Thursday, November 15, 2012


The lovelies with Santa in 1991
When I was a little girl, the anticipation of the coming holidays seemed nearly unbearable. Looking back, however, I think the sheer anticipation of the coming events was the very best part of the holiday season.

Just thinking of all the things that are made available only during this time of year gets me all excited. I enjoy every second of it all from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas!

There's never a dull moment with so much to do and see--

  • Holiday movies (not just Christmas but Halloween and Thanksgiving too)
  • The music (ok, this one is all about Christmas for me)
  • The planning (meals, gifts, decorating--Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chistmas)
  • The decorating
  • The baking
  • The shopping
  • The giving of your time to others
  • The school plays
  • The church programs
  • The festival of lights
  • The whispered secrets
  • The preholiday parties
  • Bailey's Irish Cream---ok, available year 'round but particularly tasty during the holidays!
  • A fire in the fireplace---to go with the Bailey's, of course.
  • The way the lights on the Christmas tree sparkle after drinking the Bailey's
  • The phone calls between family members
  • Buying plane tickets for grown up children to fly home
  • Knowing that the whole family will be together
  • Happy (somewhat bittersweet) memories of holidays past
  • The feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, hope...
I can't think of anything negative about the anticipation that accompanies the holiday season. It brings a warmth that spreads all through my heart and soul and brings me a joy so deep and pure I have no words for it. I love it! I live for it! I thoroughly enjoy every second of every minute! I wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile.

It doesn't hurt that the lovelies are coming home! AND, there's all that time off from school! AND we are planning a celebration of the arrival of the newest family member!

It's going to be the best holiday season EVER! And it all begins tomorrow after school!

Do you enjoy the anticipation of the holiday season?  


  1. I really like your list. It sounds so nice. There is lots of really good things to look forward too.
    I love Christmas movies and we always start watching them Thanksgiving night. :)
    Such fun to look forward to and I am so excited you will have all of your lovelies around. I am so glad you wrote your list. I need one too. :)

  2. I can feel your excitement and your anticipation in your list!! How exciting; it does sound like wonderful holiday celebrations, especially to have the whole family together. I won't "pop" your excitement, but I actually dread the holiday season; I've had some tough things happen in December over the years that kind of put a damper on things; I'm really trying to do my best this year to look forward to them. So maybe I'll have to make a list of happy things; thanks for the idea!!


  3. I love the holiday season for all the reasons you have listed, it is a magical time that I anticipate and cherish!

    What have I missed!!! A new addition to the family??!!! I better go back and read your posts!!!

  4. Oh My Goodness, what an adorable gift..a new baby. Welcome to the world, little one, and congratulations to your parents!

  5. I so agree! The anticipation and planning is half the fun. Have a great weekend!

  6. The anticipation of the holidays is a big part what makes them so enjoyable!

  7. Kim- I am determined that NO ONE is going to steal my holiday spirit this year. No matter how hard they try. I can be pretty darn stubborn when I want to. :)

    betty- I've had some bad stuff happen in November and December through the years too. But I'm determined that nothing and nobody is going to dampen my spirits this year no matter what! There's just too much to be glad about- you know, like playing the glad game from Pollyanna? LOVE that game.

    Shawn- Isn't he a dream?! I haven't even seen him in person yet and I love him to pieces! Thanks so much!

    Judy- It's so great! And so much better than focusing on the after.

    Kathy- Agreed!

  8. I'm glad you get to spend the holidays with your family all together. I do look forward to the holidays. The only downside to Thanksgiving is that it is rare that my oldest son has off work so he isn't able to be with us. Christmas we are all together, including my ex who I am still on friendly terms with.

  9. living- That's the same down side we have at Thanksgiving---DD2 rarely gets the time off to fly home. But she does get here for Christmas.

  10. It's kind of like a "wonderful season" bath- you just want to soak in it until you're pruny!!!

  11. Patrice- EXACTLY! BTW- I'm having trouble commenting on your blog! I'll email you later today!

  12. Love your list :)
    Have fun preparing for the holidays!!

  13. Yes, yes, yes and I can't wait. I love everything you mentioned!
    Miracle on 34th St. was awesome on the big screen last night :) My trees are being put up tomorrow however it will take a few weeks to decorate them!!!


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