Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feet, heart, distance and NO POCKETS

Four things that are important when one is trying to exercise are the feet, heart rate, distance and pockets. At least those are the four things that are most important to me at this point.

I am in my third week of walking 5 miles/day. And I find myself getting a little bit serious about this whole walking thing--to the point of considering a 5K AND some possible jogging. Unfortunately, there are just a few little teenytinyittybittysmidgy things getting in the way of my full enjoyment of this newtomebutIamdiggingit endeavor: 

  • my feet are unhappy
  • I don't know what my heart rate is so the amount of calories I burn is based on generalities of my sports app on my phone and 
  • distance is ok- I use the GPS on my phone for that. BUT that means I have to carry my phone in my hand because 
  • NO POCKETS in my workout pants
The unhappiness of my feet is directly related to the fact that I cannot find shoes that actually make my feet happy. Surely I am not the only human on the face of the earth with a wide foot. My current shoes are perfect everywhere EXCEPT from the ball of my foot to the tips of my toes.

My shoes crunch my toes together. My toes do not like to be touched by anyone. They don't even like to be touched by one another. Plus, the blisters are making my feet angry--not to mention making me walk funny. And please don't get me started on the level of UGLY on running shoes this day and time. 

I do like to know how many calories I am burning but cannot find a heart rate monitor/pedometer that has great reviews combined with affordability. WTH? Does everyone else who becomes serious about walking/jogging have beaucoup amounts of moolah (AND narrow feet)?

And what's all this about NO POCKETS in the workout pants? Really? Am I the only person in the world who drives to the place where she exercises OUTSIDE? Where are other people putting their keys? And their phone should they have to use their GPS like I do?

I can even tolerate the heat better than I can the squished toes and NO pockets.

This is frustrating. Now I have to go and research shoes, heart rate monitors/pedometers and workout pants WITH pockets when I could be out there walking!


  1. Have you thought about one of those "fanny packs"? I absolutely hate the way they look but they do the job.

  2. I bought a fanny pack just for that purpose. Yes, they're hideously ugly and don't flatter anyone without a FLAT tummy (and mine has never been flat, even at my lowest weight), but they serve the purpose.

    I wear New Balance shoes. They have a wider toe (or many of their models do) than most shoes. There's a New Balance shoe store in St. Louis, so maybe there's one in Charleston, too? I've never been there, but they advertise that they do a good job of fitting even the strangest-sized/shaped feet. New Balance shoes are generally moderately priced, so perhaps you could find a comfy pair without breaking the bank?

    Good luck!

  3. First, congrats on the 5 miles day! You should totally do a 5k! I signed up for this one:

    You don't need to travel for it, can walk or run, and can do whatever distance your comfortable with! :)

    As for the shoes, I have wide feet too and I feel like New Balance works with that well. So far, almost all of my walking/running/workout shoes have come from them. I have also used asics.

  4. KM- Pretty sure I'll keep carrying my keys and phone before I'll go that route. LOL

    Kathy- Ok, I'll start with New Balance. I think they are sold at Rack Room and at Tanger. Thanks!

    Amy- Thank you! I'm totally digging it! I'll check the site out for sure! Awesome, I'll check out New Balance!

  5. I have wide feet, too, and in all my years have only had one comfortable pair of walking shoes! I walked in them until they wore out, then I stopped walking :( Congrats on sticking with it--and enjoying it!

  6. Kathy- There's got to be something out there for wide feet! Somewhere!

  7. My partner and I both have wide feet and we have found New Balance to have the best sports shoes that fit. The important part is to buy them from a store where someone actually does the fitting. Good luck!

    BTW, is there anything worse than not having pockets? You hit that one right where I live.

  8. I hear that sketchers with that tone-up shoe is supposed to be really comfortable, but I know they're a little pricey. I wear the finger shoes when I run, but I don't know if you'd like them.
    I bought my heart monitor from Amazon, it's a Timex and I paid less than $40.00. I love it because it has a calorie counter with it, you can se the lowest and highest heart and all kind of other measurements. It doesn't have a pedometer though, and I found out that if you want both in the same watch, the price goes up considerably. I think you'd be better off just buying a pedometer you can clip on, they're as low as $25.00.
    Pants with no pockets totally suck, you might look into cycling gear, they usually have pockets even though they may not be too big. Congrats on the 5 mile thing, that's super good.

