Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ok, I have some news! I just found out that I won a writing contest over at Stage of Life! It's the first writing contest I've ever won! You can read it here

FINALLY, it's time for my TWO favoritey fun HUMP DAY HOPS! If you're here for Wednesday Hodge Podge only, then scroll down.

Up first is a HUMP DAY HOP from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty called Chats on the farmhouse porch!

  1. Are you a morning person, someone who does best in the middle of the day, or a night owl? I am a morning person AS LONG AS NO ONE TALKS TO ME. If someone, anyone, talks to's just not a pretty scene.
  2. Do you take vitamins or supplements? Not right now. I just don't feel the need at this time. Hubs does. Everyday.
  3. If you were a dog, would you be a) a Poodle, b) a Retriever, c) a Sheep Dog, or a d)Chihuahua? A smart and sassy Poodle! LOL
  4. Please tell us about what you're reading now. Diet for a Small Planet.
  5. Okay, here I go with that magic wand! If I came to your house and could fix up one room with the wave of my wand, what would you have me renovate/redecorate/refurnish? (BTW- If I only could! That would be such fun. Then we'd sit on your porch and visit.) Please! The master bedroom/bath. O.M.G. It has been waiting to be done for over 5 years now! 

NEXT is WEDNESDAY HODGE PODGE from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  This meme is fun and sometimes even poses a challenge (read: she makes us use our noggins!).   

1. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? Will you get a flu shot this year? I make my homemade mom's-cure-all chicken soup. The lovelies and Hubs add the 'mom's cure-all' part. And no. No flu shot for me. 

2. What advice can you give about how to conquer fear? Well, if it's the kind where your imagination is involved, I'd say that you have to teach yourself how to train your mind so that when your imagination begins to take over, you can make it stop. But fears like a fear of heights or claustrophobia or snakes, etc. I have no idea.

3. Share two good things about your life right now. It's football season so I get to watch football all weekend! AND I won a writing contest at Stage of Life! 

4. A hot fall fashion trend in 2011 is a return to sixties style...tunics with pants, shift dresses, pencil skirts, cinched waists, bold prints, high necklines and short lengths to name a few. How does this fashion trend fit with your wardrobe and personal sense of style?My personal sense of what? Style? Hahahahahahahaha! That's rich. I have no sense of style. Fashion has never been something that I care much about.

5. Were you involved in scouting as a kid? How about as an adult? I was in Brownies but I hated it. Mother was a troop leader for a group of teenagers and that was way more fun than Brownies. As an adult- nope.

6. Apple, pear, plum, pumpkin...your favorite fall flavor? Oh gosh. I love them all but PUMPKIN would have to be number 1!

7. What characteristics do you think are essential in a good teacher? A love of children and learning. Compassion and patience. An avid listener with two eyes in the back of his/her head. Innovative and fair. Indiscriminate and honest. Energetic and enthusiastic. A student of their students and of life...etc...

8. Insert your own random thought here. I can't seem to focus. I guess that will make today quite interesting. OH, DoodleBug and friends will be here for supper tonight and I am making some new cupcakes for them---all natural, no wheat--I'll let you know how it goes! AND Birdie has an online grad class and the discussion right now is about homeschooled students and whether or not they should be allowed to play public school sports. The discussion seems to have taken a turn to attacking homeschooling in general. Birdie is about to blow a gasket!


  1. I wish I like pumpkin - I feel like I'm the only one on the planet that doesn't :-( It's a texture thing I think!

    Love homemade chicken noodle soup - with lots of thick noodles - and crackers - and buttered crackers on the side.....can you tell it's almost lunch time ;-)

  2. Donna- What?! You don't like pumpkin?! Maybe you just haven't had it prepared the right way. You're right- it is lunch time!

  3. Congrats on the writing contest! That's exciting!

  4. Monkey- ME TOO!

    Joyce- Thanks! I am still jumping up and down!

  5. Way to go on the writing! We'll be reading your first novel one of these days :)


  6. That is wonderful news on winning the writing contest. You go girl!

  7. Great post. I don't like pumpkin either! Sorry! Isn't the truth about chicken soup? It cures lots of germs! Hugs....

  8. Congratulations on the winning the writing contest!!

  9. Congrats on winning!!!! no flu shot for me either. nice blog :-)

  10. Wonder what the cupcakes will turn out like?! Some good answers here, which made for an enjoyable read. Hey, congratulations on winning that writing competition. How wonderful. You must be chuffed to bits!

  11. Stephanie- Thanks! But don't go holding your breath on the whole novel thing. LOL

    Mama- Thanks so much!

    Betty- Thank you! I was---no, still am, excited!

    Barb- Thanks! Yes, chicken soup is wonderful for what ails ya! How's it going up there?

    Kathy-Thank you!

    Linda- Thanks! I am convinced that I'll get the flu if I get a flu shot. LOL

    Diane- The cupcakes were fantastic! Thanks and I am!

  12. I wouldn't have imagined you as a poodle. I've always though of them as hyper; but maybe that's just the minis that I've met.

    You seem a little more mellow.

    I think I'd be a Golden retriever.

  13. Michele- Well, I am more mellow now, in my aging years. But I like the smart and sassy part of being a poodle. LOL

  14. I'm curious to know which flours you used in your cupcakes? I use a combination of tapioca, potato, and white rice flours...or buy the Betty Crocker GF cake mix. lol

    Why are people so threatened by homeschoolers? Their parents pay property taxes just like everyone else.

    Doesn't surprise me that you're the poodle. You know they're number one in intelligence? Even smarter than the GSD (but don't tell Bridger.) :-)

  15. Congrats on the writing contest. Nice recognition. Glad to see you are reading Diet for a small planet: one of my favorites.

  16. Congratulations! How exciting to win that contest and I love what you wrote. I bet your chicken soup is awesome!

  17. Kudos on the writing contest! Not a morning person here either. I used to get up for school at 5:30am and didn't open my mouth till after 7. And, like you, don't talk to me!


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