Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Sunday is the only day that we do not post for the A-Z Blog Challenge so, it's time for my week in the proverbial

We actually had some chilly, damp stormy days this week which meant that Tucker got to wear his newly knit sweater before we cool off again--in November.  But the BIG thing is, the weather dudes called it right!  It was amazing!  They so rarely get it right, that this is a huge deal!  So, congratulations guys!  Now, all you have to do every day until November is say: "Folks (cause I know how y'all LOVE to use the word 'folks') it's going to be a hot one (or scorcher once July and August arrive) out there today." and you should be covered.

DoodleBug and Gibby

DoodleBug and the Gibbs-terrific came over for their weekly home cooked meal on Wednesday.  We had brown rice with black beans and tomatoes, a super huge salad (because these kids LOVE salad), broccoli casserole (just because Birdie has been wanting one so they took it to her) and corn bread.  For dessert I used the NuNaturals sweetener and baking powder to make their chewy chocolate chip cookies.  They were really good.  But I don't dig that sweetener in my green tea.  I won the contest over at Patrice's Everyday Ruralty!  Thanks again Patrice!

Most of you already know that Deanie celebrated her 24th birthday on Friday.  She had the day off and used a gift certificate her boss gave her for Christmas to enjoy a SPA day.  She LOVED it!  We missed having her here for her birthday but, as long as she's doing what makes her happy, that's good enough for us (that's not to say that we aren't hoping that she gets sick of DC and comes back home, but, you know...).

Honestly, she's always been a prankster.
DoodleBug got Hubs, my mother (Mimi) and me with April Fool's pranks.  She called her dad and asked him to come get her out of jail for using a fake ID to buy beer.  She called Mimi to tell her she was dropping out of college and joining the Peace Corps early. She called me and was upset because she didn't know that Gibbs-terrific had her rats out in one of the bathrooms and that one got out and Birdie's dog, Strider, had eaten it. 

"What should I do mom?!"       
"How do you know Strider ate the rat?"
"Because I can't find her anywhere."
"I don't think he ate it, there would be pieces of rat body lying around.  He wouldn't eat the whole thing."
"No, I'm sure he ate her."
"How do you know for sure?"
"There's blood!"
"Where is the blood?"
"On the living room floor."
"Oh, that's not good."
"And on Strider's mouth."
"Oh, that's really not good."
"What should I do?  Should I call Gibby and tell her?  She's going to be really mad at me."
"Well, she should have left a note or something that the rats were out." (See how I cover for my kid and put the blame on someone else?)
"But what should I do? Should I call her and tell her APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!!!!!"

That one is a STINKER for sure!

Saturday was spent out in the garden. I planted two of the raised beds and Hubs spent time getting the rain barrels up and running.  We still have one raised bed to plant, the fenced in garden area, and all the flower containers but at least we're on it!  Of course, part of the day was spent at the local hardware store and part of today will be spent at Lowes, but I'm pretty sure we'll survive!  I talked to each plant as I put it in the dirt, telling them to grow and grow and grow!  Maybe that's what I left out last year. 

The NaBloPoMo for March ended.  It was pretty good for getting some good habits going.  I decided to break from it for April and then, and I'm not sure whether or not this was a bright idea, joined in the A-Z Blog Challenge for April.  If anyone is interested in joining either of these challenges for the month of April, just click the badges below! 

And that was my week!  Wishing each of you a week of smooth sailing and remember--look for the humor in the midst of it all!


  1. Here in the UK on a comedy TV show there was each week a female 'weather girl' who would wave in the general direction of a map and repeatedly inter 'scorchio, scorchio, scorchio'. I guess she must have been pointing at your part of the world :O)

  2. Best April's fools joke ever!


  3. What a delightful post you write. When you got to the end, I was wishing for more! You have a super family and clearly love your life, and life in general! It's so nice to bump into someone who shares so much positive, happy energy. Talk about a mood should bottle your essence and sell it!

  4. I agree with Desiree, your posts are always funny and uplifting without sounding fake or over the top, I love reading them. The weather people out here come in two sizes: ginormous boobs if women, dorky looking if men, but they're both wrong more often than not.

  5. Jane- She must have been! LOL

    Susan- You say that because she didn't get you. LOL She's still laughing at us. Good thing we can laugh at ourselves!

    Desiree-You are much too kind with your words, but I love every single one of them! Thank you so much!

    Alessandra-We don't have any women weather forecasters here...and I'm guessing it wouldn't help anyway! Thank you so much!

  6. My daughter moved to DC 4 years ago...I don't think he is coming home anytime soon.

  7. Those were some great April Fools go DoodleBug!

  8. Me too, me too...I loved your post and want to say what others ahve already said. You have such a great family and your April Fool's jokes were better than the stinker my mother played on me. Just want to add Bravo! to Birdie. Well done.
    Looking forward to hearing about the coming week at 'casa Emptynest'

  9. Jeff-No, she'll stay for at least another year. What does your daughter do up there?

    Shawn- Easy for you to say since she didn't get you! LOL It really was funny--well, the ones on her dad and grandmother. LOL

    Carol-We are, actually, a bunch of NUTS around here! Did hubby ever decide which clothes to pack?


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