Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little competition, a new (to me) HOP, and the Winner!

Blustery winds outside this morning...which would have been way more helpful during my walk had they been blowing from behind instead of in front. And no, I never did think of turning around and walking in the opposite direction. I was too busy.

There is a woman who walks out there who is a little bit older than I and has a quick pace. I can't stand for her to beat me. So, I turn around and walk in the opposite direction and walk faster to ensure I get to the halfway point way before her. AND, I take the inner circle PLUS the paths that lead to the outer circle so I walk FURTHER than her.

It's nothing personal. I'm just competitive. Although, this may be approaching the line of stupidity craziness taking it a step too far. It's not like she knows I'm doing this. I just want to make sure I'm there before her. I just want to win.

And in my new ASICS, she can't win anyway!

OK, this is a new (to me) Tuesday HOP from Jen at What Would Jen Do? called Learn Something New Tuesday

Just click on the button above and grab the questions. Answer them on your blog and link the post to the link thingy over at Jen's blog! Simple AND fun!

This Weeks Questions

1. What do you like on your pizza? Well, I don't eat pizza anymore because pizza is one of the main delicious food items responsible for all this excess weight I'm trying to lose. However, when I did enjoy every morsel of a delicious pizza, I liked it basic: pepperoni and extra cheese!

2. Is there any show that you absolutely can’t watch, because it drives you too crazy? Just about any reality television show. Those things drive me NUTS!

3. Did you do anything for Labor Day? No. We don't do much of anything on any 'holiday' unless the lovelies are home. I think we're still resting from all those times we did have big plans while the lovelies were growing up! Seriously though, when they're home, we go all out. Regardless of the holiday!

4. What was the last cookie you ate? I'm not sure what the last one was but I sure remember the one that caused me to start gaining back all those (and then some) 83 pounds I had lost in 2009. That one was a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. Little saboteur.

5. Do you think a lot of people think bad things about you? No. Not a lot of people. But seriously, I really don't think about this nor do I really care what they think. Is that bad? LOL

6. How long does it take for you to get out of bed after your alarm goes off? My alarm is Tucker so I get up right away, jump into my workout clothes and head for the ponds to walk him. Then I bring him home and go back out for my serious 5 mile walk. Then I come home and pass out. Not really- walking is terrific since I got my new Asics! I'm so in love with those shoes. (Have I mentioned that before?).

And now, I have an announcement to make:

The winner of Mari McCarthy's ebook IS-----

Kara at Scattered Joy!

I have emailed Kara and have heard back from her already! Congrats Kara!


  1. I hate reality shows! People would be so much better off if they just got a life of their own. I'm proud of you for staying away from that pizza and those cookies. I don't think many people think bad things about me, but the ones who do can sure be a pain-where-the-sun-don't-shine! Have a good week, friend.

  2. Patrice! Where have you been?! I have missed you so much! Good to see you back!

  3. First, you crack me up with your competitiveness! Although, truthfully, I'm the same way. Except that I'm not as motivated as you to get up and get moving in the mornings - can you send me some of that motivation? Yay you! I hate reality shows too - except for So You Think You Can Dance. My daughter and I watch that together every summer. It's our bonding time.

  4. Once upon a time I enjoyed those reality shows. Until I realized that they're edited to an agenda. Spoiled all the people-watching stuff for me. Now, real people...that's a whole different story.
    You're competing with yourself...I can relate. This is the best part of being a competitive person...we get to challenge ourselves ALL the time in so many trivial ways. Keep on!

  5. That is really competitive, and it makes me chuckle. How funny! Maybe she does know that you're racing her and since she's going the other way, she thinks she's beating you. Hehehe

  6. Yesterday I did a very non-bizzy thing and sat on the couch, under a blanket, with a stack of magazines next to me and my husband and I watched four back to back episodes of . . . wait for it. . . Dance Moms on Lifetime!

    OMG, this fat woman is teaching girls to dance in her studio, each Mom thinks their child is the best dancer - so crazy! Yet it still sucked us in!

  7. I love what you do when you're out on your walks, to beat that other lady!! Still, you can beat anyone now with your athletic shoes! Congratulations to Kara.

  8. You really DO LOVE THOSE ASICS! I think you should submit your bill for advertising this fact all over the world. I'm sure their sales have gone up noticeably since you bought yours ;) I am so amused by your competitiveness. I knew you were that way inclined since you've told us before, but this particular instance is the funniest thing I've heard! It must be helping with the weight loss, too, as you're burning up those extra calories with that adrenalin rush you're giving yourself. As far as reality shows are concerned, I don't watch any nor indeed do I watch much TV at all apart from news channels and documentaries.

  9. MD- I don't blame you one bit-if any of the lovelies was here for the summer, I'd watch whatever she wanted to watch! My motivation started with my little dog, Tucker. He gets me up every morning and we walk. This is my fourth week of going back out for 5 miles after taking him home. I'm fast becoming addicted to walking!

    Stephanie- You make a valid point there! And on the competitive issue as well. LOL

    Karen- She can THINK that all she wants to, but I know who the true winner is. LOL

    Biz-No way! I bet that was so hilarious! At least you were sitting there with your hubby and enjoying yourself!

    Diane-YES! It definitely is the shoes! I'm like Super Woman! LOL

    Desiree-I'm watching tons of documentaries on NetFlix right now. I get into these moods when I can't get enough of them! I did email Asics to tell them how much I love their shoes and sent them a link to my first post about them. To no avail, of course. LOL

  10. Love your answers. I'm not a tv person so don't want any kind unless it happens to be a home improvement I like, like Holms on Homes or use to be Room by Room. I am a bit competitive but not nearly like you. I do however pick a person from a crowd and have to do better then them. They have no idea but it keeps me motivated. I love your and Tuckers walks and then yours, way to go. Keep up the great work.
    Congrats to Kara. I hope she enjoys the book. It would of been cool to win too, maybe next time.
    Keep the q&a's coming, ove them.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed evening.

  11. You had blustery winds??

    Lucky, lucky, lucky. I bet you had rain too last week.

    The only reality show I faithfully watch is the Amazing Race. I get to see a lot of the world I've never been to and it doesn't have a plethora of drama- at least not choreographed.

  12. You're too funny about trying to beat the other woman LOL.

  13. You are such a dedicated walker! And you have ponds near your home? That sounds like a lovely place to walk with Tucker. But I see that Tucker might get 'tuckered out' if he were to accompany you on the 5 miler. Do you see other people on your walks or are you pretty much out there alone?

  14. You crack me up with your competivie streak!! LOL Remind me never to play a game with you.

    And who would think badly about you? You are just so adorable in how you love your shoes so much. You make me consider getting some myself. haha

  15. Julie- Thanks so much! I hope I'll get the opportunity to have another of Mari's giveaways! Maybe that will be your lucky one!

    Michele- Yes! And we did have rain- all day! Maybe it'll come your way soon...I certainly hope so!

    Clairity- I know! And maybe a little bit insane. LOL

    Judy- It's become addicting! The ponds are in the next subdivision over---it's undeveloped and we hope it'll stay that way! There are others out there and Tuck does get tuckered out- which is why I bring him home! LOL

    Betty- Yeah, games with me are not pretty. LOL You are too sweet! thank you!

  16. I think it is so funny that you are so competitive!


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