Thursday, November 29, 2012

After The Fact

Thanksgiving Day was just yesterday, wasn't it? I absolutely canNOT believe it's been gone a whole week already!

I very, very much enjoyed waiting for Thanksgiving and the day itself this year. I mean, I always enjoy Thanksgiving DAY but the before time usually gets lost somehow/somewhere. Not this year.

We went to my brother's house where my SIL (who is a truly lovely soul) prepared a bit of food for us---

Her stuffed mushrooms---

They made TWO turkeys- one in the oven and one in a fryer...that doesn't use oil. Interestingly delish!

Fall flowers---

Undoubtably, my brother just finished saying something CAH-RAY-ZEE!

Here's my crazy brother (whom I A.D.O.R.E.) and SIL with their sweet pooch---

 Here's one with Tucker. The husband and DoodleBug looked goofy, so I decorated them.

 That's the quilt Birdie made for her cousin's new baby. She brought it so Mimi could help her put on the backing.

Yep. We ate twice. Once at my brother's and once at home with a whole new group of people. And yes. We paid for it with the I-over-ate-during-Thanksgiving- hangover the next day. So we ate more.

Did we go out and Christmas shop on Friday? Nope. The husband and I went out to Kohl's to get a vacuum cleaner I wanted but it was the wrong one. So DoodleBug and I went out to Bed, Bath and Beyond (Good LORD how I love that store) and got it. We also went to Target to get a few things to decorate my classroom. But we didn't go out early and try to take advantage of the deals. And, when we did venture out, everyone had gone home! SCORE!

Oh- the vacuum cleaner? That darn thing is so fabulously fantastic that it deserves a post of its very own!

But right now, I'm headed to y'alls blogs to read about your Thanksgivings!


  1. Glad you had a fun family gathering! I just said the same thing in my blog today-I can't believe it's been a week since turkey day. Those mushrooms look delish!

  2. Joyce- I know! It's going by too fast AGAIN. We have got to figure out how to slow it all down. The mushrooms were fantastic! She's such a great cook!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stuffed mushrooms - and those look DELISH!

    I want to know, though, how you can fry a turkey in a fryer without oil.

    I can't wait to hear about your new vacuum cleaner.

  4. Fryer... that doesnt use oil? Is that possible? Do tell!!
    I shopped on Friday!! (In my pjs on my computer!) :)

  5. I love how the dog is on the cough and your brother sitting on the floor; isn't that the usual way when one has a spoiled pet?

    My gosh, those mushrooms! So many of them! A labor of love to make them. I would park myself close to where they were; they looked so delicious!!

    Looks like such a wondeful Thanksgiving time (x2)!!


  6. This is the heart of a and friends.

  7. wow, what a spread! THe lovelies are so beautiful and aren't you lucky to have a chiropractor for bestsoninlawever. :)

  8. What a lovely bunch of family. It looks like you all enjoy yourself and what fun you have. So glad you posted pictures. Just so much fun.

  9. Looks like you had a nice time and the food looks delicious!


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