Tuesday, August 16, 2011


But not for me. For the third year in a row, I don't have a kid to get ready for the first day of school. The last time I got to shop and get someone up for the first day of school was August 2008 which was DoodleBug's last first day of school. Well, we did move her into a dorm room in August of 2009 for her first year of college- so, that counts. Right?

I should be practically giddy that I don't have to try and get a kid up on the first day of school

I should be extremely grateful that I didn't have to fight to get a kid to go to sleep so they would get up for the first day of school.

I should be thrilled beyond belief that I didn't have to take out a second mortgage to buy school supplies, new school clothes and pay school fees.

I should be tickled pink that I didn't have to sit in first day of school traffic.

I should be delighted that I didn't have to prepare breakfast for four little girls and rush out the door to be on time for the first day of school.

I should be elated that I didn't have to leave a kindergartener crying on the first day of school- actually, I am glad about this one! Though none of the lovelies ever cried at school.

And I am grateful in some ways. But I really do miss those days. We had such fun getting ready for school and going on that first day back. The lovelies LOVED school. But then, it was easy to love school around here. They attended the best elementary school around and had the most amazing teachers!

Middle school left a lot to be desired but the two older lovelies attended the School of the Arts and I homeschooled the two younger ones.

Even high school was full of more good than bad. Seriously, with four daughters attending the same high school and all the teachers they had, we only experienced three who had no business teaching anybody anything EVER.

All is not lost, however. I do still wander the back to school aisles to see what majorly cool cannotdowithoutthem supplies they have these days. Remember those black and white marbled composition notebooks? They have the coolest colors and designs now! I bought two to use for journaling! I even bought more pens that I just had to have! And it was fun listening to the arguing debates between the moms and their kids as to the importance and need of certain items. And then there was the dad who had his three kids in there and had no idea on the face of the earth what he was doing. Good thing the kids were telling him the things they 'needed'. God only knows what those three showed up with today. But it was sure good for a chuckle.

I do still volunteer at the elementary school. And I enjoy it so much! But it's different. I'm not up there now because my kids are up there and I get to see them at school. I just do it because it fills up empty hours it's fun. And hugs from elementary school kids are so rewarding.

But, for the most part, I just watch other people get their kids ready for the first day of school. And remember fondly a time not so long ago when I was one of those frazzled moms trying to make it back to school on time.


  1. Oh gosh, this is a great post. Makes me want to slow down today and enjoy the chaos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My youngest just started middle school, so I know that the days of no kids in school anymore will be here before I know it. I am sure I will miss it too.

  3. What a sweet, nostalgic post! My kids were homeschooled, but I do remember those days fondly. They had to be up and dressed and follow a schedule just like their public school counterparts. I am a sucker for school supplies and yes, I know those composition notebooks well. I have several in my closet - along with the fine-tip Sharpies in every color of the rainbow! :-)

  4. Tina- Do enjoy it because it will be over before you know it!

    Michelle- Oh goodness, it'll be here in a flash! Hope her legs get her though PE this week!

  5. Judy-When I homeschooled Birdie and DoodleBug we had a schedule too. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have done a thing! LOL OH YES! The fine tip Sharpies! Love them!

  6. I remember those days with fondness as well. The excitement of new supplies and laying out a new school outfit the night before are fond memories.

    Now I have five grandchildren ages 2 - 11 so I have been able to share in their first day of school adventures.

  7. I enjoyed that post today! What memories you have with four children having to get ready to set off for school! I can only guess that it must have been a bit chaotic at times!! There will come a time when you'll be able to take your grandchildren to school, so that is something to look forward to!!

  8. I miss the excitement of back-to-school too. I'm especially nostalgic for the days (long,long ago) when my mother would buy me a new Fall wardrobe each year. I haven't had a shopping spree like that since I was a child!

  9. Mama-They really are fond memories, aren't they? I'm so glad that I do at least have the memories! One day, maybe we'll be blessed with grands too!

    This- You're right, it was chaotic at times! But there was a lot of fun amidst that chaos! I'm hoping grandchildren will be as much fun.

    Kara- I loved doing that with my mom too. It's one of my most favorite memories of going back to school!

  10. I loved back to school days...still do. Just a view from the sidelines now...not so bad really, lol!


  11. Sush-Not so bad. But way different, eh? It really was so much fun when they were little, wasn't it?

  12. back to school shopping was never as much fun with those lists the kids had to have filled. I have always loved the looking at things that were never on the lists. Don't they make such cool stuff now?

    I loved school and could hardly wait to get the new supplies and the necessary new dress to wear back on the first day. Which, of course, never lasted more than an hour. The new stuff was great but schooldays were even greater.

  13. When I go in stores now and see all the new supplies, I am like a kid in a candy store,,,still! I don't know what it is. I just get so excited and think about what I need (really nothing).
    I know there are other mothers out there that do the same thing, even though we don't have any kids to send off to school anymore!

  14. Thisisme has expressed my own thoughts most eloquently! Mind if I just say ditto Diane? Would that be permissible or do you regard that as cheating?

  15. Stephanie- We had those lists too but the lovelies enjoyed picking that stuff out too! And they certainly do make cool stuff now! I want one of everything! LOL

    Susan- I am the same way! It's so much fun. And need it? I don't either. But I buy a couple of things anyway!

    Desiree- That is just fine with me!

  16. Very nice post indeed. Even though mine is different kind of preparation, I still enjoy getting ready for the first day of school, then reality sets in.....Just kidding, I love school supplies too, my secret dream is to own a stationary store when I retire, so I can play with all the new pens and pencils...I know, I need help.

  17. This is my first year of not having first day of school excitement. It's a little sad, but then I remember what a bear she was in the morning and I get glad again in a hurry!

  18. First day of school I was always so hopeful that my son would maybe have a year where things just clicked. It never happened. Between his ADHD and his refusal to do his homework and schoolwork it was a constant battle. Every day I would ask do you have homework. Nope. Then I'd get a warning report that showed he was failing. So for me I don't miss those days for anything in the world. I'm glad your kids were good students and had good friends. You truly were blessed there!!!! Take my word for it.

  19. Where did the summer go? Ah, school days. Makes me want to pick up a book myself!

  20. I have a bit of a thing for brand new school supplies too. And I miss the days of buying notebooks and folders. Now we buy bedding and furniture and all sorts of crazy stuff that somehow falls under the umbrella 'school supply'. My youngest is student teaching. She met the parents last night. How did she go from being the student to the teacher so fast?

  21. I missed the school shopping last year but not to much this year though I haven't really looked at all the new stuff available yet. I love notebooks though and new pens too.
    I enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  22. There are many things I miss about those days. (I don't miss the science projects) ((HUGS))


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