Sunday, March 13, 2011


My week in the proverbial :

This has been a week of celebrations and firsts.

First train trip!

DoodleBug and Birdie took their FIRST ever train trips.  DoodleBug went with her roomie, Gibbsterriffic to Philly for spring break.  She had a FABULOUS time!  Gibbsterriffic's family took them to Lancaster to the Amish community; to the LIBERTY BELL; to READING TERMINAL MARKET; to China Town; Jones Cafe for Chicken Nachos and pierogis; Italian Market; she ate Shoo Fly Pie, Chicken Cheese Steak, cannolis, pierogis and LOVED ALL OF IT!  They took the bus to NYC for two days to visit Gibbsterriffic's aunt and went to Times Square; Central Park; Museum of Modern Art; The Diner; The High Line; Mamafuku ("Yummy restaurant"); Peep (" with a huge mirror in the bathroom where you can see out into the restaurant but they can't see into the bathroom.").  Of course, she missed sweet tea and grits!  No worries, I had them ready for her when she got back!  She brought me back a Pennsylvania cookbook so Wednesday's supper will feature several recipes featured in the book!

First time on the subway
Gibbsterriffic and DoodleBug on the High Line

Birdie is en route from DC but I'm certain she had a great time visiting her sister!  Deanie says they toured the Woodrow Wilson House and the Textile Museum; walked the Mall; and attended the National Shamrock Fest. I'll update her trip next week! HOLD THE PHONE!  I have PICTURES!!!!

Birdie and E at Lincoln Memorial

Birdie and E somewhere in DC

Birdie at WWII memorial...SC section of course. 

Birdie somewhere in DC

Birdie at the Whitehouse


The celebrations of the week were my dad's birthday on Friday and my mother's birthday today.  They are both 76 now.  Dad and my step-mom came down for the weekend.  Once again it was big fun with games and basketball!  [UNC I am NOT happy with since they just let Duke beat them today.  They gave Clemson the lead in yesterday's game all the way through until the Tarheels woke up and beat them in over-time.  You can't do that crap with Duke.  If you give them the lead, they will likely keep it.  And they did.  Anyway,brackets should be out tomorrow and I'm ready to fill mine out!]  We had a birthday oyster roast for Dad with oysters outside and boiled shrimp, She-Crab soup, deviled eggs, bar-b-que, roasted potatoes, homemade coconut cake, Key Lime Pie, fresh fruit and Lumpia (which are the best ever!  They are kind of like Chinese spring rolls but they're a Filipino dish- my SIL is Filipino and she makes these FROM SCRATCH-even the pastry- and they are just like Lays potato chips--you CAN'T eat just one--no way!) inside.  We played many games of FARKLE!--which you don't want to EVER play with my SIL because apparently good luck follows her around when dice are involved and she will beat everybody every game.  We played many games of BANANA GRAMS--which you don't want to play with me because this is where my luck comes into play.  We played Wii bowling all three days--which is another game where my luck comes into play (except for today when Hubs beat me ONLY ONE TIME and he was quite happy but I was NOT) and, during one game on Saturday, I beat Hubs, Dad, and my brother with a score of...wait for it....276!!!  That's right- 276!!!  The women in this family RULE!  As always, the worse part of a weekend like this is that it has to come to an end.  But it was so much fun while it lasted!  OH- in the above picture, from left to right:  Best SIL EVER; Best Brother EVER; Best Step-Mother EVER; Best Dad EVER!

DoodleBug and Gibbsterriffic made it back in time to bring some of their friends over for oysters and other good food!  Talk about timing!  Somehow I missed a couple...sorry guys!

Only 12 miles for the week on walking---we actually had some heavy rain on Thursday and Saturday I got too busy too early and just forgot about it.  Tucker and I have discovered a mean lady where we walk.  She won't let anyone's dogs NEAR her dog and yells at them-which she won't be yelling at Tucker EVER again--funny though, she enters the inner circle and has a choice of going left or right...she looks and chooses to go towards people who are coming her way and then yells, "No,no,no!!! Dont'!" and puts her hand out if your dog tries to say good morning to her dogs.  WTH?  We've seen her out there two more times after the initial misfortune and now she let's her dogs OFF LEASH (there IS a leash law) and let's them run over to your dog and doesn't call them back.  I think she's an idiot or something.  
Of course everyone has heard of the terrible devastation in Japan.  The numbers are staggering at this point.  We are continuing to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.    
Today is the 13th day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of March.  Our theme for the month is: in a word.  I am using the word 'CELEBRATE' today which is from Friday's prompt: Celebrate something -- anything -- today, and then tell us about it.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and the menu.....I am sure my invitation was lost in the mail!!!

    The Wicked Dog Lady sounds like she has a few loose screws!

    Doodlebug packed a lot of sightseeing into her spring break. NYC is one of my favorite places but I have not been to Philly.

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Shawn- How great would it be if all us bloggy gals and hubbys got together over here for an oyster roast? We can do it in any month that does not contain an 'R'--apparently you aren't supposed to get oysters during those months. It would be a BLAST! Your granddaughter looks so much like you!

  3. My invitaion must be with Shawns. :) Except oysters...don't think so except never tried them either.
    I love your week in a nut shell. I love the spring break. So cool to get to do all of that.
    Take care my dear and have a bleseed week.

  4. I miss living on the east coast, going to the City. One of my brothers is living in Philly now, miss that too darn it.

  5. Julie- No worries! I don't eat the oysters either! You can come and hang out with the few of us who prefer the inside food!

    Mrs.- You are just going to have to come back! And visit me when you do!

  6. One can get both nachos and pierogi at the same restaurant? Sounds like my kind of place! Now the really important question: Where are you going for spring break?

  7. Sounds like a very nice weekend, you're lucky to have such a close family. The mean dog lady sounds like trouble, I'd rent the biggest dog I could find and let him lose on her

  8. Fresh Oysters...yummers. Be careful of that PA Ductch food you might be thinking about cooking...lots of carbs :-) I know because I called that area home for 32 years :-)

  9. Fresh me some !! be careful with the PA Dutch food...loaded with carbs..haha...I know because that area was home for me for 32 years

  10. Karen- It was at Jones Cafe and she loved the food! I'm trying my hand at the pierogi on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

    Alessandra-It was a great time! I can't wait to see what crazy dog lady has in store for us this morning! LOL

    Jeff- I noticed that there was no shortage of carbs---but remember, carbs are a southerners best friend. LOL DoodleBug said it was gorgeous up there! You must have loved living there.


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