Monday, September 17, 2012

Ten Things about WEDDINGS

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we have a WEDDING theme. All you have to do to join the fun is click on the link or the button!

  1. Beg Ask your BFF, who used to plan/direct weddings back in the way day to put this whole thing together for you.
  2. Make sure that this BFF is the kind who won't let ANYONE at all step in and try to take control of the planning.
  3. Make sure your mother can make the pattern AND the dress that your daughter designed herself.
  4. Do not faint or yell something like, "You've got to be f#@*ing kidding me!" when the band booking lady tells you that the band you really like is $15,000 FOR ONE FREAKING NIGHT.
  5. Do not faint or yell the same thing mentioned above when the band booking lady tells you that the second band you really like is $8,000 FOR ONE FREAKING NIGHT.
  6. Smile when you book the DJ.
  7. ONLY work with people/businesses who are nice. If you meet with someone who isn't nice and isn't willing to make your daughter's wedding perfect, kick their ass to the curb. Immediately.
  8. Don't take crap from anyone and that includes family members. There's always someone else willing to help or provide services.
  9. Listen to your daughter and do it her way. It HER day, not yours.
  10. Remember: You're not losing a daughter, you're gaining a son! 
Yes, there's more I could add. But we're only supposed to list TEN!

I posted about Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER's wedding here if you'd like to read it or just look at the pix! 


  1. What a beautiful wedding! I love the venue where it was at and your daughter's dressing is stunning! She made a beautiful bride! Great color too with the attendants' dressings! Gorgeous! They make a great looking couple!

    Wow, I can't believe bands were that expensive! Hubby is a musician (guitarist for over 50 years); in his younger days when he was in bands, he never got that much for a wedding :) No wonder DJ's are so popular these days!

    cute meme too!

    enjoy the day!


  2. We haven't done any weddings here yet but thanks to Pinterest I'm pretty sure my girls have a lot of the details already planned : ) Have a nice week!

  3. Having only really planned one wedding (mine - and really long ago) my only comment is 'simple, simple, simple. And don't let your mother plan for you.

    I would agree on the nice businesses. That would hold for me any time.

  4. i can't believe i once wanted to go into the wedding business--haha--great list--i am going to look at the pics now!!

  5. Wow! I had no idea bands charged so much. Yikes!!

  6. Sounds like you lucked out with your BFF as a wedding planner. My sister and bff planned much of mine as I was living thousands of miles away from where we were getting married and there were many details that just didn't matter to me.

  7. betty- Thank you! We had a wonderful time and having the BFF help plan was the best move we ever made. She paid attention to every single detail and pulled off the exact wedding our daughter had envisioned. I’m still amazed. Still. The bands were ridiculous. The lowest one we could get was $8,000. The DJ was fine. LOL

    Joyce- Breezy had her own ideas for such a long time. She wanted a Robin Hood/enchanted forest type wedding. And that’s just what she got—thanks to my very talented
    BFF. If I had had to do it…well, let’s just not go there. LOL

    Stephanie- I am NOT a wedding person. I don’t enjoy them at all and I would never have even had one had I not succumbed to pressure from the husband’s mother. I was stupid. But simple—YES! I totally agree!

    LP- Hey girl! People who go into the wedding business are NUTS. LOL But there’s gazillions of dollars involved.

    Clarinda- It’s CRAZY. I almost had a stroke!

    Robbie- I really did! She planned the wedding just like our daughter envisioned! It was beautiful. The details were very important to our daughter which is another reason it was good to have my BFF involved…she’s the most detail oriented person I’ve ever met. Me? Not so much.

  8. With two daughters I need to keep this list for reference! I thought our band was expensive...but $15k?! That's ludicrous!

  9. What a beautiful wedding!
    Oh, I can't even imagine, *sigh*

  10. Leslie- Ludicrous is right!!!

    Lucy- Thank you! We had such a great time! The BFF is such a great planner. She found everything our daughter asked for and made the whole thing perfect!

  11. I am so glad my children decided to go with simple weddings I could never think of spending that kind of money or having those headaches for a one day event.

  12. I'm not at all ready to think about Lil Duck and marriage. Of course she is 4...I'm assuming her father will want to be there. Guess I should start working on accepting that fact now. :D

  13. living- I couldn't believe that the band cost more than the wedding! Which is why we went with the DJ. LOL

    Ducky-She's 4 now, but tomorrow, she'll be all grown up. Or so it will seem. You just won't believe how fast it'll go!

  14. I saw this this morning and I couldn't wait to read your tips. I think they are all awesome. I also love your pictures. That tent is so cool I don't think I ever saw one that you can see through. These are all things I have to remember. I always enjoy your fun lists.

  15. I'm thinking it's easier to have boys ;)

    Love the one about it being her day though - so true!

  16. we only have 1 daughter and she's still unmarried. However she's been with Nathan for 6 years. His mom is my best friend. We're lucky we all get along so well.

  17. I forgot to look at the photos before. The ceremony looked perfect. Breezy made a gorgeous bride. I'm glad the weather worked out for you all.

  18. Love them all but #10 is the key. Were you trying to book U2 or something? Or do these things really cost that much??? WOow.

  19. The cost of a DJ is so significantly cheaper than a band, it was a no brainer for us! I love how you ended with #10!

  20. We just got back from Asuncion today. Bought a hubby's tux and my dress and haven't quite managed to get over the price yet!! But you are right. We are smiling and paying the price...

  21. $15,000?! Who did they think they were? Wowza! Great listicle!

  22. I'm sure it was a great wedding, but $15,000 for the band? Yikes! Hope they were super famous. Loved the list.

  23. I am so thankful I hired a DJ after hearing bands cost that much! And I love that you see you are gaining a son!


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