Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Sizzle- Week 5 Update; Week 6 Deets

It's time for the Summer Sizzle update for the end of Week 5 and the beginning of Week 6-

The heat is still ON but I am SLOWLY acclimating myself to it. I've even been running a little! WooHoo!

The exercise is going well. I walk Strider (mostly it's a run) and then come back and take Tucker (still a pretty fast clip but not a run) AND, starting this week, I am adding Sprint 8 on my own 3 times/week.

What is Sprint 8? It's simple. After a 3 minute warm-up, you just push yourself at maximum effort for 20-30 seconds and then rest for 90 seconds. You then repeat this cycle 8 times.

Why am I going to try Sprint 8?
  • It can be done with any exercise- with or without equipment. 
  • It doesn't last an hour so it saves time and the sprint part is only for 4 minutes
  • You only have to do it 2 or 3 times/week; any more than that can do more harm than good
Basically, it's short and sweet.Well, I'm not so sure about the sweet part. But it IS short.

Here's a video of Dr. Mercola doing Sprint 8 on an exercise bike. I'm going to be running during my intense part and walking during the rest part.

The food is going well also. I'm not counting any calories I'm just eating healthy. My recipes are from the Gerson recipe book and/or from the RAW recipes I get from various blogs (you can find them listed on the page marked Health and Fitness Sites on the tabs at the top of my blog). I am also juicing every day and making my green smoothies as well.

Our challenge for last week was to lose 2 pounds. I lost 3.5. AND I didn't hold back on July 4th. Of course, we did have mostly healthy foods. Everything was selected and prepared carefully. All meats were grass fed/free range/certified organic/etc. All sides and the dessert was organic and prepared without gluten and with organic ingredients.

This week's challenge is:  VEGETARIAN WEEK. This is not going to be a problem since I'm already doing it. Of course, you just never know until it's over.

Recap: I did lose 3.5 pounds last week but that's not THE thing. THE thing is that I am feeling better and I do NOT attribute this to the lost poundage. I attribute it to the healthy diet which has led to an increase in exercise intensity- I am running in this OPPRESSIVE HEAT! :)

Weight loss has become the proverbial icing on the cake. Getting fit is the goal!

Hope y'all had a great week and have an even better one this week! If last week sucked, don't let that stop you! Get up and get moving!

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  1. Pam - that is awesome! Even if weight loss isn't the first and foremost goal - you did fabulously this week and should be very proud. It does feel good knowing that you are doing something good for yourself, right? I may have to try that Sprint 8 on the elliptical this week!

  2. Rochelle- I'm just happy to feel so fit. I can do so much more now than I have been able to in so very long! Running in this heat was not realistic last year at this time. Dr Mercola has a video doing the Sprint 8 on an eliptical! I may try one of those again. One day. LOL

  3. WOW what a great loss and even better is that you are feeling better. Sometimes just feeling better and working out better is so much more satisfying than see a big number. The great thing is you got both!! Congrats you are doing fantastic!!

  4. Kody- Thanks! Things are so much better since my focus is not on losing weight. It became obsessive and that's just not good.

  5. I'm not trying to lose weight, but I am trying to get back into shape. I was in great shape last fall, but I slacked off over the winter and I haven't really stepped up my game again. You have motivated me!

  6. GP- There was a time when I wasn't trying to lose weight either. But those days are LONG gone. Anyway, I'm glad you're motivated! Getting fit is a great thing!

  7. I am so happy for you, that you are feeling better, healthier and more energized, that is always a good thing :)

  8. Lucy- Thanks! It really is a good thing. Last year at this time, it was all I could do to walk. Slowly. Now, it's a power walk and/or a run! I love it!

  9. That is awesome 3.5 !!! That is great. I can't wait to see how this Sprint 8 works. When I used to walk every morning before I became a full time gardener I would walk four and run the fifth. I liked that pretty much and it broke up the monotony. I am excited for you next week. :)

  10. Kim- Thanks! I hope it's going to work out too. I also hope it doesn't kill me. LOL

  11. Everything sounds great save for the Sprint 8. I hate that cell phone, wait, it's a run! lol

    Seriously, I haven't done any sprints since I played football or ran to catch the bus.

    Take care and keep up the exercise.

  12. Oh girl, I am so proud of you. Can you please send me some of your enthusium my way, please. I really need to find myself again and get going.
    Good luck with your sprints, it really sounds awesome. Maybe better the C25K stuff. However...well you know I want to really run. We'll see.
    Take care Pam and God Bless!!

  13. Pam, that sprint 8 sounds great. It's kinda like interval training, which I used to do to get faster and increase my stamina, it will work great for you. Congrats on the weight loss and feeling better!

  14. Whoo hoo! Well done, Pam. I know what you mean about the pounds off not being the goal but it certainly helps keep the attitude brighter and lighter. :)

  15. Betty- Thanks! There are some really good sites with a gazillion recipes- I'm sure you'll find some you like!

    Jeremy- The good thing about this exercise is that you can run or use an eliptical or a bike or whatever you want to use! I'm going to try it with running and walking to see how it goes. Besides, elipticals are of Satan. LOL

    Julie- Thanks! I wouldn't exactly call what I have enthusiasm. I'm just doing what I have to do but I'm not enthusiastic about it. LOL I'm still hoping to run a 5k on Thanksgiving. We'll see.

    Alessandra- That's what I thought too. I'm hoping it will work out in the fitness area. If I lose weight too---icing on the cake! :)

    MMS- Thanks! And you're right! The loss in poundage does lift the spirit!

  16. Wahoo for the pounds off AND the great zest you feel because of the healthy diet!

  17. Hi Pam, I love the new look on your blog :)
    I see that you're keeping up the good work, lovely. Am having my 2nd week of holiday, and had a little bit more time to paint. Wish we could have a little bit more sun though, afraid I'll get webbed toes from all the rain.
    Have a great week.



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