Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Unexpectedly Too Often

And it's happened to a friend of DoodleBug's. It was Sunday, in the wee hours.

Most of you know that DoodleBug plays on the ultimate frisbee team at the college. Those girls (and the guys) are such a great group. Even when they add new team members at the beginning of each year, the rookies fit right in and the team always serves as a close, extended family.

One of DoodleBug's dearest friends on the team was here from Harpenden (she attended the University of Nottingham). The girls on the team always referred to their friend and teammate as THEIR British exchange student here for them not the college. Her sense of humor was over the top-according to DoodleBug, "She was HILARIOUS!" She was always happy and ready for fun and never stopped talking.

Last weekend the team was at a tournament in Boone, NC and Hanna (or Hannah since the 'h' was always under debate) was so excited because she had never been to NC and wanted to do something fun! At 3:30 am she was still excited. No one slept that night.

She never minded the girls, who ADORE everything British, barraging her with questions about what certain British words and phrases meant. She was 100% interested in the election and encouraged all her friends to get out there and vote.

She signed all of her text messages "The D" because they called her The Duchess. And she loved it.

They loved her, pure and simple.

Sadly, tragically, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, this precious 21 year old friend was struck by a car and killed. Her roommate was with her and suffered only minor injuries but witnessed the entire thing. The driver of the car had the right of way---a green light--and the girls were crossing when they shouldn't have been--but still, the driver will be dealing with this for the rest of his life too. The authorities not placing blame on someone doesn't take the feeling of being at fault away.

Her parents arrive today from England to take her daughter home. I don't even have the words for this.

Please, take a moment today---all week even---to keep all those affected by this tragedy in prayer--Hanna's family, the driver, the roommate, the frisbee team.

She was loved by many. And, in her short time here, she enriched the lives of everyone who was blessed to have known her.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. A life cut short, in such a tragic way, is just a shame. My heart hurts for her family and her friends.

  2. Oh so very sad. I will keep her family in my prayers.

  3. I am so sorry, for you all. I will be praying for all. This is just so heartbreaking.
    My thoughts will be with you today.

  4. So sad....hug the girls a little harder this Thanksgiving.

  5. Kathy- Mine too. It's been a rough few days. I can't imagine having to go back home and try to live with this.

    Betty- Thank you. Everyone is really having such a rough time. I can't even imagine what the parents are going through.

    Joyce- Thank you. I know they will truly appreciate your prayers.

    Kim- Thank you. DoodleBug meets Hanna's parents today. The team got together yesterday and made them a scrapbook of all the pictures they had of Hanna.

    Suzanne- I will.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss,your daughter's loss. Just such a horrible tragedy. So many lives ruined in just one horrible moment.

  7. There are no words to ease the loss of everyone involved.

    I will think of Hanna(and with a h) and all those who knew her.

  8. Such a tragedy, I will keep all in prayer.

  9. I'm so sorry.
    A young life ending tragically like this is terrible. Because my girls are this kind of age, it really shocked me and my full symapthy goes out to all who knew her. Xx

  10. That is absolutely awful. What a terrible waste of a young life. I hope Doodlebug is ok. And my oh my, the poor girl's parents ....

  11. Oh my goodness Pam, that is just so sad. My heart bleeds for her poor mum and dad and their heartbreaking journey from England. Such a beautiful young girl. Why oh why do these things happen to such lovely young people. My heart goes out to Doodlebug too and all her friends that are going to be so affected by this terrible tragedy. Hugs.

  12. Oh, this is so sad for everyone involved. I hope her family takes comfort from the friendships she developed here.

  13. OH MY!! What a tragedy!! Prayers for Doodlebug, the family, the team, and the driver!!

  14. I'm so sorry. What a huge loss. My thoughts are with everyone!

  15. Words can not even begin to discribe how I felt when I read your post. I just can not imagine lossing a child. I am so sorry for their loss, for your daughters loss and you all. Prayers heading yours and their way for strength.
    Blessings Pam.

  16. every parent's nightmare to have to bury their child. I can't imagine their sadness and grief as well as the grief of your daughter and her friends as they deal with this tragedy, as well as the driver of the car. You are right, their life will never be the same, guilt assessed or not

    will keep all in my prayers

    makes us want to hug our kids a little tighter; valuable sad lesson how precious life really is


  17. Oh Pam. My heart aches for the team, including your daughter, who were friends with Hannah. Most of all, those dear parents who are coming to the States not to visit, but to bring back the remains of the daughter they loved. You are right. Words cannot express it. I will be praying for all involved. We have no guarantee about tomorrow, do we. So unbelievably sad.

  18. My prayers go out to her family. How tragic. Sending ((HUGS)) to everyone.


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