Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge Update: Week 3

Time for the weekly update for the Spring Chick Challenge hosted by Stormy at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here's my update:

RUNNING:  A little. I ran a total of 1 mile. Only ONE. Over the course of the week---.25 each time I ran. So far, so good. The knee is still fine. This week, we'll see about adding to it. 

  • Monday: 4.75 miles
  • Tuesday: 2.54 miles
  • Wednesday: 2.76 miles
  • Thursday: 4.29 miles
  • Friday: 4.25 miles
  • Saturday:  2.58 miles
  • Sunday: 3.24 miles
That's a so-so on the walking. I'd like to see each day at 5 miles. The warm, humid weather is so un-motivating! (is that even a word?)

My TOTAL HOURS of exercising for the week:7.35

  • Monday: 80 oz
  • Tuesday: 72 oz
  • Wednesday: 96 oz
  • Thursday: 96 oz
  • Friday: 96 oz
  • Saturday: 80 oz
  • Sunday: 96 oz

  • Monday:1375
  • Tuesday: 1392
  • Wednesday:1379
  • Thursday: 1336
  • Friday: 1346
  • Saturday:1259
  • Sunday: 1365

I wanted to keep the daily under 1500 so a big YES on that one. Although I really should keep them closer to the 1200 mark. But I always want the weekly total under 10,000 so YES! 

TRACKING: YES- every single day.
EATING AFTER 8:00 PM: More like no eating after 9:00 pm
ORGANIZING: Working on it.
SUPPORTING OTHERS: I can still do so much better on this one.

  1. Support and encouragement off others
  2. Exercise- need to add some strength training in there somewhere. AND add distance while walking or running. 
  3. The mini challenge is to try and find a new exercise. I saw a girl walking the other day and she stops at each bench and steps up and down on them several times. I might try that. If I think I can do it without breaking my neck.Otherwise, I may try to add 10 squats at each bench or something like that. (There are 6 benches so that would be quite a lot of those nasty squats...)

I'm also linking this post up with Inspire Me Monday with Ramona over at Create With Joy. 

Today, I am inspired by some of the women I see and often talk with while walking. They inspire me to continue because they take the time to stop and tell me that they notice how much weight I am losing. They also want to know what I am doing to accomplish my goals. And it's sort of odd that this would inspire me because, before I had the right mindset for losing the weight, this very thing--people noticing that I am losing- would have acted as sabotage. Go figure.

I was also inspired by a friend this week. I can't tell you who or what because it is going to be a surprise and she reads my blog. Let's just say it involves knitting. 

Click on the button if you've been inspired this week and link up to share your story!


  1. I just can't get over how consistent and determined you are! Take care of that knee. I'm getting on the treadmill right now! I think exercise helps to keep from getting the munchies - at least I hope so.

  2. You definitely have earned a prize! Check my post today for the results of the draw...yes! You are the Winner! Congratulations :)

  3. You are doing great! 4.5 pounds lost is awesome!

  4. Amazing work, you seem to be very consistent in your exercise and diet, that's great!

  5. Betty- Thanks! I've been stepping up the exercise before it gets really hot around here.

    Judy- I am treading carefully. I don't want the knee to put me down again. Hope the treadmill keeps your munchies at bay!

    Stephanie- NO WAY! I'm so EXCITED!!!

    FIS- Thanks! Stepping up the exercise this week!

    Maren- Thanks! It has become a lifestyle change. I've got nothing to lose but excess weight! LOL

  6. Hi Pam, you have my support - know it's hard to keep up the work on your own, but you're doing a great job. Keep it up. Have you ever tried to use weights while walking/jogging? There as slim ones to get, that are not too bulky to carry. It's just a thought, it works for me most times when I need some extra strength training. Enjoy your day and keep it up :)
    Big hugs x


  7. I am so inspired by your dedication! I just ate a bowl of spinach and walnuts for lunch, so I'm not doing bad with the food choices, but I REALLY could use more exercise. You want to do 5 miles a day?! I don't get that in a week!

  8. Great work this past week!
    Love the idea of making a cook book. I have tons of my mother's, and grandmother's, recipes on cards, pieces of paper, bank deposit would be a challenge to organize..maybe when I retire.

    Now, as for the jogging stroller...BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I try to jog with Winston, but he is like Tucker. I end up carrying him every time!

  9. You are doing such a great job. The time you invest in yourself is paying off. Way to go!

  10. Eva- I've thought about using the weights but it's difficult to hold them and walk Tucker. I have strapped the wrist ones on before and the ankle ones but heard that wasn't good for the knees. Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to me!

    Kara- Yummy! Spinach and walnuts. That's a fantastic food choice. Living around here means we have easy access to the outside for exercise year 'round. If you can find a way to make it easy for yourself, you'll be more likely to do it!

    Shawn- Thanks! My aunt has all my grandmother's handwritten ones. I need to get those from her and make copies for everyone! Look on Craig's List for a jogging stroller- Winston will love it!

    mom- Thanks!

    Stormy- Thanks! It's a good thing it's paying off. Otherwise, I'd probably quit!

  11. I'm so proud of you!!!! That's cool that the ladies noticed. Really feels good. Good job! Tucker helped, you know!

  12. Firstly, congrats on your prize! i was really delighted, as your entry comment made me laugh so much!
    And second, congrats on the weight loss- that is just brilliant. Your dedication is great, cos it's easy to fall off the wagon after a few weeks.
    How's the new stroller for Tucker?


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