Friday, November 9, 2012

Fragments All Around

I have NEVER been so happy to see Friday arrive in my life like I am today! And I've been really happy in the past about Fridays. So you can just imagine how this week has gone. The good news is that there's always the wonderful Friday Fragments waiting for us at Mrs. 4444's place! Just click the button below and come join in the venting fun!

Mommy's Idea 

This week has really been a strange one. Or crazy. Or crazy busy. Or I'm just really glad it's over. 

I got thrown off by election day. Since people vote at our school, we didn't have school on election day. Which was nice. BUT, it messed me up in being able to know what day it was. Maybe that was more of an age thing. Who knows? AND it seems as though a short week lasts twice as long as a full week. WTH?!

I'm quite glad the election is OVER. I was getting tired of turning the channel every time a political ad came on the television. I though there were fewer of them this year but I think it's just that I watch way less television than I used to. 

Speaking of the election, I am so totally disgusted with political commentary on facebook (and other online places) that I'm seriously still considering 'unfriending' (and stopping following) some of them. The very fact that they think they can influence my vote based on their opinion makes me wonder if maybe they suffer from delusions of grandeur. I appreciate and support the fact that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But I don't particularly care to have those opinions shoved down my throat. I've lost complete and total respect for many people NOT because of their political preference but because of their negativity. I had no idea they were as arrogant and judgmental as they proved to be. Come to think of it, maybe this was a good thing to discover. A true blessing in disguise. There's a lot of hate out there. I don't like that. 

The job is great! I'm busy every single day and home before I know what happened! I do enjoy being around the kids. They really do say the darnest things and have me laughing all through the day. 

The motherboard on my computer is dead. The hard drives are fine. But not the motherboard. So, I'm in the market for a new computer. Right here when I should be focused on Christmas shopping. I guess the lovelies are getting a new lappy for Christmas. Only I get to keep it and use it. And it'll be mine. Being without a computer SUCKS. Thanks to Birdie and Evwardo, I do have a loaner. But I have to give it back at some point. What laptop do y'all recommend?

It's been in the upper 30s and lower 40s in the mornings around here. I'm loving it! We're going to warm back up this weekend but will go right back down in two or three days. 

Did anyone catch this week's episode of Modern Family? I was laughing so hard I nearly wet myself! 

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!

OH- and the winner of the downloadable gift bag (the e-book of Sonia's Song and the iTunes download of her CD "Chansons de Love from Around the World) is:  

Judy at Cranberry Morning (comment #3)

Congrats Judy!!!


  1. Betty- I actually found a Dell that I like very much! Now, if I can just find the $$$. LOL

  2. I have no suggestions for you on a computer. I bought our first two (years ago) used. The only one I bought new was a Compaq laptop which my son argued I shouldn't. He was right it gave me nothing but headaches. So now I am using one he built from parts found at yard sales and pieces given to him by people who knows he likes to build his own. Haven't had any trouble. If your hard drives are good, maybe you could find a cheap used one and simply replace the hard drives with your own.

  3. living- I hadn't thought of that. But it's a good idea! Thanks! Or, maybe your son would like to come over and make me one? LOL

  4. I like my Dell. I only know how to turn it on and use it. I have no bells and fact I turn the volume down.

    The nice thing is now you can test drive one and then decide. That was not an option in the beginning.

    Hit some stores that let you play, but if you can get livingsimplyfree's son to come over, that would be best.


  5. A change in my schedule often makes me get confused about which day it is.

    I'm totally with you on that one!

  6. Buy a Mac, buy a Mac, buy a Mac, buy a Mac. In case you missed it, I think you should buy a Mac, even a refurbished one. I love mine and wouldn't trade it for the world. Getting cold here too, actually it might snow tonight, yuk, I'm not a cold weather fan. Hope your Panthers will win Sunday, if they can get crybaby to stop throwing temper tantrums that

  7. Congrats to the winner! It does throw us off a day when schedules change like it did this week for you. But the nice thing is at least you know for sure tomorrow is SATURDAY!! I don't have a laptop, hubby and son do (how did that happen??) Hubby has a Gateway; its okay; I really don't like the pad on it for moving the cursor around; I can't get the hang of it like I did on son's Hewlett Packward one. Hope Santa is kind and brings you a great one at Christmas!

    and hope you have a great weekend!


  8. We always buy Dell and have been very pleased with them.

    Congratulations to Judy!

  9. I am computer clueless... no help there.

    Completely agree with you on the political race this year. People around here are still saying they are licking their wounds. Took me while to get what they were getting at.

    Have a grand weekend!

  10. Good Luck with a computer, I am clueless. I do understand getting thrown off when your schedule gets out of whack. I do love being around kids all day, for the most part they brighten the day.
    I got lucky with my Facebook but I did stay off of a few particular Social Media sites just for my own sanity.

  11. Having had a couple of crazy weeks here, I know exactly how you feel! My congratulations on surviving the longest short week.

    No advice on a laptop. We have Dell and Macs in the house. I find the Apple products all do way more stuff than I want. It's easier to ignore the bells and whistles on a PC. Having a guru is the best...either my ex or my son works for me.

  12. Gail- I'm actually looking at a Dell seriously. It looks like what I need. Plus--it's RED. LOL

    Keetha- I know- it's crazy! The worse part is when I think it's Thursday or Friday but it's only Tuesday. UGH. :)

    Alessandra- They're not going to get him to stop his crying. No one will. Unless we reincarnate Vince Lombardi who would NEVER have tolerated behavior like that. NEVER. Deanie loves Macs. I just don't find them user friendly. Then again, it's be years since I tried one.

    betty- Seriously, how DID it happen that they have laptops and you don't? That's not fair. I fought laptops for a long time, now I can't do without one. This is painful! Hope you're having a great Saturday! I am perched in front of the football games!

    Kathy- Everyone I know who have Dells love them. I'm looking at a pretty red one right now! LOL

    GB- I got so sick of hearing everyone rant. No one was interested in anything other than slinging insults. Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

    Lucy- I ended up 'hiding' quite a few of my facebook 'friends'. But, now that I see how juvenile they are and judgmental, I might unfriend them completely.

    Stephanie- I'm thinking that Dell is the way I'm going to go this time. Birdie's boytoy is a computer guru- he's going to help me decide as soon as they get a second to breathe- they've been crazy busy lately.

  13. I keep thinking today is Sunday. My husband was out of town and came home Thursday evening but didn't go to work Friday. I love Modern Family, one of our favorites here in our house.

  14. Debby- It's funny how the least little thing can through us off like that! Modern Family is a RIOT! We enjoy it too! I even record it so I can watch it over and over.


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