Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Rules for Living Peacefully...With Me

Are y'all shocked that I have a list of rules that can make life easier for people around here? I didn't think so.

My list has changed somewhat since the lovelies all grew up and moved along. But, it isn't that bad. It isn't irrational. It isn't unfair. It never has been any of those things. And the rules aren't there to make anyone's life miserable. They are there to keep me from smacking the living daylights out of you make life easier and more pleasant for us all. 

My list is easy enough to adhere to. IF other people are paying attention, which they (apparently) are not doing.

Here are the top 10 ways to keep me from blowing my stack:
  1. Don't use my hairbrush or my toothbrush AND if you knock it on the floor or something, LET ME KNOW. Seriously, this should not even HAVE to be on a list.
  2. Don't use my pillow. It's mine, leave it alone. I am not a fan of having your drool on it.
  3. Don't touch my camera, computer or phone without permission. Everyone's stuff gets broken or infected except mine. That's a red flag in my book.
  4. If you SAY you're going to do something- freaking DO IT. Otherwise, you will be labeled a promise breaker.
  5. Don't drink out of my glass/water bottle and don't eat from my fork/spoon. Self explanatory.
  6. Don't use your fork/spoon to help yourself to another serving or to get olives out of the jar. Manners people, manners.
  7. Don't forward me those stupid emails. Seriously, and everyone who does this is not getting my new email address.
  8. Don't leave me a voice mail message- I will see that I missed your call and call you back ASAP. OR, you can text me. (This is down to just two people now- and the two of you need to stop leaving me voice messages!).
  9. Do not bother me during football season (NFL AND college) and this DOES include preseason.Which starts this weekend. Take note.
  10. Don't lie to me. About anything. EVER.

See? Those aren't so bad. As a matter of fact, some of them probably shouldn't have to be on a list because they should fall under common sense. 'Should' being the keyword there.

Now tell us, what's on your list of rules or pet peeves?


  1. Gee Pam, now I am going to be thinking of my pet peeves. I know I have some but I need to think about them to see what it is that drives me crazy. Now I know my husband could maybe give you 20 things about me. I know sometimes I drive him so nuts. :)
    Do you get lots of forwards? That is so funny. You have had lots of company so you have had to share lots right? You just make me laugh all of the time. :)

  2. Kim- Thanks! I have to look at things in a comical way a lot so I avoid crying over it. LOL The forwards are mostly from the same two people who still insist on leaving me voice mails. I HATE IT! But they just won't stop.

  3. Wow. I figured I better get this comment in before the weekend. ;-) My pet peeve is people who don't understand why I don't want to be on the phone for an hour or more at a time. Come visit me. We can spend hours together. But on the phone? No thanks. I feel tethered. And very few people get my cell phone number. Hey, are we rigid and inflexible or what? lol

  4. I'm so with you on the using my stuff part. But, the voice-mail? Not so much. It's OK to let people leave me messages 'cuz they can't text me. Course I don't get much but surveys and cold calls because anybody who matters knows that I hate the phone. Send me an email. Please. And I promise not to send you any stupid forwards. Promise. Never.

  5. Save the football, your rules and mine are pretty much the same; but I'd add no low talking. I really hate that.

  6. You crack me up Pam. My daughter could have written this list, me not so much! Except the whole pillow thing, don't you dare put your shmutz on my pillow cause I'd be pissed.

    And I love Cranberry Morning's comment about being on the phone. My father would like her! God rest his soul he used to hang up on me after about three minutes and say "my ears are bleeding come over and tell me!"

  7. Oh, I have some of the weirdest Pet Peeves and most of the time I eventually post them on my site.

    I do know that most people hate those email forwards so I don't send them. I have a small group of email buddies and we share among each other only.

    I would never drink out of a random person's water and such but I have to admit in our home, we are bad, my husband and children,well, we tend to share, cups, water bottles, forks,pillows and such, we kind of are an open,free for all family but we would never do this with an outsider, you know, someone outside the four of us, no way! I have taught them manners and yes,we do know common sense manners. AND, we never dip our forks and other utensils in open jars because guests do come over and that would be wrong,so wrong,imagine them using our mayonnaise or olives and we have eaten right out of the jar, just gross!
    OK, now that I have gone on and on, Have a great day!!!

  8. This is hilarious : ) I just opened an email from my mother in law. I didn't realize it was a forward because if I had I would have ignored. She forwards without any deleting first so you have to scroll a good four feet to actually get to the body of the message which apparently has traveled around the globe to my inbox.

    I need to think about my own rules. Hubs sometimes refers to me as 'the rule police' so I guess I have a few.

  9. Judy- Oh yeah. I know a couple of people who keep me on the phone for at least an hour nearly every time. I do ok with it as long as I don’t have to plug my phone into the charger. But, when that happens, I get quite annoyed!

    Stephanie- I hate the phone too. But I can tolerate all except that dang voice mail. It’s not like I won’t call them back. And, those who do leave me the voice mails, leave me ones that are at least 10 minutes long. I am not listening to that. LOL

    Michele- Low talking and speedy quick talking! Both of those are on my list, just further down. LOL

    Jennifer- I don’t even like people getting near my pillow. LOL Your dad was hilarious! My granddad would say his piece and then just hang up.

    Lucy- My husband does almost all of those things. And it drives me NUTS. He has even used his fork to serve himself while eating at our oldest daughter’s in-law’s house for the first time! I was not happy and his mother would have been mortified. I don’t like sharing cups/utensils/etc because the kids used to think this meant they could do it with anyone’s drink/utensil/etc. LOL Now I don’t like it because of the husband having HepC. That kind of stuff just makes me too nervous. Some of those emails are funny but I have a couple of friends who send me 3+ on a daily basis. TOO MUCH. You have a great day too! Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy your comments!

  10. Joyce- My dad does the same thing to me. And so does my BFF. I've just about started deleting anything that comes from either of them. Uh oh. The rule police? Maybe that's what mine calls me when I'm not within hearing range. LOL

  11. I agree with you on your entire list except football...can't stand, don't plan on watching it at mu house!..:)JP

  12. You are so funny!!! I love these rules...only wish I had the nerve to post my own!!! ;-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!!!

  13. JP- Noted. LOL I watch it right here on my big TV. It's the reason we have the big tv! :)

    Debbie- Thanks! Go ahead and post them. Have some fun with it!

  14. This is a great list. Football season is coming up and I know very few women who enjoy it, but I do. Don't bother me when it's on. Especially my Steelers, not really into college sports.

    When it comes to eating utensils, I'm pretty easy to get along with. The grandkids and I share and eat off the same plate sometimes, although the one I won't let drink out of my glasses as he backwashes still.

    My pillow and toothbrush are sacred, leave your hands off, no matter who you are.

  15. YES!!! I love it!!
    If youre gonna cough, sneeze,or eat. Cover your mouth! I dont want your crumbs or your cold!!

  16. I'm the opposite when it comes to VM. lol I would rather someone I know leave a message just so I'll know everything is okay. For people I do not know or recognize their number I will not pick the phone up. If it's important, you better leave a message or else you won't hear back from me ever.

  17. So many of those things sound like common sense to me. :)

    One thing that drives me nuts is people who do not respect my personal space. I'm not a touchy-feely person and I like my privacy. I will give you a hello hug and welcome you into my living room but you cannot nap on my bed or nose about my office. Sigh. Why does that seem weird to so many people? I'm tired of apologizing for it.

  18. So I guess you don't feed the dog from your fork? I agree with a few of those, the others wouldn't bother me too much.


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