  9. Stephanie- Thanks! I think there is a New Balance store up in the north area at Tanger. I'm gonna check it out. Right?! About the pockets- HATE anything without pockets!

    Alessandra- I thought about those shoes but, since my toes don't like to be touched...LOL I noticed how the price goes up with the added pedometer. Sucks. Cycling gear? On THIS body? Surely you jest! Maybe after another 50 pounds! LOL

  10. Betty- I used to stick mine in my bra too but then I heard about the radiation emitting from the phones and stopped that. Maybe we should start a demonstration- We Want POCKETS! LOL

  11. I wear New Balance. I find them to be very comfy. You just have to make sure the style # is higher then 600.

    I am so proud of you doing the 5 miles a day! I am still working on 1 & 2 miles.

    Have a great weekend!


  12. I solved the no-pockets problem beautifully with this:

    I got one in black, to match my black walking pants, and it's perfect for me!

  13. Susan- The walking gets easier the more you do it! I walked 1-3 miles forEVER before I started being consistent with 5. Stick with you, you'll come to love it! Thanks for the info about the style number!

    It's-I'll check it out! Thanks!

  14. I have wide, Fred Flintstone feet. And because of that I buy men's Nikes. They work for me.:)

  15. Michele- I've heard a couple of women say the same thing. I'll be trying those as well! Thanks!

  16. I have no help for you other then I am sure you can find some wide shoes online.

  17. I also like the fanny pack deal...holds all manner of acoutrement. If you go to the local fitness/runners store for shoes, they will even have a tread mill for you to try the shoes on. The guys working there will be a really big help with what is available for your foot shape and size. There will be an expert there somewhere to help you!!!!

  18. For my wide, pronating, once-plagued-by-fasciitis feet, the BROOKS line worked wonders. Then I discovered BLISS: ASICS. OMG, when I got my first pair earlier this year, I was so astounded at the pleasure and how it made my knees ache less, that I splurged on THERE MORE PAIRS

    My feet shrank. Now three of them are too big, but I wear em anyway. When I'm at goal weight, I'll figure out my final foot size and restock my closet with new ASICS that fit perfectly. :)

    Every foot is different. I need stability and motion control (bad knees, pronation) and cushioning.

    The BROOKS site shows you how to decide what type of shoe you need. Then try whatever shoes have the elements you need. Zappos usually mentions the properties of the shoe, and Runner's World reviews "best of". Do a bit of research. Do the foot tests described. Find bliss.

  19. Oh, and I solve the no pockets thing with a cute, small, cross-body bag. It slings across my body, so I can carry money, keys, tissues, my asthma inhaler, and a knife. (Yeah, I live in a going-bad neighborhood.) I might replace the knife with some pepper spray, but I'm a Bronx gal who got used to carrying a very sharp hunting knife to elementary school. No lie. I keep two in my car, one on the nighttable, in the shower, and a hatchet under the bed

    Once a gang-infested-neighhborhood cautious girl, always a gang-infested neighborhood cautious girl.

  20. I have to get whatever the physical therapist has on my record at the running shoe store they recommend. I have a wide foot at the toe as well, so they find the ones with the best toe box to fit. Wow....five miles! I'm getting inspired listening to you...maybe soon.


  21. Debby- I thought about that but I like to try them on before I buy them. Although, sometimes the online place has a store, so....that's a good idea. I'll check!

    Rosemary- I know there is a place here where you get on the treadmill and they base the shoe on your stride and weight distribution but I feel strange about going in there for some reason.

    PD- Funny, BestSonInLawEVER just told me yesterday afternoon that ASICS is the brand I need to try. I will check out BROOKS site! Thanks! O.M.G.! I don't know whether to laugh or be worried about you! LOL

    Sush-My feet are so mad at me about the toe squishing! Wish you lived here, we could walk together!

  22. I like my New Balance and they are a bit wider though now my feet aren't as wide but I just put on a second pair of socks that really makes a difference. Sorta like hiking with liner socks, the feet feel really good.
    I wear shorts with pockets except when I did my 5k then wore biker shorts and used my bra to carry everything but water which I missed terrible. I think the fanny pack would be a good idea even though pretty tacky looking but since I'm not a spring chicken looks aren't as important, funtion is more important now.
    You are doing so awesome going 5 miles a day, that is totally awesome.
    Have a great weekend. Blessings my friend.


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