Friday, March 30, 2012

Droopy Pants, Flying Shoes and Friday Fragments

Ok, this is more than a fragment, but I want to share this one day with y'all this week. 

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One of my favorite things any day of the week is going to lunch and doing a little shopping with my BFF,Leslie. And we got to do that very thing on Tuesday. It was GREAT, as usual!

After I finally got dressed to go that is. And that was a feat unto itself. 

Most of you know that I've been on a weight loss journey that quickly turned into a lifestyle change for both Hubs and myself. And those of you who have lost weight before know how interesting it can be when your clothes get a bit too big for you. Overnight.

I found this out Tuesday. While getting ready to enjoy a girls afternoon out. 

The Pants.

I love to wear capri pants. And I have a few pairs that I like and chose one of the black ones for our outing. 

When I wore these pants before this last loss of 79 lbs., they zipped and buttoned but they were tight. I always envisioned the button flying off and putting someone's eye out across the room (just like the commercial). Tuesday, this was not an issue. As a matter of fact, when I went to button them, the button hole and button flew right past each other in warp speed. Too big. 

No problem, I thought. My rear is still plenty big to hold them up! And, should they fall to my ankles, Leslie will tell me and I'll pull them up before anyone else notices. 

I zipped and buttoned the pants, let go and down they went. All the way to my ankles. Crap.

Next pair- black, capri, drawstring. No problem, right? Wrong.

When I wore these pants last year, I never once was able to use the drawstring because when I donned the pants the only thing left of the drawstring were the two knotted ends. This time I had to use the drawstring which ended up tied in a bow that hung to my knees- ok that's an exaggeration, but still...

Anyway, the pants stayed up but looked very much like a pair of clown pants. Crap.

Luckily, the day was quite cool (comparatively speaking) and I was able to wear a pair of long pants that fit. 

The Shirt

This went a little quicker. After trying on a couple of shirts that have scooped necks that fell off my shoulders, I went with a shirt that fit tightly last year. This year it slips right down my torso, but stays on my shoulders. SUCCESS!

The Shoes

I decided to wear a pair of shoes I have NEVER been able to put my fat feet into. 

They slid right on and, with my first step, flew right off. I couldn't keep them on my feet. Crap.

This happened with nearly every single shoe I tried to wear. 

Yes, I've been losing weight. Yes, I knew my clothes would become to big at some point. But COME ON, even the shoes?! 

After lunch we went to Rack Room. 

I bought shoes. Next time, pants.   

Have a great weekend y'all! 


  1. You are really kicking some butt lady!

    I remember when you first started out, to me, all your posts had this vibe of 'maybe this will happen'. You've totally removed the 'maybe' vibe. So proud of you!

    And how annoyingly awesome is this whole clothing thing? You should see me right now. I refuse to buy any new stuff until I hit goal. I look like a hobo. :P

    Have a great weekend Pam!!

  2. What a problem to have! LOL Congratulations on your successful weight loss - and for your lifestyle changes. Surround yourself with supportive people. Have a great weekend, Pam.

  3. I love that you called it a "lifestyle change" as those are the ones that last! (and it sounds like you have shopping in your future)

  4. That's a great problem to have, Pam! You've accomplished so much...and you get to go shopping. Could things get any better than that?

  5. Well done on the weight loss. I am just starting my journey on that... hope I can get to pants not fitting one day.

  6. Kelly- Thanks but YOU are my number one inspiration! The clothing thing IS annoying indeed. But, as long as the pants don't fall down while I'm in public, I don't mind that much. LOL

    Judy-I know and I don't really mind that much. I just refuse to buy much until I lose the rest of the weight. I guess I can use a rope like Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillys did. LOL

    Chantel- It had to be a lifestyle change because, you’re right, it just wouldn’t have lasted otherwise! I know, and I HATE shopping! LOL

    Stephanie- I’m not unhappy about it but I don’t want to buy much until all the weight is off! Hopefully I won’t go around showing my rear (literally) until that happens. LOL

    Wayne- Thanks! You’ll get there. Just keep at it and remember to take it one day at a time!

  7. How awesome on the weight loss. I can't wait for my clothes to get loose! My feet haven't changed at all from when I was younger even though I am 60 pounds overweight.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. I am soooooo proud of you for all the weight that you have lost. As my son would say, 'You're a drooper, huh?' and so you ought to be!
    I have lost only 18 lbs. but I still feel like a million bucks. Good for you!

  9. Debby- I was so surprised by the shoe thing. I had no idea that my feet were fat too. LOL

    Tracy- Thanks! Every pound was a victory in feeling better! Drooper! LOL

  10. That's awesome! And, a perfect excuse to do a lot more shopping!

  11. Heh.. I like that problem...

    I'm on the same journey myself.. although not anywhere along as far as you though!!

  12. I never thought about feet getting skinnier when one loses weight, but I know my eyes got fatter when I was pregnant.

  13. That's gotta make you feel good that your old clothes are SO big on you now! Great job on the weight loss! Have fun shopping!

  14. Mrs T- And annoying. LOL Thanks!

    Mama Zen- Not that I needed an excuse, but sure! LOL Thanks!

    Clare- Where have you been?! Have I just missed seeing you on my sidebar? Just take it one day at a time girl, you'll get there. And I'm far from finished. I have another 100 to go.

    Keetha- I never did either but my shoes are too big now. LOL

    K&G- Thanks! Wait, fun and shopping don't go together for me. LOL

  15. This is a cute post. As Mom would say, "Are you braggin' or complainin'?!" Sounds like you're entitled to brag! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week...


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