Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer SIZZLE...In the Rain

Believe it or not, I'm on time for the Summer Sizzle update for the end of Week 11 and the beginning of Week 12! It MUST be a miracle! :)

No wrenches thrown into the mix this week, thankfully. I've been running again- in 100% humidity. That has NOT been fun at all but it's been doable. And, now that summer has rounded the corner and might actually leave (PLEASE, PLEASE leave!) before we all suffer extreme consequences, I'm acclimated. Figures. It has been nice having some rain though. And storms. I love storms.

I decided to step on the scale just to see- and I'm three pounds down. I'll take it. Though I have no idea how much I've lost during this challenge. Way to keep up, I know.  Anyway, that means there is no picture of my weight loss in terms of food which was our challenge from last week.

Everything pretty much remains the same here with eating only organic foods and nothing processed. And water is my only drink except for that cup of coffee in the mornings. I've never been a coffee drinker but I found this espresso blend at Trader Joe's and I AM HOOKED! Oh how I LOVE that buzz burst of energy morning cuppa! Although I am looking for a recipe to make my own organic ginger ale. Anybody have one?

The challenge for this week is to surpass your fitness goals from week 10. Since week 10 had me down with hay-fever, I'm thinking this won't be that difficult. :) Tomorrow is the first day of Synergy for 8 weeks (I know I've said before that I'm starting it but I am this week for real because I just can't put it off any longer). I'm expecting big fitness improvements and will also be incorporating some 5k training in there thanks to Birdie.

And there you have it. Hope everyone has been enjoying a fantastic weekend!


  1. Well I know I am looking forward to see what happens with your Synergy week. It is nice you have Birdie to help you get yourself in gear this week.
    Kudos!!! you are down 3 pounds that is great!
    Right now I wish I had your energy.
    Have a great start on Monday!

  2. 3 pounds is awesome! Hope you enjoy your Synergy training. I look forward to hearing more about it once you dive in! Oh, and I wish we had a Trader Joe's close by - I love their stuff (and I LOVE coffee) but I'd have to travel far and wide to get to the nearest one. :-(

  3. Way to go on 3lbs!! I think it is great Birdie is giving you a lot of help!!
    Good Luck on your upcoming week :)

  4. 3 lbs! A great reward for ignoring those scales. And clearly doing everything right this week.

    Hope your hot weather breaks. Ours just did. Does that mean that fall is here now? Hope we get some more summer just not so hot. IWe don't have it around enough to acclimatize. We just moan while pretending we're grateful so the sun stays around. Just not so hot, please.

  5. Excellent loss congrats! I understand the 100% humidity I am in Houston and it's killer!!! I am so ready for winter!

  6. Kim- Well, if it doesn't kill me, I'll post about it. LOL I don't have that much energy but I'm doing it anyway. I was so encouraged by being able to walk a fast pace up those three flights of stairs a couple of weeks ago so now I want to go faster and further! Yes, I compete with myself. It's sick. :)

    Rochelle- I hope I do too. I'll post about it if I live through it. I so enjoy having Trader Joe's close by. We just got ours last year. Maybe you're next! :)

    Lucy- Thanks! It will either be great or she'll kill me. LOL

    Stephanie- I wish it would break. I've had ENOUGH. I would like to experience your weather. It sounds near perfect for someone like me who loves the rain and storms.

    CK- Thanks! Me too! Have y'all been getting any rain this year?

  7. Pam, you are awesome!!! You are doing fantastic and I can't wait to hear how you new program works out.
    I am NOT ready for fall since it means snow and cold to follow. I really love summer. It doesn't get to hot for me but there is a big difference from here to there. On our way to Brainerd today I saw a few trees already working on some beautiful colors. No hurry please!!
    Good luck this week. Take care. Blessings!!

  8. Three pounds.. wonderful!!!!!

    Only water and one cup of coffee??!! Girl, your killing me!!! I wish I had 1/2 of your commitment skills!!

  9. Congrats on losing three pounds. I was proud to remain the same after vacation. But I have to get back on the horse for real and get back to eating the right stuff. . . you know, nothing fried, no sugar, no potatoes . . .lots of veggies and lean meats! Santa has lost 23 pounds so far and I am down 11. So it's all good.

  10. Congrats on the 3 pound loss!! What a great feeling that must be! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Sounds like your doing pretty good with your Summer Slimdown Challenge. Way to go!


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