Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bye bye Birdie

Birdie has arrived safely in Texas.  Where she will be working, studying and living for the next two longest years of my life.

Charlie is ready to roll while Strider takes a few more minutes to chow down.

Seats 3--PERFECT!

Last trek down our street...
Bye Birdie. 

I'll update with pictures of the apartment, etc. as soon as Birdie figures out where exactly it is she packed her camera! 


  1. It will fly by, dang it, and we'll both be two years older!

  2. Michele- Did you have to bring THAT up? LOL

  3. Oh, Pam, I understand the heartache of kids living far away! I wrote about it today, too. blessings, k

  4. I'm so glad to hear she arrived safely. What a clever way to have arranged to travel :) I had been wondering what would happen to her dogs, now I know! So pleased she was able to take them with her!
    And now, I know you're feeling very sad and probably also very tearful right now, so I'm sending an extra big hug to comfort you.

    Tomorrow is Doodlebug's 20th niece who lives in Australia, turned 20 today! I hope you have a wonderful day, even though I know you'll be missing Birdie a LOT!!!

  5. Start the count down, she'll be back before you know it. I'm glad she was able to take her doggies with her. HOpefully, she'll be able to come for the holidays.

  6. Our youngest packed up and moved out shortly after graduating from high school. Happily she's only 10 minutes away until she finishes community college and heads 40 miles up the Interstate to finish her degree.

    I swear I thought that was our Buddy sitting in the passenger seat. Charlie looks just like him!

  7. Oh my. I know how hard this is to have her that far away. I'm thinkin' of you!

  8. Karen- It truly sucks.

    Desiree- Birdie wouldn't go anywhere if she couldn't take her dogs. If she goes, they go. We will be missing Birdie a lot, but we will enjoy DoodleBug's birthday. Shrimp and grits on the menu!

    Alessandra-That girl won't go anywhere without her pups! And she will be home for Christmas!

    Chip-Our youngest is just downtown and has two more years of college. So at least we still have her nearby. Charlie is a sweetheart! So is Strider!

    Judy-Thank you. It is hard. And I don't like it.

  9. I hope you are going to be okay.

  10. I'm sure you are missing her already. But, you done good raising her so she'll be just fine. Hugs!

  11. It's an exciting new journey for them... a little sad for us.
    ((( hugs )))
    ~ Mona : )
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  12. Oh my goodness, those photos tugged at my heartstrings. It must be very hard.
    I may be facing this in September, ugh!

  13. Shoot, "Sheldon" moved out last month across town and I miss her like crazy!

  14. Tears for you. I can't imagine Pam, they just grow up so fast. Mike will take Scout when he goes, which will leave another hole in the heart too.
    Keep busy they say, think a bit hard through the tears. It'll get easier they say, not to positive about that but millions do it all the time but it's not the same.
    Take care my friend, thanks for sharing. Blessings!!

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  16. big hugs(((((EN)))))) thankyou for your help and kind words when Danny left home, its so damn hard hey.
    I'm almost 4 months out now and it does get easier. It has helped that he has also missed us and home,so is in touch a lot. he's getting leave this weekend,so will have him under our roof for a few days. can't wait,though I suspect most of his time will be spent with friends.

    chin up Mum :)

  17. She'll be having a lot on her mind and busy settling in before the photos arrive to you....I know how anxious you are.

    I think she's gonna love it in Texas!! I know I do.

    Maybe before the two years are over, you may get a chance to visit her...then, drop down to where I am and we can meet!! [hint]


    Have a happy Sunday.

  18. She'll be fine mama. If she ever needs guidance on all things Texan, pls, have her call me. I really mean that.

  19. the pictures say what you are not :(

  20. I know the feeling. ((HUGS)) So those are her dogs? Glad she made it there safe and sound.


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