Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

A fairly nice and easy week. Mother is continuing to recover from her surgery. We took her home last week and Aunt Betty is staying with her. It just seems that healing is quicker at one's own home. Guess what Tucker did every time Mother got up while she was with us?

AND NOW, here's my week in a:

Humidity. I am NOT a fan. At all. Autumn began on Friday. But it forgot to cool down the temps around here. It also brought some fierce humidity with it. And to think that this is my favorite time of year. Humph. I shouldn't be surprised/disappointed actually since we don't ever really get the cooler stuff until October. LATE October. Humph.

I did see some beautiful skies this week while walking:

This one sent me home. Speedy quick.

I finished Birdie's football scarf AND got it in the mail to her! I know, hard to believe I accomplished both feats. But I did.

Sorry if you can't really see the football pattern. But it's there!

I got some lovely soaps this week. If you haven't seen/tried Judy's soaps you should! Judy makes all of her own soaps and sells them at Soap 'n' Such. If you have a minute, go over and read about how she makes the soaps and their ingredients. All I know is- I am NOT ALLERGIC to these soaps! Oh, and they smell good without overpowering your nose. Oh, and they last FOREVER! Oh, and they're reasonably priced- if you buy 5 you get one more for FREE! What?! Oh, and her blog is called Cranberry Morning!

This time I got: Close Shave Vanilla, Oatmeal & Honey, Hint of Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Peel, and Pumpkin Spice! Gosh, I hope I don't eat any of these.

Two of the new (to me) books I ordered arrived.

She's saying everything that I am saying now. I wonder if I'd heard of the book earlier....Nah.
I can't wait to get started with this one! And first up, is an apple pie for Hubs. With a coconut flour crust. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I made two new (to me) recipes with green tomatoes. The recipes came from Julie at Healthy, Wealth, and Wise: Not, but learning- she is my sister in motivation. I made green tomato bars (mine turned out more like a crumble than bars) and green tomato bread (which is quite tasty but mine is sort of dry and crumbly).

And this is the only picture I thought to take. Good grief.

DoodleBug and a few friends were over for supper on Wednesday. Again. Which I love. And look forward to every Wednesday. It's absolutely fabulous when a child attends college a mere 20 minutes from home because, even though she lives downtown, she can still come home any time I want her to whenever she wants to.

Roasted root veggies- I made TWO pans...not one bite was left.

A little brown rice with onions and celery.

Black bean brownies- SO GOOD! You can get the recipe here.

HannahBanana and Benjamin

DoodleBug and Gibby

Tucky might enjoy Wednesday nights too...

The roomies- Gibby, DoodleBug and HannahBanana

Benjamin and the roomies. He belongs to HannahBanana but we all love him!

What the heck is up with college football? Most of the scores were terrible with very few exceptions. And those exceptions? Good grief they played hard (which is fine) and dirty (which isn't fine). I know football is a contact sport- I enjoy that part of the game. HOWEVER, some of these boys were making dirty hits and I don't like that. I told Birdie (who is an Athletic Trainer) that some of those Athletic Trainers were earning their money for sure during those games (like Alabama/Arkansas and Oklahoma ST/Texas A&M). And that's all I have to say about that (do I sound like Forrest Gump there?).

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This week's video is Harvest Moon. And I chose Neil Young because, well...nobody does it like Neil:

Have a most splendifferous (yes, I know--made up word) week y'all! And remember to makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. we make pancakes with coconut flour and coconut milk. they are nothing like white flour pancakes but they are extra tasty with a fruit syrup topping, i actually made some this morning. let me know how your crust turns out.

  2. I love your week in a nutshell. I'm glad your bread and bars tasted good. Just tweek the recipe to fit your plan better.
    Can't wait to hear about coconut stuff.
    Take care Pam and can't wait to see you're update.
    Blessings my friend.

  3. Your Tucker looks sort of like our Maggie except her face is lighter. I'm sure he does miss his siblings. LOL

  4. Thank so much for the shout out Pam, you're the best. Now I'm totally hungry after looking at those pics, that roasted root vegetables one looked especially good. You know, Tucker is so photogenic maybe you should publish a book of his photos. I would definitely buy it
    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  5. Susan- Thanks!

    jennifer- I'll let you know! I'm going to have to try some pancakes now, of course. LOL

    Julie- Thanks! The update will be posted tomorrow.

    Shirley- He really does. LOL

    Alessandra- I could make the roasted root veggies every day and not get tired of them! I never thought about a Tucker book!

  6. Hi Pam, what a lovely post with a lot of teasers ;) such lovely pics of the skies! Getting hungry from seeing the food pictures - yummy.

    Enjoy your Day!

  7. Eva- Thanks! Hope you're enjoying your birthday!

  8. What a fun way to look back at your week. Your recipes look yummy - I may have to try those brownies. I love that your doodle bug is able to come home for dinner with the roomies! Those soaps look awesome.

    It's been terribly hot and humid here too - afternoon rainstorms every day, and it feels like a sauna when you walk outside. I'm ready for some cooler weather too - but like you, I don't think we'll get them until October...

  9. MD-It's always so hard to wait for that cool weather- I feel like it's being dangled in front of me like a carrot and I'm the jack ass. LOL Thanks so much! The brownies are GREAT! So are the soaps!

  10. Both of my kids stayed home and commuted to college and I LOVED it. I told my daughter she couldn't ever move out and leave me but then the SIL cam along and took her away :(.

