Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We got up early on Christmas Day and I cooked. Again. Breezy really wanted breakfast casserole and, even when they're all grown up, when my kids want something, I give it or do it for them.

Tucker was first- he loves his stocking every year! DoodleBug always helps him out---

 He really gets 'into' the whole stocking thing---

He got a cute little Christmas bandana and loads of treats!

Birdie shares a Christmas moment with cardboard Evwardo--

DoodleBug gets in on the Christmas hugs---

Pretty sure this one will be a fabulous kindergarten teacher---

BestSonInLawEVER got a few mustaches in his stocking. Here's one---

I told y'all the lovelies were a bit Harry Potter obsessed---yep, that's a Harry Potter snuggie. WHAT?!

In the afternoon, we went to Dad's house- that's my brother, David pretending to fall in front of the tree. He's a NUT. :)

That's Deanie, DoodleBug and Birdie with David's two girlies!

David and Tucker---

We got so carried away visiting with Dad and my stepmom that I didn't take many pictures. We wanted to visit Dad on Christmas particularly since he just finished his radiation treatments the week before. He looks great and he feels great too! I'm so glad!

We also spent time looking at photos of their trip to Europe in October- what a great time they had! I would share some of their stories, but then y'all would know just how crazy our family really is. :)

I can't begin to tell you how blessed we were with family fun and togetherness this Christmas. I hope y'all had the same with your families!


  1. Love these pictures! The spirit of the celebrations really comes through!

  2. Betty- Thanks! We did have a great time. But it's all over way too soon. WAY. TOO. SOON.

  3. Looks like a fabulous Christmas!!

  4. It looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas. I am so glad you did. I didn't get Sasha anything and she went around trying to get in the kids stocking and tearing up ornaments off the tree. I won't forget next year.

  5. Tucker looks so cute! Love those gloves, so perfect for game day. Sound like it was a perfect day.

  6. I love experiencing your holiday with you through your photos, so sweet of you to share! Looks like it was a great time. The Oyster roast was a hit, that baby is adorable :)Oh, and what a lasting,wonderful gift your girls got from their grandmother,how special!! And,then you are getting a wonderful gift from your daughter,wow!! I am so glad your Dad is doing well!!!
    Here is wishing you a Healthy and Happy 2013!

  7. Betty- A lot of times we're wondering when you're coming up here to visit with us! :)

    MC- It was! Thanks!

    Kim- We did! Shame on you for forgetting poor Sasha. I'm sure she did let you know it too. LOL

    Debby- It really was a great day. Birdie found those gloves for DoodleBug's stocking- they're called spirit gloves or something like that. She's going to wear them to the basketball games. You know those education majors. They'll wear anything. LOL

    Lucy- Thank you so much! I'm glad that our handmade gift idea stuck. Those are the gifts that we always remember. I'm so relieved that my dad is doing well. Thank you for your New Year wishes! I wish the same for you and yours!

  8. Your family sure knows how to have fun, but Tucker steals the show,as usual. I looooove him!!! :)

  9. I love the red pjs! Looks like you had a great day...happy new year!


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