Friday, November 4, 2011

My Hero

Yesterday morning, just like every weekday morning, I awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking and someone gently stoking my hair---no, wait, that was the the annoying sound of Hubs' alarm. Tucker was so excited as he knows that, once that alarm sounds, someone is going to be getting out of bed (translation: I am going to be getting out of bed).

Normally, after sticking his tongue up my nose, in my ear, and across my closed eyes, Tuck sits patiently and waits for me to get up continues to lick me all over my face until I get up and get dressed for our morning walk. Once I am dressed, he sits and stares at me with such a hopeful stare until I put my shoes on to open the door.

Yesterday was different. Yesterday, he wanted to go out into the backyard.

I heard the neighbor's dogs barking but that's not unusual. They love to bark at the squirrels sitting up in the tree looking down and taunting the poor things. Assuming they were continuing with their morning ritual, I let Tuck out to join in the fun.

But Tuck didn't leave the deck. And he went all kinds of crazy with his barking. Something was out there!

I did the only thing I could think of and ran into the bedroom to get Hubs up.

"Quick! There's something out on the deck and Tucker is going NUTS barking at it and so are the neighbor dogs!"
"Great. What is it?"
"I don't know what it is! I'm NOT going out there!"
"Where's all your feminist talk now?"
"Getting wild animals out of the yard is on YOUR list of things to deal with, you HAVE to go! There's NO TIME for this, get UP!"

Hubs rushed out of bed and dashed out the back door onto the deck nearly fell out of bed  and stumbled out the back door almost falling onto the deck.

I was panic sicken as Tucker became an even braver ten pounder once Hubs was out there with him. Hubs grabbed my little brave pup and handed him in to me whereupon I slammed the door shut calmly closed the door to only a crack so the wild animal would not be able to come into the house.

And then I hear--- "It's a possum." Followed by, "Where's the shovel?"

"You're NOT going to kill it, are you?"
"What do you want me to do?"
"Catch it and let it go somewhere else but DON'T kill it!"
"That's what Tucker wanted to do."
"Tucker is a dog."

Hubs came in, got dressed and went back out to deal with the possum.

Tuck and I stood loyally by his side watched from the safety of the study window for the next half hour as Hubs methodically blocked all exits from the AC unit (the killer possum had escaped the deck and run under the unit) leaving only two openings--one from which he could gently poke the wild animal and the other rigged for the thing to run into a five gallon bucket. 

I'm relieved and happy to report that the possum has been relocated to a woodsy area and no longer wrecking havoc on our happy little home.

And Hubs was only 20 minutes late for work.

Because I didn't want him to kill the possum-- and he honored my wishes. Which is just like him.

He truly is my hero.

Even when he wears his cap backwards.

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  1. Stopping by from Friday Friend Connect to say hello.
    My dog cuddled up to my feet right now looks like your angry football fan below :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Aww...what a good husband! (Not to mention brave!) And I loved your courageous and honest re-telling of the event!!

    PS. Possums. Yuck!

  3. We don't have possums but I'm guessing they're not a desirable visitor. Brave Tucker to sound the alarm!

  4. I've only seen possums on TV, they are butt ugly!

    I too would have wanted the nasty thing relocated, instead of having to play taps and find a burial plot!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. That poor little possum must have been terrified with all the commotion going on, poor little thing. I saw possums for the first time in Australia and they looked quite quaint to me. Why is everyone so "freaked out" by them? They didn't look dangerous or aggressive. I'm so glad you insisted it be given a chance at life elsewhere, Pam! Good on you and your Hero for honouring your wishes! I can just imagine how excited Tucker was, though, since our dogs are the same about squirrels and large birds.

  6. Yup. Mine is just like that too. Once I ran over a kitten while backing out of the garage and my hubs had to come home from work and "clean it up", while I was freaking out inside. LOL

  7. I'm not a fan of the possum but I'm glad he didn't meet an unfortunate end : )

  8. To say that I am not a fan of the opossum would be an understatement. They are hideously ugly and can be very ferocious. Around here, they also can be carriers of rabies. I may have let the hubs "dispose" of it.

  9. Posh- Thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

    Dearest- Well, it wasn't a bear or a wolf or anything but those dang possums can be MEAN!!! He really is a good husband.

    Stephanie- They can be quite mean! Plus, he'll be happier in the woods!

    Shawn- Play taps and find a burial plot = HILARIOUS! LOL

    Desiree- I'm sure it was terrified. I thought of that. They can be quite mean and get into everything around your house. It's not their fault. They came over here because their habitats were destroyed. And now we've relocated it again. I hope it didn't have a family around because if it did, Hubs is going to have to relocate them to the same place!

    Betty- It's so great to have a husband like that, isn't it? I just can't deal with those situations.

    Joyce- I'm not either- they get too mean for me!

  10. MKM-Indeed they can be quite mean! Yes- the rabies thing! They carry that here too! I just can't stand to kill something or for Hubs to kill something. I have accidentally hit a squirrel and I've never gotten over it!

  11. We have all kinds of creatures here and I worry so much about Skye all the time. We had problems with possums at our last house, they drove me crazy. Even had babies in the yard. Only thing I know for sure is that they gave my Westie at the time flees!!!

  12. I'm glad he honored your wishes (I have personally seen some pretty vicious possums).
    We had raccoons nesting here and my husband wanted to do away with them because they are so destructive...then he showed them to me. They were so cute and I made him promise not to do anything.
    He honored my wishes even though they have been known to tear up the inside of his trucks and just make a destructive mess of things if they are able to get into any of the buildings. And they killed all of our pet ducks one year. I think that's why God made raccoons so cute...

  13. I am so glad it was only a possum, though I would die of a heart attack, but I was thinking a mountain lion or a bear. I am so glad you got it. Did it play dead?
    So funny,

  14. Have a great weekend Pam. Relax and enjoy. Thank goodness for hubby.
    Blessings my friend!!

  15. Ha ha! My hubby would have just gone back to bed and told me to just wait as it would eventually leave!

    Funny story!

  16. Did you know those things have homing devices and it probably made it back to your house faster than your husband? We did that with a nest of baby mice we discovered in a kitchen drawer. Brought the drawer to the local golf course and let them go...I think they followed the exhaust scent through the sewer!

    Good Luck~

  17. This post did make me smile today Pam, especially the bits which you had rubbed out and then told us what really did happen!! LOL! Love the photo of your hero.Bless him!

  18. Just so you know: that possum dropped little tiny breadcrumbs along the way to the woodsy area, just so he could find his way back to your deck. Keep watchin, Tucker!

  19. Aww, see how good your hubs takes care of you? Men are definitely great for dead mice, huge spiders and apparently possums. I like to say, "I CAN do it, but I'd just rather if you do it." :)
    ps good job Tucker!

  20. Gave me yet another laugh! Great story!

  21. Possums are some scary looking creatures--and they can be very mean. One used to get up on our deck and get into the trash. When we discovered it there one night, my husband wanted me to keep it on the deck while he went to get a gun! Yeah, that's gonna happen! That possum waddled down the steps and took off when it hit the ground. I would never have imagined they could move that fast.


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