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If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.  ~Linda Sunshine

One of my favorite pictures of Breezy and Deanie- notice their facial expressions...quite typical at that time.

Birdie and DoodleBug having fun with some silly foam soap!  They were never cleaner than when they had that soap.  LOL
Breezy and Deanie (college/highschool)

Birdie and DoodleBug (college/high school)

The girls with Hub's mother who was also one of four daughters. (2008)
My mother and her sister, a.k.a. best aunt EVER. 

This is Day 5 of NaBloPoMo for the month of March.  The theme for the month is "In a word."  No given prompt or word today so I chose one myself:  SISTERS.  We are a family of women.  My dad has even said that if he had a grandson he wouldn't know what to do with him.  My mother had one sibling, a sister.  Hub's mother had three siblings, all sisters.  My brothers' children?  Girls!  Hubs and I have four children:  all daughters- four blessings!  


  1. Loved your sweet group of sister pics! My sis and I are very close even tho we only see each other every 2 years!

  2. What great pictures! Love this post. My son is the only son of an only son of an only son. We're hoping he has all boys!

  3. How blessed are you with four such beautiful daughters. No wonder the house is quiet without them!

  4. Brenda Susan- Thanks! Our girls are very close too each other too!

    Beverly- my step brother is like that. He and his wife have 2 girls. LOL

    This- Dead silent. Until they come home! LOL

  5. Love the photos. My sister is my best friend' I'm 66 and she's 70!

  6. What a beautiful family! No wonder you bloody miss 'em!

    I am not sure what NaBloPoMo is, or what I am supposed to do. Is it me being thick?!

  7. Eva- I always hoped our girls would be best friends when they grew up and they are! Isn't it wonderful?!

    Annie-It was so much fun while they were growing up! It still is...just different. NaBloPoMo is just a challenge where you post every day for a get your momentum going or something. Anyway, I'm trying it this month. Check it out at their site:

  8. great pictures EN! Loved seeing your family. You all sound similar to my family... I am one of 4 sisters, my mom was 1 of three sisters. Out of all of my sisters and my kids (13) we have only 3 boys. We even had girl dogs. LOL

  9. I loved the pictures of your girls.
    I always hoped my girls would be best friends but they are all so different, they do not like the same activities. They love each other deeply, but do not hang out on a regular basis. Erin (the oldest) and Amber ( the youngest) both work for their father so they see each other every day. Tiffany, in the middle, is a hair stylist and works nights, so frequent get-togethers are not always possible.
    The one thing that is a given, if one of them needs help..the others are there to lend a hand.
    My boys are lives here the other in California. Erin and her brothers have more in common because one likes to run and the other likes to travel!
    I am very proud of all my children

  10. Barb- Thank you!

    Betty- We wondered, when they were growing up, if they'd ever be close. We're very glad that they ended up close!

    Jessica-Thank you! We've always had boy dogs---just so Hubs wouldn't feel completely alone. LOL

    Shawn-We weren't sure when they were growing up whether they'd be close or not. I'm very glad they are though. Hub's grandmother had two sisters and those two didn't speak to each other the last 50+ years or so of their lives. And wouldn't have talked to her either if they knew she talked to both of them. CRAZY. From you posts and pictures, it's obvious that you have much to be proud of!

  11. What lovely photos...thanks for sharing them. I had to laugh at your quote at the top. Absolutely, totally agree. Sisters! Wouldn't be without mine.

  12. Thank you Stephanie! Our girls like that quote too!

  13. Wonder quote and oh, so true!!

    Some beautiful ladies in this post.

  14. such beautiful girls!

    i wanted to let you know you got a shout out on my blog this week :)

  15. Oh how I know it is, love her to death but would love to kill her at the same time.
    Wouldn't trade her for anything except maybe one that didn't get so mean at times.
    Thanks for sharing. I love these posts.
    Take care my friend, God Bless!!

  16. Okay, Sistah's in two words......THE BEST!

  17. Gail- It holds true for brothers too! LOL

    MB-I read it and you're just too kind and generous! But I love it!

    Julie- I always thought I wanted a sister, but I wonder now if I would be as close to her as I am to my brother.

    Mrs.-That's what my girls say too!

  18. What a beautiful family! I can just imagine the chatter and giggles when they're all home together.

  19. Kara- Thank you! There was plenty of chatter and giggles all right...but also some yelling! LOL

  20. You are truly blessed with four lovely daughters but I do sympathise with your husband. He must have found it hard at times with five women in the house.

  21. Lindy- AT times is an understatement! We did let him have male dogs. LOL

  22. I agree with that quote!
    Really cute pictures, thank you for sharing them.

  23. Debby- funny but true, right? LOL Thank you for coming by and commenting! Glad you like them!


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