Thursday, June 28, 2012

The New Vet and Garden Update

Yesterday was Tucker's first visit from the new vet. She was fantastic!

And not just because she was knowledgeable but she's just a very nice person. She began her own lifestyle change in an effort to get herself healthy (sound familiar?) and decided that there was a healthier way for pets as well. I'm so grateful that she did.

Of course I forgot to take pictures while she was here (even though I put it right on the table so I would remember) because I was so interested in what she had to say. So, I stole borrowed this one from her website. Just click the picture and go visit her site!

AND, she comes to your house! That's right. AND the cost is WAY less than the traditional vet we were using. It's not that I didn't like our vet. But, there are 5 of them in that office and about 10+ techs. And then there's that unnecessary renovation they need their clients to help pay for so- I was paying for an overstaffed newly decorated office. And lots of vaccinations that I don't believe Tucker needed.

I much prefer the personalized care that Tucker will get from Dr. Oldham. I much prefer her holistic approach to pet care. And I would stick with her even if her fees were more than the traditional vet. Dr. Oldham is worth it!

Besides, Tucker and Stider LOVED her!

Meanwhile, out in the garden----

The sunflowers are blooming-can you tell that this one towers over my head?

I just love sunflowers!

And cherry tomatoes---

These are some of the tomatoes I am going to can when they ripen...

But the cherry tomatoes get popped into our mouths right off the vine---

Thanks so much to everyone for the canning advice---


and tips!

Happy Thursday y'all! I'll meet you in the garden!


  1. My dog was at the vet yesterday, just for her rabies vaccine. They said her C6? (Might have the word wrong) was also due. I asked what that was and they said its to check for Lymes. Every six months. At $129 a pop. I said we'd pass. She was checked 6 mos. ago because she was feeling puny but I couldn't see doing that again now.

    Your tomatoes look fab! We have a huge sunflower field near us but I don't think its in bloom yet. I will have to drive that way and see...we're a bit behind you in the seasons. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Joyce- It was great yesterday----ONLY $100 for the visit! And she doesn't inject them unnecessarily or run any unnecessary tests. So refreshing. I'm just sick of paying for things we don't need and exposing Tucker to things that could be harmful to him. I'm so excited about the tomatoes! This is the first year we've had enough to can! Please take pictures of the sunflower field for me!

  3. I would love to find a holistic vet - I'll have to look into it. My poor dog is at the vet, right now, getting xrays and an ultrasound done. They are pretty sure he has cancer. I'm so sad. :(

    On a brighter note, your flowers are beautiful, and the tomatoes look so good!

  4. Patrice- Wait...who is too far away? What am I missing?

    Shannon- Try doing a search for one. I put it out on facebook that I was looking for one and a friend knew of Kristi. Also, Dr. Becker has a way of searching your area for holistic vets! Please keep me updated on your sweet pooch- I hope and hope and hope it's not cancer! Thanks!

  5. country vets still visit our that
    so glad you found a vet you like...those babies are worth it!
    absolutely LOVE your sun flowers...i need to plant some

  6. skoots- I love having such a good feeling about our vet! You're so right- the little ones are worth it! Thanks! I love having them in the garden!

  7. Hi Pam. Well, that new vet sounds absolutely lovely, and how wonderful that you found her. You are going to have a couple of very healthy dogs now, I'm sure! Those sunflowers are magnificent my friend and isn't it lovely to be able to pick the small tomatoes when they're ripe and just pop them into your mouth! Heaven!

  8. Diane- How are you feeling?! I'll hop right over to your blog and find out! The sunflowers give me such pleasure! I can be having a down day and just look out at the garden, see their smiling faces, and my day brightens right up!

  9. I would love a vet that makes house calls. Millie goes psychotic in the clinic. It's not pretty.

  10. Such gorgeous photos! Wow! The green in the tomatoes is just so bright and fresh and your focus is bang on. Beautiful!!!!
    And yay for having an awesome vet! The ones who don't have fancy expensive offices but are still wonderful doctors are hard to come by.

  11. Such gorgeous photos! Wow! The green in the tomatoes is just so bright and fresh and your focus is bang on. Beautiful!!!!
    And yay for having an awesome vet! The ones who don't have fancy expensive offices but are still wonderful doctors are hard to come by.

  12. Kim- Maybe there's one in your area! I just did a search and put it out to my facebook friends and Viola! It's so great!

    Cathy- Thanks! This is the first year they've done this well and I'm so excited! The vet truly is fantastic! And Tucker LOVES her!

  13. I have not heard of ANY vets in any place that I have lived coming to the house. That is FANTASTIC.

    Your sunflowers are gorgeous. And don't get me started on your tomatoes. They really are spectacular. The cherry ones look amazing. They are so good for salads because they aren't sooo juicy. But I can understand the desire to eat them right off the vine. Your large tomatoes are shaping up nicely, too. Excellent crop!!!!

  14. Robin- I agree! And she's knowledgeable and nice and the dogs loved's wonderful! Thanks! The tomatoes have me quite excited! It's the first year I've had them do so well!

  15. So sounds wonderful and I'm glad you like her. Your garden pictures are so beautiful. I love the sunflowers!

  16. Oooh! I'm jealous of your garden. Our growing season is early here and this year it was cut short by a tornado which wiped out almost all of my garden. I have basil and parsley left. Your tomatoes look fabulous. Enjoy.

  17. I am so glad you liked the Vet, it makes all the difference.

    Oh, I would LOVE those sunflowers in my yard.

    Glad you figured out the canning!

  18. Oh good grief, look at those awesome green tomatoes! My tomatoes are getting blossoms. lol

    That's a great recommendation from Tucker. Any friend of Tucker is a friend of mine. :-)

  19. I like the idea of a holistic vet, and one that comes to your house is much more convenient for you and Tucker. Maybe her fees are lower because she saves on rent? Happy days for you anyway!
    Your garden is paying rich dividends now, in beauty, and will shortly pay in food. More happy days!

  20. So glad Tucker's visit with the new vet went well - cannot even imagine how great it is to have a doc willing to come to you! Seriously awesome. Also, love al of your pics. :) Happy weekend!

  21. Congratulations on finding a vet you love. It sure does make a difference.

    I love sunflowers, too. Your photos are beautiful.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.


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