Sunday, March 20, 2011


Is it true what they say (I don’t know who THEY are, but I’m pretty sure they’re the ones trying to sell us on something by saying this) about things getting better with age?  I’m not referring to wine or cheese.  I’m talking about us.  When I was younger, there were so many qualities I wanted to possess but didn’t.  I wanted to be that girl who walks with an air of confidence so high that she makes people look at her and wish they were even half as confident--when I tried to exude confidence it was often interpreted as bitchy—I never quite got the hang of it.  I wanted to be that girl with the quick wit delivered by a sharp tongue—I just looked like an escaped asylum patient having a conniption fit, thus, losing all credibility.  I wanted to be that girl who had the long straight hair that glowed in the sunlight- my hair was wavy and one side would look great, but ONLY one side; the other side did just what the hell it felt like doing every single day of my life.  I wanted to be that girl who had all the answers in class and in the world. Usually, if I did have those answers, I kept them to myself because the fear of being wrong was greater than the satisfaction of being right...   
As I have aged, I still see things in others that I covet here and there, but, I’ve become quite comfortable with who I am.  I can even see where there are some things about me that have gotten better with age.  I know that my attitude has improved tremendously.  I am more positive now than I’ve ever been in the past.  I don’t walk around all smiles and feel-good all the time, but I do view things in a more positive way—I’m much more of a glass-half-full gal now.  It’s become easier to see the positive since I’ve reached my fifties and, I believe, that is due to the fact that I am more patient and take life a little slower--smelling all of the roses, not just the ones I happen to pass by.  I take the time to think about things before jumping in; I take the time to make a plan (although I’m still flexible enough to go with the flow when the need arises); I’m much better at waiting (meaning that my explosions at having to wait have not ceased, they just don’t happen as quickly as they used to—it takes a few days instead of minutes…might still need to work on this one); my temper has mellowed over the years- I’m not as quick to jump down someone’s throat although, I will still jump.  However, now, when I do the jumping, it’s not like a crazy lady went off on them, I simply give them a tongue lashing that they won’t soon forget (this really is better, even though it doesn’t sound like it); I am more tolerant of other’s stupidity (meaning I have come to accept that there are stupid people in the world and that I am going to come into contact with them unless I want to live in a cave all alone for the rest of my life); I can easily walk away from an argument with anyone, especially Hubs, because I have come, in my aging years, to realize that most arguments are stupid (meaning, I’m right and don’t need to listen to them shout their opinion at me so why bother—another one I might need to work on); I’ve become a bit more clever and quicker with the wit- my come-backs are soon to be coveted (well, maybe not coveted but most are quite clever); if I take on a project, it’s because I want to and I take the time to do it right instead of hurrying through it haphazardly just to get it completed (which is most likely the reason no projects have been started); I know the answers to more questions than I ever thought I would and, the answers I don’t have, I either learn or just let them go unanswered AND I don’t care what anyone else thinks about my answers or whether or not I have one.  And my hair?  I just pull it back every day and refuse to worry about it.  No, I’m not there yet.  But with aging has come some level of peace, calm and acceptance.  Maybe some of us have to grow into that girl we wanted to be.  Maybe she’s the one who comes with age.  

This is the 19th day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of March. The theme for this month is: in a word! My chosen word for today is: AGE and is loosely based on Thursday's prompt: If you weren't who you are, who do you wish you could be, and why?


  1. 'Age shall not wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety' sorry - I just fell into 'clever arse' mode. It was that word 'age' No I don't want to be Cleopatra (quote is from Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra')I couldn't handle the whole death by asp thing.
    I'd quite like to be you if I weren't me then I could still be like I am!
    Age does not matter one fig as long as you have a sense of humour!
    Enjoyed your post dear twin. (As always).

  2. It's true that we do find ourselves more acceptable after a certain age. But, there's always something to work on. I would like an 'undo' button for those moments when I say the first thing that comes into my head.

  3. I really like this post, and I can totally relate to it. I have struggled with my temper and anger management skills or lack thereof, in my earlier years as well. I think I am the person I want to be, and wouldn't want to be anybody else. However, I still find myself working on the 'minor' imperfections I still hold onto.

    This NaBloPoMO seems kinda interesting, maybe I should try it.Btw, is that you in the white dress? You look beautiful, and you hair does too.

  4. Good post, and I totally agree with you about how we certainly improve with age. And I mean we, as a person. I don't let things bother me half as much as they used to and, finally (!) in my mid-sixties, I have become a glass half full sort of person. I'm just glad to be here, grateful for a loving family and for the gift of friendship (including my bloggy friends!). In a nutshell - life's too short to worry about the little things.

  5. This was good! Made me think how unpopular I was as a kid because I had no self confidence but once I left home something happened! I blossomed and got confident in myself. I forget how shy and quiet I was in school.

  6. I hope I will get wiser too as I get older. Always nice to go through your Blog.

    I like your Bird blog too.

  7. Carol- I wouldn't be able to handle the death by asp either--hate those things. You are the sweetest! How dull my life would still be had I not 'met' you my long lost twin!

    Stephanie- An undo button would be so great!

    Alessandra- Do give it a shot! You don't have to use the prompts they give if you don't want to...the only real requirement is to post every day!

    This- What a great point- don't sweat the small stuff!

    Barb-I can't even imagine you as shy and quiet! Barb without that bubbly personality? No way!

    Cruise- Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the bird blog too!

  8. Stopped by for a visit and to catch up on your posts!

    Becks post was so sweet. I used to have a chocolate lab and the pictures brought back so many wonderful memories.
    Penny candy..Oh, where did those days go? Bazooka bubble gum was my fav and I had to get out the ice cubes and/or peanut butter to get the gum out of my hair after falling asleep with the gum still in my mouth. Also, I could blow a mean bubble!

    Age..did you have to remind me!! So many things have changed with time. I never had a bad temper, but also would never confront an issue. Luckily, I was able to speak my mind as I grew older. I was like you in school, even if I knew an answer, I would not raise my hand, because I was too afraid that I may be wrong. I would have never gone out to the store without makeup and every hair in place. Now, on the weekends, I put on a ball cap and away I go.

    Loved your posts!

  9. Shawn- Thank you so much for stopping and reading! Becks is just the sweetest! They are great dogs. I could blow a mean bubble too! Aging really isn't all that bad when we think about it, is it? LOL

  10. Overall I am pretty happy with me, I just wish it was a little less flabby.

  11. I think age really helps us put things into perspective. It's just a more relaxed, happy-with-what-we-have-and-who-we-are time.

  12. I agree with Mrs. Tuna. I always think "if i know then what i know now" I would have had a better time growing up!



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