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Good GRIEF! Here it is Wednesday! AGAIN! Too quickly! As it always seems to do!  

If you're here for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch, the 25 Days of Christmas blogshare or Get Wired Wednesday only, then scroll down.

First up is WEDNESDAY HODGE PODGE from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  This meme is fun and sometimes even poses a challenge (read: she makes us use our noggins!).   

1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special for your guests to make them feel at home? How long should a house guest stay? Yes. Happy. Well, I clean up...does that count? As long as they want to stay!

2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week (December 5) back in 1905 ...what's your all time favorite Disney movie? Here's a list in case you're struggling...and yes, you have to pick one. I love any of the ones featuring Kurt Russel! I had such a crush on him when I was growing up! OMG- SUCH A CRUSH! But, since I have to pick just one- I'll go with The Parent Trap. I loved that movie then and I love it now! So much better than the remake! Seriously, I've not liked Disney that much since Walt passed. HOWEVER, I do love The Emperor's New Groove. It's my favorite animated one---even though it was made post Walt.

3. What was the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?  I had to think and think and think and think about this one. But I came up blank. Hubs usually researches things to death before we purchase so, for the most part, we don't have this problem.

4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online? Probably about 30% to half. I much prefer it to going out in the middle of all those rude shoppers!

5. Amaryllis-snowdrop-poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom? Poinsettia, I guess. Although I have a Christmas cactus that is in bloom right now!

One of my kindergarten teachers gave me this about 5 or 6 years ago for a Christmas gift. Two years ago I had one bloom in February. Last year, same thing. This year---well, there it is!

6. What is one thing on your personal Christmas wish list? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this answer an actual item. I want a pair of RED RAIN BOOTS! These, to be exact:

7. If you could only use one word today what would it be? Impatient. I am trying to patiently await the arrival of all the lovelies for the holidays but it's just not working!

8. Insert your own random thought here. I saw these while Tuck and I were walking the other day. It's like yellow heart garland in the woods! Can you see it?

Next up is a HUMP DAY HOP from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty called Chats on the farmhouse porch!

  1. Have you ever had a blog slump? Only all the time. It's annoying.
  2. What's your favorite way to serve hot chocolate (cocoa)? Marshmallows on top? Whipped Cream? A cinnamon stick? Marshmallows or marshmallow cream is excellent. Now though, I have no idea! There's no sugar in our daily diets No hot chocolate? We don't need it anyway. It's 70 freaking degrees around this place.
  3. How do you handle it when you see someone you think you know, but cannot place? Do you approach them and ask, shy away, or just go home and hope you don't think of it at 2am? It depends- if they strike up a convo I'll either ask them or go along with them and pretend I know exactly who they are. If no convo is involved, I just let it go.
  4. What was your position in your family? Were you the oldest, a middle child, the youngest or an only child? I am the most spoiled oldest and really, really spoiled only girl.
  5. How do you handle accumulated possessions (stuff)? Are you a pack-rat, a minimalist, or somewhere in between? I used to be a pack rat of sorts- though my MIL and Hubs made/make me look like a minimalist. Now, I am purging though because I hate having all this stuff cluttering up the house. I do still keep all the lovelies' school work, photos, etc. But it's all boxed up in storage bins- a different color for each lovely.

Teaser for today's 25 Days of Christmas blogshare post:

Featured Blog - By the Brook Designs

Here is my mantle currently

I love it!

I wanted to do a little more though.

I love to change with the season and usually add a new sign but I am adoring the silver platter in the middle so I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint so that I could write whatever seasonal saying I would like.

Read the remainder of this post from By the Brook Designs!

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  1. 70 degrees puts a damper on the hot chocolate mood for sure. Can you have sugar-free hot chocolate? I've been using the Swiss Miss Diet sensation, I believe is what its called, and it's sweetened with Splenda or something similar. It only has 25 calories. I do use hot skim milk, instead of water. That boosts the calories up a bit. =D

  2. I love that picture in the woods! And your Christmas Cactus! And red rain boots! And daughters home for the holidays! And exclamation points obviously!

  3. I know you're absolutely brilliant! I never thought of color coding storage for our lovelies! Great idea. I can't part with so many of their childhood things that I'd rather get rid of other stuff. I really need to clear out more.

    Sorry I haven't written as much. It's the time of year for busy. I just started reading the Christmas Blogshare- cool!

    Wendell sends his regards. He's standing out in the cold rain, grazing. He could go in if he wanted to, but eating is a priority. He's so dark when wet, that I almost didn't recognize him!

  4. I think that color coding the children's things is a great idea. I am working on doing this with our family genealogy work, too.

    I think the snow people cartoon there with your challenge post is too funny.

    I'm here from Patrice's porch. Have a great day!

  5. Cathy- It puts a damper on a lot of things! We are trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners and use only organic/natural ones such as turbinado and honey.

    Joyce- You are too funny! Thanks so much for hosting the podge each week!

    Betty- Oh gosh! Really?! They grow wild there?! That's so awesome! You should dig one up and bring it home- they are so nice!

    Patrice- I though of it about two months ago--after everyone had left and I thought about it for three years. LOL I understand the busy- I'm finding myself that way as well. Give Wendell a hug, kiss and carrot for me!

  6. Funny thing about the Christmas Cactus (yours looks beautiful!) is that some years I have lots of blossoms and some years I have very few. This is one of the 'very few' years, apparently. :-(

    By the way, I want those same red rain boots! They're gorgeous. I've been wearing Neoprene Yukons for several years, but they have a weak spot where they start to break and then leak. :-(

  7. I think that you've been reading my mind. I've been looking for the perfect rain boots, too. Those red ones are pretty snazzy!

  8. I love your rain boots! I have been hinting for some I found covered in chickens but if it is 70 degrees so no hot chocolate well we are no rain kind of people. I mean we might get 10 inches in a very wet year. :)
    I really like Kurt Russell too and Parent trap with Haley Mills was my favorite too.
    I love your mantel. So very pretty.
    So nice to get caught up with you.
    I am glad you are doing so well, and I never knew you had blog slump.
    It is nice to read that others do as I feel like I am in one all of the time.

  9. Will you forgive me for being so absent from reading your awesome blog? This post was great. When I saw your picture of the Christmas cactus, I smiles. My grandmother had an enormous one when I was a kid. It was my favorite thing to go help her water her plants and see this huge beauty. Love your enthusiasm of having the family together at Christmas. So awesome. Like you!

  10. Judy-This is the first year I've had many and I love it! Aren't those boots awesome?! I love them!

    Stephanie- I do love me some red! LOL

    FG-I suffer from blog slump way more than not. It drives me nuts! My Kurt Russell crush was BIG TIME! It kind of still is. LOL

    Barb- You're just too sweet! Always making everyone feel so good! Thank you! Hope you can make it down for the oyster roast the 17th!

  11. Kelsie- Thanks so much! I'm heading your way now!

  12. I always loved the orginal Parent Trap, sang that song once with a friend at church. (Let's Get Together) I also love the Christmas cactus and I've been wanting some rubber boots! Love the hearts you found, so cute. Your mantel is gorgeous.

  13. Debby- Those hearts were so awesome! I just had to take a picture of them! That's not my mantle---it belongs to someone in the blogshare and that was her post. It is pretty though! I refuse to use anything but red and green and some plaid in my house during the holidays!


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