Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fragments

Don't have a lot of time? Then Friday Fragments is just what you need! Hop on over the Mrs. 4444's at Half-Past Kissin' Time and join in the fun!

Congrats to the high school graduates out there! Be ready y'all- college is a total BLAST!

  • The wedding was big fun! Y'all can read about it here if you missed it. Though I have to say that traveling on a holiday weekend is not something I'd want to do again. Ever. 

  •  Birdie made it home safe and sound. Evwardo flew out to Texas to drive back with her- I'm tellin' y'all, that one's a keeper! We had a welcome back sign put up at the entrance to our subdivision- it contains a little inside joke:

  •  My very sweet friend sent me this in an email and I thought y'all would get a kick out of it:

  • Deanie was able to come to NC for the weekend (she lives in DC) so we all stayed at my dad's house on Saturday. I love it when things work out like that!
  • We had TWO birthdays this week! Both BestSonInLawEVER and my brother T had a birthday on Wednesday! T is way older than BestSonInLawEVER, aren't you T? Happy birthday fellas! Love y'all!
  • My Tucky Poo doesn't travel well so Mimi (my mother) came down to stay with him while we went to the wedding. My aunt goes to lunch with a group of friends every Friday. This past Friday several of them weren't there. Guess where they were? Babysitting their grand-dogs! How funny! 
  • Also funny- y'all know Joyce at From this Side of the Pond, right? Well, her DD2 was in a wedding in NC on Saturday. Guess where it was? At the exact same place of the wedding that we attended on Sunday!   
  • Met the boy that DoodleBug is sort of dating a little bit on Monday. He seems quite nice. We'll see how he works out.
  • Yesterday, Birdie and I went out to the IOP (the Isle of Palms) with the pooches. During certain hours, the dogs can run free without leashes! It's awesome and only 6 minutes away! I'll leave you with a few pix:
Here's Strider having a run after a swim:

Tucker prefers to have the run without the swim:

But Strider just swims and swims and swims:

While Tucker watches:

Sometimes there are holes that we can't see when we're in the water. And we fall. And we get wet. Like Birdie:

Tucker met a new friend who ran into the water. Tucker followed. But, as soon as he realized he was in the water, he came out. Speedy quick:

There was a random dude out there paddle boarding:

The water was gorgeous:

I could stand there all day and just look at it:

Yellow flowers abound on the dunes:

Another random doggie heading out for a swim. Or so we thought. As soon as he got to the water's edge, he stopped and headed back:

Quite a lovely way to begin a day:

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. I loved the Tucker photos. Having a pet is really like having a kid that never grows up.

  2. So...did you happen to meet Joyce's DD2? What a coincidence!
    Love the dogs on the beach pictures!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. That looks like it was a great time at the beach.

  4. Love the Boaz related advice. Too funny!

    And the doggie beach pictures are so good. Makes me want to go to the beach.

  5. Love your beach and dog pictures! Makes me want to get a dog and travel to the beach---when it's warmer.

  6. What wonderful pictures! You do live in Paradise.

  7. Time at the beach is always the best way to begin a day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Jeremy- True! And, in my case, a husband is like that too. LOL

    Mary- I did not get to meet her but it was close! One of these days we're going to run right into one another! LOL Thanks! You too!

    Wayne- It was! We always love taking the dogs to IOP!

    Diane-Wasn't that hilarious?! We love taking the dogs to the beach. It's so nice that they let them run free during certain hours.

    Ann-It'a always warmer here so get a dog and come on down! LOL

    Gail- Thanks! Well, we live close to it. LOL

    Kathy- It made the day just right! Thanks! You too!

  9. We've vacationed at IOP before! You are so right, it's a beautiful place to begin the day :)

  10. Kathy- It really is! And I love that the dogs can run free during certain hours!

  11. No wonder you had a great time - with your daughters around!

    Love the photos of the water. I think Tucker is very sensible to stay away from those waves. :-) And even though you get hot weather in the summer, it must be so worth it to be that close to the water!

  12. I love love love the doggie pics!! What a fun time!

    Nice to meet you!

  13. wow what beautiful dogs and pictures--i love your brother's name t--have a wonderful weekend too!

  14. Judy- It is nice to have that sea breeze year 'round, I have to admit. Tuck was so funny- he had an expression of shock and then he ran out of there! LOL

    EL- Thanks! It was so much fun!

    LP- Thanks! There's a little more to his name, but I call him T.

  15. Such a nice way to start the weekend. Thanks for all those lovely photos. I am deeply envious of your (much) warmer ocean.

  16. I love the pooch pictures! Delightful!

  17. Stephanie- It really was. I've heard it's warmer here, but I don't go in so cold is ok with me. LOL

    Ellen- Thanks! They had such fun!

  18. Looks like you guys all had a terrific time. Pls give Tucker big hugs from me.

  19. That's cool to have a sign for the subdivision that you can use to greet family/friends. Do you need to plan well in advance?
    nice pics
    I'm pinning the Biblical advice.

  20. It feels like a vacation just seeing the pictures. Loved the Boaz sign.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Enjoyed "Boaz"...dogs in the ocean having fun...great pleasure for you & them!...:)JP

  22. Michele- We did and I thought about you and your crew! They would have loved it! Tucker sends puppy hugs back!

    bill- Not too much in advance. I remembered, suddenly, and she was able to put it up for me. No one had reserved it before me. They just put it up about a year ago and we really enjoy it. When no one has anything up there, they put "Welcome Home' and it's so nice. Awesome!

    Kim- It is almost like being on vacay when we go over there. You too!

    JP-I love that Boaz thing too! They did have fun! And us too- for sure!

  23. Pups in the ocean. What better way to spend the day at the beach.

  24. Lovin' that list of "az-es" Those surely are some "treats" to avoid!!!

  25. MT- It's hard to come up with anything better, that's for sure!

    Keetha- Weren't those a hoot?! I loved them too!

  26. I'm with Tucker, strictly a land creature.

  27. Beautiful shots! I especially love the one of Tucker putting the brakes on! Too funny...


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