Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fragments

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Seems like the rain gods are being kind to us again this week for which we are so very grateful! We're still at a deficit from last year! Unfortunately, the cold weather gods are still avoiding us. There are signs of spring everywhere but I'm not happy to see them. It's difficult to appreciate the coming of spring when there was no winter to speak of.

We watched GCB and I LOVED it. I laughed all over the place! There are plenty of GCBs all over SC. I mean we have a state FULL of them! I have GOT to read that book!

The place that Tucker and I love to walk around so much won't be much fun for too much longer.

We have seen beautiful birds-

And sunrises--

Tucker has chased turtles and squirrels there-

But where once was beauty-

We now have man-

Who has come to destroy the beauty-

And kill nature---

 It's been a fabulous place. We've met people and their doggies, we've walked and run. It's been quiet and beautiful. And now, it's over. Because God forbid the money grubbing builders in our area leave green spaces alone. Not that I'm bitter or anything mind you. But, I don't know of one single neighborhood in our town that doesn't have empty houses. Just standing there. Empty. All over the place. And yet, they keep building. If I had TONS of money, I would have bought the whole place and turned it into one ginormous dog park! Yes indeed! When will they ever leave well enough alone?

Some of you may have heard that all four of the lovelies will be home at the same time next week! You also may have heard that I was rather excited about this. Except for one thing. Birdie told me last night that, while she's home, we're going to run together. I'm like, 'But when I run it's not fast or pretty." And Birdie's all like, "No matter Mom. We're doing it." So now I'm not as excited about her coming home because she's already in my head every single day every time I stop running because I think my lungs are going to explode and walk instead of run and I can hear Birdie in my head saying, "That's long enough, get moving!" or "Keep going Mom!" So, I wonder if wrapping my ankle with an Ace bandage will fool Birdie...who is our little athletic trainer? Any suggestions?

Have a fantastic weekend y'all!


  1. wow! I loved all your pictures and I understand your bitterness. Your doggie is so darn cute :)

    Gosh, I wish I had some advice but I am thinking you are going to get a good workout, have fun :)

    Hey, we both will be enjoying our family next week, both my kids will be home (Sedona) and my husband is going to pop in town, so I am doing some cartwheels too (well, figuratively, can't really swing those things anymore LOL)

    Oh, I loved GCB and I read on another blog about it being a book, so like you, I am going to have to read it, we will have to chat about it!

  2. Lucy- We will definitely have to chat about the book! I told the girls I want it for Mother's Day but I'm not sure I can wait that long! I'm afraid you might be right about the workout- is it too early to say, OUCH? LOL

    Betty- It's just terrible about the building even though we knew it was coming. I hope I can do it without smacking her. LOL

  3. I hate the prospect of all that beauty gone because of money-hungry developers ... even more because as you said, there are existing homes that aren't selling.

  4. Kathy- I'm so glad that someone else gets it!

  5. Just curious about how many of those gorgeous birds you can name?

    The three playing "follow the leader" cracked me up.

  6. I've got tears in my eyes over this natural disaster! I have always said the same as you. If there are so many empty houses, why do they need to build? My god we are a greedy species. This makes me so angry. At least you have great memories of the place. Thanks for putting those amazing pictures up for us. Enjoy the lovlies! Hugs.

  7. Keetha- Believe it or not I can name each and every one of them! Those three are ibises (I had to look up the plural of ibis...haha) and I always think of the Marx Brothers when I see that picture! LOL

    Barb- Wish you could come down while the lovelies will be here! You're quite right, we are a greedy species. I get angry too. And still they build. Idiots.

  8. Oh Pam! That just breaks my heart. Your photos are so beautiful, it's terrible to think that such a beautiful natural area will be plowed over to make room for new houses! I hate to hear of things like this!

  9. Kara- I hate it too. Wednesday when those trucks were out there I walked past and one of the men said good morning to me. I wouldn't even respond. It's sickening.

  10. Hi Pam. That is utter sacrilege that this wonderful place is going to be no more. What on earth are these people thinking of? I can imagine how angry you must be about it, and I do hope that there is somewhere else that you willl now be able to walk with Tucker, who, by the way, is absolutely adorable! I want him!! Wonderful photos of the birds and sunsets for us to look at today. You are so lucky to see such beautiful things. All the girls together. Woop Woop! I feel excited for you my friend! Enjoy/.

  11. Yes, it's the same around here also. More or less...the part I don't like is all the empty buildings downtown in the oldtown, and yet the leave them to the homeless and they become rat infested and a total shambles with gang graffiti and such ---to top it off, the builders and money grubbers buy pristine beautiful farm land to build NEW. It makes no sense at all. Okay, now that you got me riled...I'll shut up before I put my foot in it again---

    Your bird images are just fabulous!!!! And your sunrise/sunset photos are stunning. But, Tucker and the Turtle are just, priceless!!!!

    I loved having you visit with me today! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Maybe if you limp a little she will take a little pity on you.

  13. Diane- It doesn't matter where we go, the builders and developers come and tear it all up. They disgust me. Thanks for coming by! I'm glad you're back online!

    Anni- I know girl! Those things happen around here too. New this and new that while the old goes to pot and nature is destroyed. Money grubbing idiots. Thanks for visiting!

    Mrs- I doubt it. She's pretty intense. And strict. Which really isn't fair because we were not strict parents. LOL

  14. Fantastic bird photos, Pam!

    I agree on the 'what's wrong with using the empty houses first" question. Or at least taking them down - if necessary - and recycling the materials. I'll just keep recycling my stash and hooking with wool remnants. Maybe that'll make up for the waste of such beautiful resources.

  15. Such a bitter sweet post, Pam. I really feel for you losing your beautiful natural park. Don't they have to do EIAs in your part of the world? Here, it is legislated and no development can commence prior to a thorough environmental impact assessment, especially in areas where there are streams, natural springs and wetlands, however seemingly insignificant they might appear.
    I think you are going to surprise both Birdie and yourself! You've come a long way in the past year! You are very funny, though!

  16. That is one thing about living out here. We own the 180 acres around us and what we don't own, has swamp or small lakes or state land so we are lucky. Just a question, when you're building people remove wetlands or ponds, don't they have to build them again? Maybe there will still be a nice place when all is said and done. We can all hope and pray there is.
    I so love seeing your area. It's green and pretty and green. Yes, I miss the green, I can't wait for summer.
    Take care Pam and have a great and blessed week!!

  17. :) You are a cutie pie. Good luck with the running.

    And your photos...fantastic! Wow--I'm really impressed (and sad for the loss of your park).

    Thanks for linking up!


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