Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss- the HOP

Patrice, at Everyday Ruralty, hosts Wednesday Words of Weight Loss every Wednesday!  It's a fun HOP that offers encouragement and company on the issue of weight.  Come on, this is your week to join in the FUN!


1.Have you tried various diets or programs? What works best for you?  The thing that worked best for me was a lifestyle change (the details are here) some of you have already read about. Basically, eating healthier, exercising and using livestrong.com made the best and biggest difference of all.  I lost 83 pounds.  Of course, I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and gained 17 of those back (which was bad since I wasn't finished taking weight off) but have begun to take some off again.  I get easily swayed back into the sugar habit---quite easily--and that's why I'm trying again.  This time, I'm not trying hard though.  I'm completely lacking in the motivation department.  

2. Have you ever dieted or exercised with a buddy?  Yes with the friend mentioned in the post linked above.  And even in years past whenever I started exercising it was always with a friend.  It's much more fun that way.   

3. What's your favorite type of salad?  Garden salads!  Different greens, peppers, cucumbers, spring onions, mushrooms, tomatoes (preferably cherry tomatoes), avocado, carrots, maybe some apple or grapes and a bit of cheddar cheese with a light vinaigrette.  YUMM--EE!

4. What's the first place  you start to notice that you're losing weight? (ie. tummy, arms) I guess in the belly area...no, no...my face.  My big fat behind seems to be the last to go- I do know that.  

5. What's one thing you can do to pamper  yourself this week?  Take a hot bath while eating chocolate...wait. No.  Ummm...I don't know...I'm not that into pampering--although frozen green tea bags on the eyelids for 20 minutes is very nice! 


  1. Love all your little pics to go with your answers!!!

  2. I gave up chocolate but that's not enough. I started going back to the gym, but I know I need to eat healthier.

  3. Maybe you could take a chocolate bath...No, I guess that wouldn't work either. Thanks to you I bought Zumba for the Wii. Good grief! I don't think I've ever felt so clumsy! Please tell me it gets better!

  4. I just don't think that anyone should be asked to give up chocolate! I switched to dark chocolate and it gives me all that chocolate goodness without the sugary sweetness of milk chocolate that sets up cravings.

    Love those graphics. LOL

  5. P.S....with the exception of Cadbury eggs. They're an essential part of springtime!

  6. Well have a really great week, your answers make me laugh. I like the green tea bags. Have a great week.

  7. My fingers are getting lots of exercise as I type my replies to my comments and do my posts....does that count? Love the picture too and as for frozen green tea bags...I haven't tried that one. I shall now.

  8. Deb- Thanks! I finally broke down and purchased a subscription to a clip art site.

    Eva- I gave it up once...I guess I can do it again. But I don't want to.

    Beverly- That actually sounds like a good idea!

    Judy-Thanks, now I have to go out and get a Cadbury egg. Can't wait for my soap to get here! I'm so excited!

    Kim- Thanks! Enjoyed your answers today!

    Carol- I wish but it doesn't and I know this because I would be skinny by now if it did! LOL LOVED your post- as usual!

  9. I like the idea about the frozen tea bags! My eyes are puffy too often these days. I will try it to see if it helps. I like the graphics you added.

    Regarding your motivation for dieting, I really think this is a hard time of year to maintain motivation for anything. There are a few glorious sunny days, but for the most part, this is a very gray time of year. I think spring often jump starts my resolve.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Comments isn't working well today, so if this is a duplicate, feel free to delete.

    I like the idea of the frozen tea bags. This might help my puffy eyelids. They have been pretty puffy lately.

    I think this is a hard time for everyone regarding motivation. While we have some sunny days, the gray ones are a bit hard to take. Hopefully our resolve will improve with spring.

    Thanks for joining me again this week. Have a great rest of the week!

  11. Patrice- I would agree with you except that we're in our second week of temps in the 70s--I noticed the weeping willows are putting out their greenery already and I'm STILL not motivated. Dang it! LOL

  12. I'm loving your blog! Found you over at Helen's where you were featured! She shared her post about you over on my weekend blog hops! I live in Abbeville/Greenwood, SC (hubby is a prof in Tilman Hall at Clemson, and I teach at USC-Upstate). I love to visit Charleston and only get there about once a year at the most due to busy schedules. Our 4 kids left the next 3 years ago for the same reasons and I'm loving the empty nest! Congrats on your weight loss, I need to read your link on how you made the changes. I'm doing the same and now down 23 with more to go. Please stop by my weekend get together and post any of your recipes and or thoughts! Roz at La Bella Vita (in SC)! Now following you so I don't miss a thing!


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