Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell!

The week started off just dandy but ended with a complete downer which I wrote about on Friday night's post. 

So, here's my week in a

It was WAY too quiet around here after everyone left.  The house was rockin' and rollin' with fun all weekend and then BAM!  It was quiet.  I don't think I like it too much when they go home.  Not too much at all.  But I am grateful for the time we have all together---short though it is.  If you missed those pix, you can see them on last Sunday's nutshell post.

In case you don't already know this, humidity SUCKS.  I appreciate it NOT and it's becoming more and more annoying as this brutally hot/humid summer continues.  If the darn stuff would turn into a daily afternoon summer storm WITH rain, I wouldn't mind so much.  But NO.

And that's about it.  Right now the wind is just out of my sails.

But here are a few pix of something that makes life wonderful--Birdie and the pups yesterday morning:

This is Charlie.  Charlie is King of the pool.

Charlie and Strider- Birdie's boys.

Charlie is amazing-he can hold the soccer ball on one side and pant on the other side.  The talent in this family never ceases to amaze me.

Charlie is also King of soccer and enjoys a game with Birdie.

"Christiano Ronaldo has nothing on me!" says Charlie.

He never loses sight of the ball...

And, in his best Charlie Sheen voice--Winning!

Be afraid, Ronaldo, be very afraid!

Meanwhile, Strider is looking at all the pretty colors...

And thinks that Charlie is stupid because it's HOT out here...

And Tucker looks on from the deck.

That ball is MINE!


And Tucker looks on from the deck...

Strider and Charlie's idea of a stick.

Ah, nothing like a stick and some shade.

What?  More soccer?!  BRING IT!

And Tuck continues to look on from the deck...

And gives Birdie kisses.


  1. These are adorable photos! Love Soccer Dog and your daughter. Our GSD wrecked many footballs by grabbing them away from the boys and taking off. They would get so mad at him.

    Can't stop thinking about your last post. So tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and hers.

  2. What marvellous photographs! Charlie and Strider clearly take after their much energy! They are beautiful dogs. I love the way Tucker just stayed resting in the shade!

  3. Judy- Thank you! Our golden retriever used to play soccer with Birdie when she was growing up--she spent about 10 years on the soccer did we. LOL

    Desiree-Thanks! Yep, Birdie's take after her and mine takes after me--I was in the shade too. LOL

  4. Thinkin' about the humidity - how do they actually play soccer? I'd be chewing on that stick in the shade, for sure. Great photos.

  5. These photos are so cute and so much fun, I always enjoy your posts. Wow a soccer coach your daughter has!. Tucker is still the coolest (and smartest apparently..)

  6. Stephanie- All I can say is- YOUTH. I was in the shade with Tucker. LOL

    Alessandra-Thank you so much! No doubt Tucker has the brains of the three. LOL

  7. I love that smile on Charlie's face! Happy 4th!

  8. I agree on the humidity...I would prefer my steam coming from an afternoon shower but we are dry...and hot...and humid, too.

    Love these photos!!!

    Lil does the same thing with the size of her sticks. Sometimes she will bring me one, I can throw a foot but she is happy anyway.

  9. I am still shocked by your previous post, but it did cheer me up to see the delightful pictures of your beautiful daughter larking around with Charlie!

    Crikey, yes it must seem really quiet after they have gone. I am like that with only one kid!!

  10. Hi there. Hope you're all bearing up okay after the dreadful news at the end of last week. Hope Doodlebug is okay, and I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Lovely photos for us to see today. Thanks for sharing them. Tucker is my favourite and looks quite adorable!!

  11. So funny. I love how you talk for the dogs. That is some stick!

  12. Great pictures, and I'd be right along with Tucker! It's miserable here in N. Louisiana, and I don't go outside unless it's necessary.
    Love your blog!

  13. Your pictures are fantastic, you have quite an eye for photography, have you taken classes? I always enjoyed your bird pictures.

    I think Tucker has the right idea, chillin' out on the deck!

  14. Chip- He's quite the expressionist! LOL Happy 4th to you too!

    Gail-You should have seen Tucker out there this afternoon trying to lug that 'stick' around---hilarious! If we get rain, I'll send some to you...if you get it...LOL

    Betty- Thanks! Oh I wish you could too! It's so dang hot! Your secret is safe with me!

    Annie- It's a sad day indeed. Her parents are holding up pretty well, considering. It's going to take a hell of a lot of time for them just to be able to live with it. I figured I needed something upbeat after the other post. And dogs will do that, won't they?

    This- Thank you so much! The service is in the morning and the kids will be over afterwards. We're hoping for a few minutes at least, just to be together and have some up time...the entire team is here now. Those who were home for the summer have flown back into town. They are like a HUGE family and the support they give each other is priceless!

    Denise- Thanks! Tucker was trying to carry the stick around today...too funny!

    Shirley- Oh I bet it is hot where you are! Just as humid too! Stay inside- that's where I'll be too! Thanks so much!

    Shawn-No photography classes since college and that was eons ago---way before digital cameras. Tucker's pretty smart when it comes to avoiding the heat!

  15. I'd be with Tucker, sipping some cool drink!

  16. Mimi- That's exactly where I was after taking the pictures!

  17. Wow- amazing photos!!! Those dogs are great subjects, like they were born to model. :)

    I am very aware that humidity sucks. It's the suckiest of the sucky. I HATE humidity!!!!!!


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