Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

It's time to wrap-up the last seven days SO, here's my week in a

I finished planting my little planters of flowers that sit in front of the raised beds AND all my little basket planters (those pictures will come later- we haven't attached them to the rails yet) that Hubs got me for the deck rail!  Plus, the raised beds are now completed- including the irrigation!  Except that Hubs (aka Mr. Perfectionist) is not completely happy with the dripping so we have now entered the tweaking-of-the-irrigation-system phase.  All we have left is to finish tilling up the fenced in garden area and plant the squash, cucumbers, beans, more onions, potatoes, beets...If the garden is productive this year we will have plenty of veggies to enjoy!  And flowers! The frames you see around the beds will be covered with wildlife netting to keep out the pesky...wildlife. 

The three raised beds with my flower containers!
Soaker tube feeding some onions.

Feeder tube dripping rain water on a pepper plant.
The squash/cucumber/bean section that has to be tilled up.
This bed contains tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.  The blue tub in the back contains grapes!

This is the hot and sweet pepper bed-and onions.  The blue tub will hold a blueberry bush!

Green leaf lettuce, Romain lettuce, onions, shallots, garlic and horseradish! 

We actually had some thunder storms this week- I LOVE thunder storms! Last night we spent hours under a tornado watch- those I can do without!  Tucker is not fond of storms at all.  He has to sit on my lap under a blanket.  And I let him because he's a sweet little guy and I have spoiled him completely ROTTEN!

DoodleBug and Gibbs-terrific came over for our Wednesday night supper--Birdie always has a meeting on Wednesday nights so I send some home to her with the girls.  I made them Artichoke/mushroom frittatas and Roasted Veggie Sandwiches.  For dessert I made a Sugarless Cheesecake.  Yummy-lish on all counts!  I got the recipes from a couple of Suzanne Somers' cookbooks I ordered after Judy at Cranberry Morning commented that a friend of hers was losing weight with these cookbooks.  So I now have my own little plan goingIt's loosely based on a combination between Atkins and Suzanne Somers.  I call it ASS off.  We shall see how it goes.  Meanwhile, the recipes in the cookbooks are pretty darn good.

I had a bit of excitement of the adrenalin rush sort on Wednesday, but I'm saving that for another post.  We also had some family excitement of the excitement sort, but that will come in another post also.  Hey, I have to have a post every day for the A-Z Blog challenge so I'm saving these two occurrences. However---

Deanie had some excitement this weekend.  I received 3 texts from her this morning at 3:10 am---that's right, 3:10 AM--  1.  "omg omg omg"  2. "I just met, shook hands with and talked to DAVID BECKHAM!"  3. "I can die happy."  I'm not kidding--that girl IS living the life!  Here's her facebook status:  ..."is probably the happiest girl alive! I just met DAVID BECKHAM-and told him my dog was named after him...what a loser, but at least I can die happy :)"  I wondered if she told him that her dog, Becks, was named after him-I would have--and I don't think it was a loser statement at all.  None of us really know what will come out of our mouths if we should have a chance meeting with a celebrity---especially one who looks like this: 

I received an award this week from Lynne over at The Giggle Fest.  You should go over there if you haven't already.  You will find heartwarming tales that will make you tear up and then smile followed by intense laughter!  She provides it all!  Now, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself- but I'm not sure there are seven things left that y'all don't already know!  And then pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers...

1. I can't stand tea without sweetener, ice and lemon.
2. Even though I'm adjusting quite well to our empty nest, I still miss the times when our girls were little.
3. I am allergic to just about every man-made odor there is in soaps, perfumes, lotions, cigarette smoke (but not cigars or pipes...odd), etc.  And to some God made ones as well- gardenias, some roses, pollen etc. As soon as I smell these things I can also taste them and then I get a massive headache.  But I still love to grow flowers!
4.  My grandparents have been gone for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS and I still miss them.
5.  I love to hear little kids laugh- it's so real.
6.  I am a hugger.
7.  I hate to cry.  Not over sad/lovestory/touching/emotional movies or books but in real life when I am angry/sad/hurt/etc...  I feel that it makes others see me as vulnerable and I HATE that because I also hate being taken advantage of which is what a lot of people do when they see someone as vulnerable. 

