Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

This is LATE!  I'm sorry, but it has been ONE BUSY WEEKEND!  And so, without further ado, here's my week in a---
The week started out with me wondering just how it is that I can be so stupid sometimes---I told a friend that I would sub in a class this week--OF ALL WEEKS.  The week I had to put the finishing touches on Birdie's graduation prep.  At least I was finished by noon each day!  And I did have a great time with the students!

Birdie discovered that she passed the BOC (Board of Certification) on Tuesday.  Her degree in Athletic Training is pretty much useless without the passing of this $300EverySingleTimeYouHaveToTakeIt test.  Apparently there is only a 33% pass rate for those taking the BOC the first time---this was Birdie's FIRST TIME!  (Yes, I realize that I may have mentioned this before.  I just can't help myself!).

My dad and stepmother (SMom) picked Deanie up at the airport in Charlotte, NC and arrived by lunch time on Friday.  Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER arrived that night.  Having everyone home this weekend was FANDAMNTASTIC!  We had the BEST WEEKEND EVER! 

Here are some of the highlights:

Friday afternoon the Department of Health and Human Resources held a 'Meet and Greet' for the seniors.  Afterwards, we were invited to tour the classrooms where our EXTREMELY SMART kids have spent their last four years. 

This is only the second picture in the second classroom and Birdie is already getting annoyed with me taking so many pictures.  That has never stopped me. 

Annoyed or not, Birdie is quite proud of her accomplishments!  As she should be! 

This is in one of the training rooms.  Birdie and FriendA are having a 'Tape-Off' which is a race to see who can tape an ankle the fastest and still do a good job.  That's DoodleBug's ankle that Birdie is taping.  (They finished at about the same time --Birdie maybe a second ahead--but Birdie's efforts were PERFECT and I'm not just saying that because she's my kid!).

There were 6 Athletic Training seniors but these are the four that hung together and supported one another from freshman year.  That's Birdie on the far right.

These are the six deuces that my dad rolled while playing Farkle!  That roll was worth 3,000 points--IF you roll them all at once.  You play to 10,000. 

Birdie on graduation morning.

Birdie's Department banner---it's Carolina BLUE!

That's Birdie coming down the steps at graduation with her hair up--and IT'S NOT IN A PONY TAIL! (Birdie wears a pony tail every day of her life)

Birdie shaking hands with some college big shot...

DoodleBug, Evwardo (Birdie's awesome boytoy), Birdie and Deanie.  Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER were at home because BestSonInLawEVER got some major sunburn at the beach that morning.  His new name might have to be LobsterBoy.

My dad, Birdie and SMom after graduation.

The 4 Lovelies!

The 4 Lovelies, Gibbsterrific, and Evwardo.

And then things got silly!

And then they got sillier!

AND THEN they got sillier still!

See that cake?  Well, I asked the bakery to make the flowers and edges CofC burgundy and to make the writing the same color.  That's purple (THE COLOR I DISLIKE THE MOST)  and blue.  Won't be using them again.

When he saw this picture, Dad said to BestSonInLawEVER, "Now I know what a JackAss in a briar patch looks like!"  And BestSonInLawEVER replied, "Is Breezy the briar patch?"  My family is full of nuts!

Birdie and Deanie with mustaches drawn on their fingers.  I don't know...

Birdie, Evwardo, and DoodleBug came back over for supper (sauteed shrimp and asparagus on brown rice) and to play with my Mother's Day present:

Yep.  My Lovelies got me Just Dance for Wii!


And that was my week!  I hope all of you had a wonderful family filled Mother's Day weekend!  I'm am going to play catch-up with y'alls blogs tomorrow!  Have an AWESOME week and don't forget to check in for the giveaway that starts TUESDAY! 


  1. What a happy day! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Your family is so cute and yes, a little nuts too. Congrats to Birdie for her efforts, what are her plans now? Glad you had a great Mother's day :)

  3. Lovely photo diary.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Looks like a Mother's Day to remember


  4. looks like you had a fabulous week. Photos are great :)

  5. Great photo diary... thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Betty- Thank you!

    Alessandra-A hospital in Texas is flying her out for an interview into their grad program. If she gets in, she gets to work in their Sports Medicine facility and they pay for her Masters!

    Carol- I truly was one for special memories! Thank you!

    lou-We really did have a grand time! Thank you!

    Clare- Not as exciting as Gator Land, but we did have fun! LOL

  7. Thanks for sharing your families fun and accomplishments!
    Some of those "silly" pics look like ones I've gotten when my fam gets together. It's usually VERY difficult to get a decent pic.

    congrats to you proud mama

  8. Cindy-Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Aren't family gatherings the absolute BEST?!

  9. brilliant happy, lovely photographs. Your family exudes exuberance and cheer. You are one lucky lady. (And they are all gorgeous!)
    Hugs and belated happy Mother's day to you XOXO

  10. My family is so distant emotionally as well as geographically. I love how all the sisters came to celebrate the big day with Birdie. You must be just so proud of them all. I will appreciate families like yours through blogging. I think I was found under a rock because I'm so not like the rest of mine.

  11. Wow and OMG! What a fun week you had not to mention extremely busy!!
    Wonderful pictures and congrats to Birdie for passing her test.

  12. What a bloody brilliant post - it looks like you had so much fun. And your daughter is gorgeous... Awww!

  13. Carol-Thank you! Hope your Mother's Day fantastic! Guess what arrived in the mail today? YES! My beauty package!!!

    Barb-I am proud of them! So, you're the only compassionate, caring, loving, humorous, wonderful, kind, lovely member of your family?

    Debby-Fun and busy is exactly right. Now, it's too quiet! Thank you so much!

    Annie-Thanks! And, how are you feeling after eating at Cracker Barrel? LOL

  14. Betty-Thank you so much! If it's one thing this family knows how to do, it's laugh! At least it keeps us from crying, right? LOL

  15. Some things are worth mentioning more than once : ) Your family looks like fun!

  16. Thanks Joyce! They are fun...and loud! It's so quiet here now that it's eerie!

  17. Great pictures of your family!! And great accomplishment to your Birdie. Looks like a perfect Mother's Day weekend. :)

  18. Jessica- Thank you! It was a great time!

  19. Jessica- Thank you! It was fabulous!


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