wanted a place to put my bird pictures, so...) called One Flew Over the Empty Nest (thank you Breezy).  It's still rough around the edges but you can check it out if you want right here:
  • I got my very first picture of a BALD EAGLE this week!  I was (who am I kidding? I still am) very excited about that.  
  • It's prep city around here for the FIRST ANNUAL EMPTY NEST/CHRISTMAS OYSTER ROAST (which you can read about here) that we're hosting here on Saturday.  We rolled up the cheese and olive balls and the sausage balls and made the fudge so far.  Today is about to get CRAZY as we put together a ton of goodies.  Saturday we bake and then, OYSTER ROAST!
  • It has been ridiculously cold here.  I know some of you think I don't know what cold is but, when you're used to some 40s mostly 50s, the 20s are CRAZY COLD!  And, because it has been very blustery every day, I learned that I do not particularly care for a little thing called WIND CHILL.  Yesterday it was a balmy 53 degrees by 10:00--a veritable HEAT WAVE!  And still quite blustery- 30 mph winds. 
  • Because it's been so blustery, I was concerned about the thingy Hubs has over my car blowing away.  He said it wouldn't but that he could stake it down.  I told him that would be great because I didn't want it to blow into the neighbors yard and tear something up over there.  No problem.  Right?  WRONG.   

That blue thingy protects most of my baby car from the harmful rays of the sun.
Now, my car is something that I am anal about.  When I go anywhere at all, I park far, far away from     anyone even if it means I have to walk miles to get to where I am going.  I do not like for anyone to drive my car and, if I let one of the girls drive it, they have to practically sign a document stating they know the rules and they won't let anything happen to it.  Everyone who knows me, knows how I am about my car.  And so, yesterday, during the blustery events, blue thingy over my car flips over and into the neighbor's yard.  Neighbor M from across the street calls me.  "Your blue car cover just blew over into neighbor L's yard."  "Oh, that's just great, thanks for letting  me know."  (and I abruptly hung up the phone not because I had to deal with the overturned blue thingy but because of the frustration from the fact that HUBS DID NOT DO WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO).  I go outside and neighbor L's hubby is out there and he very neighborly helps me move the ginormous blue thingy that blew into his yard and says to me, "It didn't scratch your car did it?"  In my mind I say, "Holy #@#$!  It better NOT have scratched my car or Hubs is in BIG TROUBLE MISTER!"  To neighbor R I say, "No, I don't think so but I didn't think to look."  Well let me tell you that that #$%@ stupid blue thingy that Hubs DID NOT stake down like he said he would put TWO (2) SCRATCHES ON MY CAR!   TWO SCRATCHES.  ON. MY. CAR.  Somebody's getting coal in their stocking this year and it isn't me!

  • All the decorating has been completed and we couldn't have done it without the help of Birdie.  DoodleBug and friends helped out a lot too, but Birdie kept coming back until the job was done! 
  • I filled my first notebook/journal this week and had to start in a new one!  I haven't missed a day since July 19.  This month, after I write about my day, I am responding to prompts.  Tuesday's prompt was to write about the one thing you had come to truly appreciate in 2010 and how you express your gratitude.  I journaled about Hubs and how I had been better able to see all he does for us since the girls are not home anymore and distracting me.  This was, obviously, before the blue thingy blew over and left TWO SCRATCHES ON MY CAR.


    1. all your hubs does during the year is only as good as his last mistake. He probably knows this and this post is a good reminder of that rule.

    2. Stopping by from the Friday blog hops!!! I hope things warm up for you!
      My FF

    3. The comment you left on my post was brilliant. I'm still laughing about it. My Hubby is anal about the car...he washed it yesterday when it was -2 degrees centigrade and is out there polishing it now in -6 degrees centigrade...he is the same about parking it.It must be at least fifteen miles away from any other car.
      You have been so busy this week.
      Your photo blog is beautiful and well done on the bald eagle photo...I could try an take one of a balding Hubby is that the same thing?
      Hugs and love

    4. lisleman is so right - only as good as your last mistake LOL

      two scratches! I'd been upset, too.

      Kristin - The Goat

    5. Wow! That's one pretty full nutshell, you busy gal! And that bald eagle photo? Wow again ... and again and again! My husband would kill for such a thing. Kudos to you. Your excitement over it is well placed and well deserved!

      Enjoy the oyster time ... and stay warm!

    6. Hi I already follow you. Yay! Sorry I can't stay long. I'm on a 40+ years and older hop. (copy/paste day for me today) Trying to say howdy to everyone I can before my Dr. appointment. Hop back. Hook up your Hop. Enter my Giveaway. Need some people to enter. I'd enter myself but that would be weird. LOL Check out Handmade With Love Winter Giveaway. I'll stop again when I have more time.
      Laurie at Grandma Sez So

    7. I wrote a post this summer about my car and my children driving it up to Mammoth Lakes this year. I am just like you, I will walk a mile too! I am so sorry, I really do feel your pain. ((HUGS))

    8. So sorry about the car scratches.

      I love finishing a journal. I get such a sense of satisfaction. I also love starting a new one.

    9. Sorry about your car! I would be mad at my hubby too, if that happened.

      My blog is my journal. I try to put the important events of my life into it, so I don´t forget.

    10. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! I have tried to visit everyone's blogs today but have been sick since the wee hours...BLAH..NOT good timing. Hopefully I'll be up and functioning tomorrow!

    11. Please be careful with those EZ Up tents and their clones. We have had about 15 of them fail, literally, due to wind at different events. If that happens and your car is underneath, the damage will be much greater than any the sun can inflict.

      Our neighbor keeps his car under a fabric cover.

    12. beautiful car! No wonder you were upset.

      Hope you are feeling better soon


    13. Sorry about the car issue--Glad I'm not your husband, haha!

      I'm actually kind of excited to read about the oyster roast! I've never heard of such a thing, and I'm always interested in traditions other people love.

      Have a great Christmas, BTW! :)


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