Now, y'all KNOW how I HATE to narrow these things down to just a few of my favorite blogs BECAUSE I follow all of you for a REASON- I LOVE to read your blogs!  So, if you feel that your blog falls into any of the following categories (all are synonyms of VERSATILE) I implore you to take the AWARD and post it PROUDLY on your blog!  Come on y'all.  After all, I did IMPLORE you!  Oh, and there's one more thing:  tell which synonym you chose!

accomplished; multifaceted; resourceful; functional; adaptable; dexterous; ingenuous; versatile.

There are no A-Z Blog Challenge posts on Sundays!  Can I get a Hallelujah?!


  1. I loved reading your 'week in a nutshell' post! You've certainly been busy in the garden...those raised beds and planters are looking great and I can't wait to see when they're growing fully and producing edibles and flowers :) My husband sounds the same...always tweaking to get things set up perfectly!

    I was going to ask previously, then didn't...but I'm going ahead now. Are you vegetarian? You seem to make some wonderful meatless meals :) Love your ASS loss diet!!!

    Tell Tucker our dogs are all nervous of thunder! Bonny and Toby would no doubt love to tuck up under a blanket on our laps, but being German Shepherds, they're a bit too large for comfort :) Heathcliff usually growls and barks back at the thunder and is happy, as long as he's right beside us, on the floor. Romeo is with us at the moment. He has yet to experience his first thunder storm, but I suspect he's going to pull a Tucker on us ;)
    Romeo sends lots of love, hugs, licks and tailwags and says he asked Lazarus to donate his prize to an Animal Rescue Centre.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your "exciting" and "adrenalin rush" news snippets :)

    Have a good start to your week!

  2. Gem- I have found that I don't waste my time on anger as I get older...and older...and...LOL But yes, we're only human!

    Desiree- We are not vegetarians but DoodleBug's roommate is so I always feed them meatless on Wednesdays. Hubs loves all meat, I stick mostly to fish, turkey and chicken. I've tried to go vegetarian but Hubs wants to know where the meat is when I do that. LOL

    Tucker would have so much fun playing with your doggies! He sends a congrats and a well done to Romeo!

  3. LOL! I received the same award from a different blogger and posted about it too. Funny. I also HATE it that I always cry, when I feel angry/hurt/emotional. I just can´t seem to hold those tears back.
    Love that your daughters text you in the middle of the night.

  4. I'm very jealous of your planters.. I have tomatoes (we're harvesting already here), mini bell peppers (again harvesting) jalepenos and lots of herbs.. I think its too hot for some of the other things.. but you've inspired me to go and ask the question!..

    David Beckham... yummo

  5. love reading your blog! :)

  6. I used to always have a garden when I lived back east but the soil in Arizona isn't so accomodating darn it.

  7. Betty- Too funny! I know- and then I get angry or angrier...LOL They do it all the time...I guess they think I'm still young- HA!

    Clare-Oh good! Maybe you'll be able to try some other veggies! Agreed about David Beckham!

    Sharde- Thank you!

    Mrs.-Then get yourself right back over here- we'll garden together and share recipes!

  8. I absolutely love your garden!! That square-foot-gardening approach in raised beds is such a great idea.

    My doggies hate storms too. Bridger prances around panting and Misty cowers. They're too big to be on my lap or I'd probably have them under a blanket with me too!

    I've read Atkins, South Beach, and have a friend who's been VERY successful with the Suzanne Somers approach. I think they're somewhat similar and they sound good to me. Of course I just polished off a dark chocolate Ritter bar while considering my options.

  9. I am soooooooooo jealous. Can't plant here for at least another month. It could snow next week :-)

  10. I really love your gardens. I can't wait to hear the news. And I love you week in a nut shell.
    Take care Pam and have a great week. God Bless!!

  11. Judy-Thank you! I am excited about it this year! We're supposed to have storms tomorrow- which means I'll have to skip tutoring to sit with Tucker. It was your comment a while back that sent me to buy the Suzanne Somers books!

    Jeff- That would drive me nuts!

    Julie- Thank you!

  12. Your beds are really coming along. I'm jealous. I won't be growing anything this summer.

  13. I am so jealous of your garden--we have a growing season of about one month here in AZ. Good luck on your diet/fitness--ASS off, I love it!

  14. Michele-You'll just have to come visit us in SC and we'll share with you!

    Jules- Our growing season is practically year round- hopefully this year we'll see tons of fruit. Well, wait, not tons, but a lot! LOL
    Thank you!

  15. I am so impressed with your garden.
    You are going to have some wonderful treats coming your way!
    Congratulations on your award. Babies laughing are one of my favorites.

  16. Debby-Thanks! We are ever hopeful that it will be productive this year!


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