Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The weather outside is frightful! It's in the upper 60s and will be going into the 70s for the next few days. This is NOT holiday weather.

Regardless, the holiday decorating has commenced! Last weekend, one tree was put up and decorated along with some garland and the stockings. This weekend, the second tree was put up and a good bit of the 'other' decorating was completed-you know, putting out all the Christmas related music boxes, snow globes, figurines, etc.

Thankfully, decorating the house for the holidays is not at all like work because the lovelies were here to help. Well, last weekend 3 of them were here and this weekend 2. But no worries. We saved all of Deanie's Christmas ornaments and other paraphernalia for her to put out when she arrives for Christmas later this month.

It's gotten to the point that I will-even if only for a brief moment- consider not going all out with the decorating. But it does pass and it's not even really a true, real consideration. I'm too much a creature of habit. And tradition.

Plus, we can't have all those people over here for a Christmas oyster roast without putting up the decorations now can we?!

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to deal with my pictures on this temporary computer. But here are a few from the first round of decorating--somehow Breezy didn't make it into these pix and DoodleBug had to leave to babysit for her coach's kids...HEY! The husband didn't make in the pix either. Geez, where was my head?

Here's BestSonInLawEVER helping out---

Birdie and BestSonInLawEVER digging in the ornament boxes.

Evwardo was helping too! That's him in his Clemson shirt---the Clemson/Carolina game was on. Sorry Clemson.

Of course there was more watching of the football game than decorating. But that's ok with me!

Breezy came up with the idea that we would decorate glass ornaments for the new baby for his first Christmas. She wrote bible verses on them and we all decorated at least one for him. 

It was so much fun doing this---even though we all kept getting glitter ALL OVER THE PLACE and that includes forgetting that there was wet glitter on the ornaments and picking them up.

I didn't even attempt to edit the pix this time because it's annoying on this computer. As soon as I figure out this temporary piece of technology, I'll get more pictures posted. This thing is driving me NUTS but I am trying to just be grateful that I have something to use at this point.

So, the question today is: How's the decorating going at your house?


  1. Love the ornament idea for the new baby!! What a wonderful gift! Looks like a fantastic tree and lots of great help getting it decorated!!

    We got one string of lights strung outside (we are only doing one string of lights). Son is in chart of a tree if he wants a tree. I know, I'm such a Christmas humbug but I'm really really trying this year.....

    May yours be a joyous one!


  2. oops, that should be son is in charge of a tree; not charting a tree, though that could be interesting.....


  3. Oooo, loved the peek into you house at decorating time! How fun! Thanks for coming by this morning and for your very kind words too!

  4. Nil, nada. I'm hoping the Christmas spirit will grab me by the throat and force me to decorate but it hasn't happened yet.

  5. Lovely idea about the glass ornaments being decorated for the new arrival. I've been in the Christmas spirit for a week now, ever since i put up all the decorations. I just love all the fairy lights. Pity about your vodka gummies though!!

  6. betty- I thought it was a great idea too. My girls are so clever. I hope the spirit of Christmas uplifts you this year! Oh, I figured you mean charge...but I do wonder how one would chart a tree. LOL

    Betty- Thanks! You're quite welcome. I meant every word.

    Gail- I was headed in that direction too but I think the girls sensed it and got everything going.

    Diane- I liked the idea too! Such clever daughters I have! The good thing about the vodka gummies is that no ornaments were broken. LOL

  7. It looks wonderful and I love the ornaments. I need to get busy and make my grands some more. I try to make them one each every Christmas with the date, I need to get started,Your tree is lovely.

  8. Kim- Ours are usually store bought. But we did start hand making gifts a couple of years ago and that stuck. The problem is, they make for me and draw names. I have to make for everyone. There's something seriously wrong with that. LOL

  9. I can't believe you got men to help while a football game was on, lucky you. I am taking my time here, just not quite ready to pull everything out.

  10. It did my heart good to see the okra Santa hanging on your tree! :)we certainly aren't having the weather you are- Brrr!

  11. I need a baby ornament for the new granddaughter, Rio! I too had the family over for a decorating party. It was a great help with this knee thing and all. Finished this weekend and we are ready for our big party next weekend!!!! The weather this weekend has been awesome.

  12. No decorations here yet. I'm still bust making goodies for other people to give to their loved ones.

  13. Lovely idea for the baby's first Christmas. They'll be treasures forever, I'm sure.

    The Christmas boxes have made it from the garage to the house. Getting there :)


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