Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

It's time for another fabulous Meet Me On Monday with Java at Never Growing Old!  This is a wonderful HOP for not only making new friends, but getting to know each other as well!  Come on--join the fun!!!


1.  Do you have any New Year's resolutions?  Nope.  Don't make them because I don't even remember them much less stick with them!

2.  What food item are you craving right now? None. (But that's probably because I just finished a bunch of couple of Dove chocolates and maybe a Twix and a Nestles Crunch bell...or two...I stopped counting so I wouldn't freak out.).

3.  When is your birthday? It's THURSDAY!  January 6...and I'm going to be 47.  Again.  I chose 47 because that's the only age that works if our oldest daughter stays 25 instead of turning 26 on Tuesday which she says she's going to do.  26? Give me a break, right? LOL

4.  What were you doing an hour ago? Trying to set Hubs up on facebook. I know it sounds easy but it was for Hubs so, not so much! 

5.  Last thing you cooked? Pot Roast for lunch today before all the company left.

Now it's YOUR TURN!


  1. My oldest daughter is 42...the next in line will be 40 !!!!! Can that be possible? I think Not.

  2. Just popped by to say Hi
    Helen x

  3. Oh, my gosh I love, and I mean LOVE Dove chocolates and especially the DARK Dove chocolate,I am drooling and it is barely 8:00am. I seriously have chocolate problems (LOL)

  4. Thanks for stopping by I am now your newest follower
    My hubby graduated the year I was born too so dont feel too old! LOL
    You are only as old as you want to feel, at least that is what I tell him daily

  5. I agree, when eating chocolate its best NOT to count.

  6. Howdy
    Meeting up on Monday.
    I'm lost...what is Hubs on FB?
    I'm a follower.
    Do drop by. Comments make me ☺ smile.
    January is Pet Month on my blog. Big giveaway coming up for all pet products. I'm giving extra entries now until Jan. 17!
    Laurie from

  7. I'm afraid I don't make New Year's Resolutions either - for the same reasons. LOL But maybe I should re-think that, or at least ponder some things that need to be attended to in 2011. All the best to you in the New Year. Look forward to more of your blog. :-)

  8. I don't make the resolutions either. I do love chocolate though! Matter of fact, I think it's time form some now!

  9. Ha! I'm the very same way with #1. And setting hubs up on FB? I recently did that with my husband. Amazing how they Just. Don't. Get. It. Why is that?

    A pre-Happy Birthday wish to you! I hope it's a wonderful one ... whatever age you really are. :o)

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I say age is just a number! ;)

  11. I love love love pot roast and I'm having it for dinner tonight. It took me forever and a day to figure out FB and why I should be on it.

  12. My daughter will be 29 in February...just doesn't seem possible!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Now following you!

  13. Pot roast, you rock! Yesterday was a day of eating for me, so much stuff. Let the diet begin soon. Dove is my favorite.

  14. My oldest will be 28 in July...doesn't seem possible!
    pot roast sounds so good...I'm hungry, everyones food is looking really good!

  15. Dove chocolate is one of my favorites. They are so, so good.
    Happy early Birthday. That is the same day as my moms.

  16. Loved your answer to #1 and the cartoons. I want to be Maxine when I grow up. My youngest child is 28--how did she become older than me?

  17. I am now your newest follower of both you blogs.

  18. Beverly,It is so funny how our kids, at some point, become older than us isn't?

    Thanks Ashley!

    Nice to see so many pot roast and Dove chocolate people out there--I am not alone! LOL

    Laurie, what I meant is that I was setting my husband up with a facebook account...I told him all he had to do is follow directions, but...LOL

    Shawn, impossible!

    Thanks so much for all the comments and the early birthday wishes!

  19. I'm the same re resolutions.
    Can't believe you've a 26 (or25)Y/O daughter.
    I've joined in MMOM for this week, thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Birthday for Thursday!

  20. Good choice in chocolate! Happy early birthday to you and your daughter! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a fantastic week!

  21. Thanks for the follow & look forward to reading your posts. Learned a little from your Meet Me Monday questions.
    I have to clarify the 365 projects for my resolution. They are SMALL projects, like organizing my coupon stash, changing my shower curtain & calling for hair cut appts. Nothing major or I would be done by 4 or 5, too. :) At least I can say I accomplished something!

  22. I haven't cooked a pot roast for a while. I guess that will be on the dinner menu soon :)
    Have a great week!

  23. mmmmm chocolate, sorry what else were you saying? lol

  24. Hey thanks so much for visiting! I love that 2 of your girls are Zetas...Of course you know that I have worked with a lot of Zetas in mu day as Chair of our local Race for the Cure...Thank them and your other 2 for their support!

    I am now a faithful

  25. Yum...pot roast sounds great! I enjoyed reading your answers :)

  26. I've been 47 for a couple of years also! In fact when I have to really tell my age, like at the dr's office... I have to stop and think about it! Thanks for stopping by.... Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

  27. Hey there Love your blog. I will definitely check out your recipes. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  28. Love the dove chocolates and Happy early birthday.

    Scrolling through some of your recent blogs and I am loving the Wii competitions. Right now completely loving the Just Dance 2, I will take on all the teenagers! ha

  29. thanks for the follow! I am following you back! Loved your answers!


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