  11. MKM- It really is nice having her right downtown. Even though she lives there, she's very close! A boy came and took our oldest away too. LOL But we love him anyway!

  12. What a bubbly post the first half was...I won't comment on the Forrest Gumpiness part :)! I can tell you've had an injection of Lovelies :) Your Wednesday night meal looked and sounded scrummy, and SO healthy! You really have taken to the vegetarian way, in a big way, haven't you?

    Your morning skies look so lovely. What a great way to begin ones day...a good, brisk walk while enjoying the beauty of nature.

    Love Tucker! It's amazing how readily they claim someone's warm spot in the bed :)

    Well done on completing (and mailing) the football scarf. I could just make them out ;)

  13. Stopping over from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party (first time) and I love your blog! Seems you sure have alot going on ... being an Empty Nester myself I can relate to trying to figure out what to do next :) It is challenging and it does seem like time flies by _ thought I would be sitting around doing nothing, but not so! Nice to meet you!

  14. Desiree- Thank you for such wonderful comments! I really have embraced the vegetarian lifestyle- and cutting the wheat has made a huge difference. Maybe we were allergic and never knew it. Tucker does love to grab a warm spot as soon as someone moves- he's no dummy. LOL Birdie said the scarf arrived yesterday and she loves it!

    GPF-Thank you and I'm so glad you came by! I'm heading to your blog now!

  15. Love the shot of Tucker, too cute!
    Beautiful skies. The soap sounds wonderful, heading over there for a visit. Awesome dinner.

  16. Debby- Isn't he a stinker? LOL Thanks! Oh, I think you'll love her soaps!

  17. Hi there Pam! Hope all is well with you. Lovely to see the photos of the Wednesday nights, and how lovely that Doodlebug is able to come home from College with her friends like that. Looks like Tucker enjoys it as well! Am I allowed to say that that Benjamin is rather a very handsome young man??!! I love the way that Tucker cuddled in like that whenever your mum vacated her seat! Hee Hee!! Glad to hear that your mum is getting better. Love the photos of your skies whilst you were out walking. Keep up the good work! Hugs.

  18. Diane- We are well, thank you! I practically live for those Wednesday nights! I love having the kids over and cooking for them. And yes, Benjamin is a handsome young man! And he cooks too! Tucker is a little stinker for sure!

  19. Wowsers! Great blog chick - fab sunset, fab food, fab kids ... the list goes on! It sounds like you had a cracking time ;-)

  20. Wow you are so sweet to put me down like that.
    I have now been wheat free for six weeks. Yahoo!!! Best thing I have ever did, my husband is too and he is loving it just as much.
    Makes some of those recipes out of that book and let me know if it is a good book and then I will buy it.
    So those brownies are good? I was thinking about that recipe today and I wondered.
    Have you read that book called Wheat Belly? It answered so many questions for me.
    Well, it looks so good and thank you for listing me in your blog today.

  21. I have to make a boatload full of roasted root veggies around here too. I want that coconut book, so please let me know how good it is once you're really into it. D2 has now gone off corn and soy, plus xanthan gum for gluten free cooking is grown on corn and she now reacts to it.(Talk about a run-on sentence!) I need to get a whole new bunch of recipes. I've been using almond flour for her. I could go back to using rice flour and sorghum if I could find some guar gum. I know somebody has to carry it. Whole Wallet didn't have any. BTW- your daughter's friend has great taste in guys- what a cutie! I like the scarf, but I don't see footballs. Must be one of those optical illusion things! Have a good week, sweetie!!!

  22. First thing I saw when I opened your blog was the root veggies and they look soooo good! Now I´m hungry for something like that. I´ll have to check out a recipe.
    I´m so glad for you that your girls come over once a week. I really appreciate having mine so close by now.

  23. WOW!!! You had a crazy busy week!

    Glad your mom is continuing to do well. Tuck is precious!!

    BLACK BEAN BROWNIES!!!! Sacrilegious :-)

  24. Annie- It really was a good week! Thanks!

    FG- The recipes look good so far! Mostly they are baked goods- cakes, pies, cookies OH MY! LOL Wheat Belly has been ordered and should arrive this week!

    Patrice- I really like the coconut flour but there is a mild yet distinct flavor to it so, if you don't like coconut...LOL Whole Wallet!!! Love that! LOL

    Betty- I love these! All I do is cut them up, mix with a little olive oil and seasonings and roast them! Easy AND delicious!

    Donna- It was busy and fun! Tucky is a stinker! I know, but there was sugar free chocolate chips in them!

  25. I am glad to hear your mother is recovering well. And that pic of Sweet little Tucker! Awwwwww. :-) Always love the photos of your girls! I had no idea there even was such a thing as coconut flour! Gotta check that one out. Thanks so much for the nice paragraph about my soaps!!

  26. Oh,meant to say thanks for reminding me to make those roasted root vegetables. LOVE THOSE. I always put in some Carmens and parsnips too. Sorry about your humidity. It's cool here and I just brought in one of my cayenne pepper plants to hang upsidedown in the kitchen corner. It will dry and all the little peppers on it will turn red!

  27. Benjamin cooks as well?!! Now why on earth didn't I meet someone like that when I was young?!

  28. This post was full of so many things I could comment the family the sky photos too. I have never heard of coconut flour. Do you buy it in specialty stores?

  29. Nothing says fall like roasted root vegetables.


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