Friday, February 10, 2012

Guinea Pigs in the Form of College Students

I look forward to every single Wednesday night during the school semesters because DoodleBug and company come over for dinner.

It's nice/comforting/pleasing to know that parents are still needed and appreciated once their children have grown up and moved out. Even if it is only for a home cooked meal. And venting. And trips to Michael's (gotta love education majors, right Joyce?).

I also have the pleasure of seeing DoodleBug and Gibbsterrific on Wednesday mornings on their way to practicum. How lucky that they were assigned to the building that originally housed the elementary school that DoodleBug, her three sisters AND their dad, attended.

And, of course, I decided that they just can't go back downtown to class without first having a little something in their tummies.

Another plus? College kids and young adults who have just entered the work force do not mind being guinea pigs one little bit!

Finally, I know that on at least one night every week, they are eating healthy. Organic. Sugar and gluten free.

Here are a few things we've had in the last few weeks:

Butternut squash pie- so good!

Eggplant burger!

Last week I made these parfaits for DoodleBug and Gibbsterric after practicum.

This week I made gluten free scones from scratch-they enjoyed the scones with organic roll butter and SC honey--

I found gluten free pizza crusts at Whole Foods so, last night, we made our own individual pizzas. I totally forgot to take pictures before we started eating so I suddenly yelled out, "STOP EATING!" You should have seen the look on their faces. Priceless. And then the look when I told them it was just because I needed to take pictures for the blog. Oops.

One thing that I also do for them every week is make a new dessert. These kids are so awesome- they NEVER complain! Last night I made a carrot cake.

I love cooking healthy meals even though everything I make is now from scratch. It's worth it!

But what I love even more is that the kids come over every week and indulge this empty nester.

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Hubs turned the car around the other day after we passed something I wanted to photograph. Anything for the blog : ) He's totally on board with it too.

    That pie looks delish! Lucky you making dinner for the kids. Yes, those ed majors are special. I had fun putting a box together for my daughter with some classroom goodies in it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sounds like a win-win!

    The pizza and carrot cake looked like they were so delicious :)

  3. Oh my, is it inappropriate for me to ask you to adopt me??

  4. Joyce- We've had to turn the car around too. LOL How's the student teaching going for your lovely? DoodleBug won't do that until spring semester 2013. Geez, did I really just write 2013?

    Lucy-Definitely! Thanks!

    Chantel- Sure! The more the merrier, right? LOL

  5. delish looking pizza!
    If you're adopting, can I come too? !!!
    It is fabulous that they still come home once a week too see their parents (for a home-cooked meal).

  6. Mimi- Of course you can come! A full nest is way better than an empty one! LOL

  7. The carrot cake and butternut squash pie look so yummy!

    I won't ask you to adopt me, Hubby wold get lonely and be sad, but I will ask if there's someplace to get a recipe for the scones? They look so good and I want to find something healthier for scones than Starbucks!

  8. Nani- They were great! I will post the scones recipe for you soon! They were so good and I usually don't care much for scones.

  9. Yum, Yum, and double yum! Everything you made looks fantastic. How nice that you get to feed your kids once a week and hear all about their adventures! It is also great that they get a nutritious, home-cooked meal, and you get to try new recipes without having to worry about eating it all yourself. That pizza looks delish!

  10. With a list of food like that, who would mind being a guinea pig?? Are you telling me that the butternut squash pie and the carrot cake were gluten-and sugar-free? These photos all look amazing. Funny how we bloggers have turned into photo phanatics when it comes to our food. lol Sometimes I've been almost done with an entree when I remembered that I wanted to take a picture. So I shove the remaining food to one side, take the photo, crop it, and you would never know that the rest of the plate was empty! lol

  11. Susan- I absolutely love cooking for them! Hubs enjoys everything I cook but it's just more fun when the young kids come and ooooh and aaah over everything!

    Judy-It's so true about the pictures!!! All of the food was gluten free and the sugar was either coconut sugar or turbinado. Or honey.

  12. The variety of meals you make is astounding and everything looks so delicious. Healthy in your home certainly does not lose anything in the way of eye appeal. You very clearly do prepare your meals with love! No wonder the kids enjoy coming around. Wish I could do so, too :)

  13. Butternut Squash pie is what my MIL makes in lieu of pumpkin...YUMMY!!! I love hanging with my kids (even though they are no longer "kids")...:)JP

  14. I don't mind cooking if I have people who enjoy what I prepare!

    That carrot cake looks AWESOME!!!

  15. I believe you could serve pure crap and your beauties would come home every week anyway. They have a wonderful nest full of love to get spoiled in!

    Thanks for your comment too! I'll be fine but if I need anything, I'll holler!

  16. I love all your eats - of course especially the parfaits - I've been obsessed with them lately!

    Here is the link for my gumbo - let me know if you make it!

  17. Oh My! Could you adopt me too? Your meals look delicious,have a lovely weekend ,lots of love,juliexxx

  18. Desiree- I have missed you! Glad to see you back around. How are you? Sure wish y'all didn't live so dang far away!

    Corner- It was so good! I bet you MIL makes a fantastic one! Isn't it great to have such wonderful kids?!

    Kathy-It does make it more fun, doesn't it? Thanks!

    Barb-I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment! You are so funny. And sweet. And caring. I'm here girl!

    Biz- I found it! And I'm going to make it this weekend! One of these days my computer is going to explode from my drooling on the keyboard when reading your posts. LOL

  19. OK...I'm in for the eggplant burger and the squash pie...Yum! That parfait kind of rings my bell, too. Maybe I'll just turn up one of these Wednesdays and pretend I'm a student :)

  20. Oh yum, it all looks so good. I would totally eat it all. I love that it is all from scratch.
    I had to laugh too, I have yelled the same thing and I could see the looks on your kids faces, oh the things we do for blog posts. :)
    You could come and cook anytime you wanted at my house. :)
    Have a lovely Sunday, Pam

  21. The older I get - the more I enjoy cooking from scratch!

  22. Tale- YES! Come on over!

    Stephanie- You don't have to pretend to be a student! Just be prepared to trade for knitting lessons. LOL

    FG- Thanks! The look on their faces WAS priceless! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    MKM- Me too!


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